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There is no reason to live in fear any longer. If you are living in fear, let’s put a full stop to your fear today. Write all your fears in a piece of paper, walk to the dustbin and throw it in. That’s it.

Here’s the big secret to eliminate your fear

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When you involve in something which is bigger than yourself, which means, you do it for others and not for yourself, you will immediately kill all your personal fears.

Imagine that you are afraid of snake. And it is one of your biggest fears. It doesn’t have to take a real snake to freak you out. A picture of a snake will drive you mad. Have you got that picture in mind?

All right, let’s move on. One day, you see a real snake moving towards your newborn baby. Needless to day, chances are it will harm your baby. What will you do?

Will you get the snake off from your baby (even with your own hands) or screaming and watch the snake to take your child’s life away?

Majority will forget about their fear and take the necessary action to save their child and that is exactly what I mean by doing something bigger than yourself.

The same thing happens when you see a timid guy fight with other big guys to protect his girlfriend in a movie. At that moment, he will just forget about his fear and his self limiting belief.

Isn’t that wonderful?

When you manage to eliminate your fear, you will begin to attract better things into your life with the Law of Attraction download solstice dvd .

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    • Dining Room Tables

      Great sequel to yesterday’s post. It was worth waiting for.

      Yes, when you act instinctively, there is no time for fear. It is when fear is a reaction to something, that things get wonky. Being spontaneous is attracting the correct instinct to yourself.

    • raymond

      Hi Dining Room Tables,

      It’s like the theory of relativity. It depends on your frame of reference. :)

      A level 1 person may perceive a level 5 problem as a big problem but a level 10 person will perceive a level 5 problem as little or no problem.

    • Nicole Price

      If you get no time to think, and react instinctively, you may momentarily overcome fear. But what about situations where you do have time to think and ponder and fear creeps in? Those are the difficult times.

    • Living Rooms

      You post reminded me of something that i did when my three year old was having nightmares. We flushed her night demons down the toilet and it really worked for her!

    • titan

      Its easy. Think something you will never fear. Then, the fear will gone.

    • raymond

      Hi Nicole,

      It applies the same to that case.

      I have a friend who has a very low self-esteem finally overcame her fear to become a model just because she wants to help her friend and totally not for herself.

      She is doing something bigger than himself.

      Try it, Nicole. You’ll be amazed. :)

    • Plastering Courses

      Fear could be consider as psychological. Fear is one of the biggest barrier in achieving success. We should know how to handle our fears.

    • raymond

      Hi Plastering Courses,

      If we can remove this barrier, the changes would be huge.

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