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…continue from the previous post.

Hi folks, welcome back.

What is wrong with Ms ABC (from the previous post)? She knows what her problem is and she knows how to solve it. BUT, when it comes to take action, she gives up. She postpones. She is lacking of something. You will find out what that is in this article.

I"m sure that this happens on you too (sometimes).

All right, let"s look back.

When she (Ms ABC) wanted to go to exercise, she associate that with pain and go back to sleep with pleasure. As I have said yesterday, human beings tend to move towards pleasure and avoid pain.

That means, she put her driving force in the wrong direction. I"ll elaborate more on this afterwards.

During her breakfast time, she can"t resist her temptation to eat high calorie food. Again, she associates pain with eating healthy fresh food and pleasure with eating oily sweet high calorie food.

If she understands the concept of Pleasure and Pain, taught by Anthony Robbins, then she won"t have to suffer so much (and get no positive result).

If she understands the concept, she would have reversed the association.

By this, I mean, associate the pleasure with compliment from friends and family for her great appearance download wild child

and feel healthy. When she wants to workout

they do it with mirrors download free

or taking healthy diet, she should have all these positive pictures in her mind. She must associate all the feelings, emotions and thoughts with pleasure. small town folk dvd download

On the other hand, she should relate pain with having a fat overweight body, not healthy, low self-esteem and other negatives thoughts and emotions.

When all set and in place, we will naturally move towards the pleasure we have set for ourselves and avoid the pain (which is something we don"t want). We will attract or get attracted to whatever we want by using this simple technique.

This method is extremely powerful and is applicable in almost every part of our lives. The concept of pain and pleasure is just a little screw in a toolbox compare to the one-day seminar holds by Anthony Robbins.

Click here to claim your toolbox now!

If you choose to attend his seminar, you are sure to set and go to transform your life.

So, now, you have 2 options. Crying over your broken chair or get your toolbox to fix it in a minute. Make your choice wisely.

Here’s the registration link again

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Speak soon

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    • Gaga

      Thaks for the great info, it is very helpful.

    • James – Visualized.Feel.Abundance

      Hey Raymond,

      Again, great illustration. It’s the same as a businessman focusing on the pleasures they will gain eventually from their hardwork instead of the pain of hardwork that they endure now. :)


    • raymond

      Hi James,

      Perhaps that’s the boundary that separates winners and losers. :)

    • Liara Covert

      Reverse associations can be very useful if a person determines that deconditioning is desireable. Anthony Robbins is also coming to Sydney (Australia) in September.

    • raymond

      Hi Liara,

      Good to see you here again. I have been missing you for ages. Oops… did I just say that? :P

      You must be very busy lately.

      Tony Robbins indeed has a very tight schedule. He has a big heart to share his knowledge, contribute and give back to the society.

      Raymond :)

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