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Welcome back to the fourth post of the FOCUS series.

Just in case you have not read the previous post of this series, here"s the link again:

Part 1 – What Do You Focus On

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Part 2 – Energy Flows Where Focus Goes

Part 3 – The What, Why and How of the Energy

In this post I am going to share with you some easy and simple yet powerful secret to help you to stay focus.

In the previous posts, I shared with you that most of your goals fail to come true because there is no or less focus on the goal.

Here are 2 powerful tips I would like to share with you:

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Flock together with like-minded people

When I go to seminars, my main objective is to know more and make friends with like-minded people. That"s why I don"t mind to be a volunteer or unpaid crew because I can know more people by being a crew.

Besides highly motivated omen the online , I also love to meet those who are willing to work to learn rather than working for money. So, by being a crew, I can get to know more crews (those who are already filtered to suit my requirement).

It is this people that keep you on track and remind you of your goals all the time even after the seminar.

If you love dancing, mix around with people who like dancing and they talk about dancing day in and day out. You will get excited everyday and this will keep you in alignment to your goal.

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A lot of people have this dream sprout within them when they are in the hall watching those performances by dancers. However, once they get out of the hall, the dreams die almost immediately.

Alternatively, you can find more information about your dream from the internet, read the blogs, give comments and be a part of the virtual community.

If you have a goal to stay motivated each and everyday in your life, read my blog but not just my blog, read other motivational blogs too. You can find them in my blogroll.

Don"t be a silent readers, give comments, suggestion, ask questions and subscribe to the rss feed to make sure that you don"t miss out their new blog post.

You must be a part of the community. Don"t isolate yourself.

If you do this everyday, I can guarantee that you will stay on track forever. I do subscribe to more than 10 blogs where I read them all everyday. I post comment in almost every post. Participation is the key to ensure that you are still on track

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Watch out for the next tip tomorrow.

Speak soon.

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    • James – Visualized.Feel.Abundance

      Hey Raymond,

      No man is an island and when a group of like minded people flock together, it accelerates everyone in the group to new heights with the energy the whole group creates.

      That energy is greater then the sum of all it’s parts. The powerful thing is that nothing else change, it is just everyone coming together and each one motivates the other and things happen after that :)

      It is just like going to a disco. Try dancing alone without anyone else and dancing to a full house. You will know the difference :)


    • raymond

      Hi James,

      I got you. Nice illustration. :)

    • zaki blogjer

      thanks for your wonderful post. Its reminding me something that I have forgotten for the last few weeks

    • Pingback: The Second Secret – Vision Board : Law Of Attraction

    • raymond

      Hi Zaki,

      I’m glad that you have recalled what you have forgotten. :)

    • zaki blogjer

      Yes, it is about being part of society regardless where we’re

    • raymond

      You are right, Zaki.

      It’s like web 2.0. Everybody should be connected.

    • Rose

      Hi Raymond,
      Sad to tell you that I’ve written a long mail for this post but it was accidently deleted. Very sad indeed.
      Would it be okay if I have your mailing address?
      If not then it’s okay will still be able interacting here it’s only quite frustrating when I could not forward don’t know what goes wrong.
      Okay see you again.

    • raymond

      Hi Rose,

      I’m sorry to hear that accident. Please don’t feel sad as the feeling will attract more negative feeling and circumstances.

      You can email me by replying to the email you receive from me or by using the contact from in the “Contact Us” page.

      Turn off the frustration and replace it with other positive feelings. Think of the events that makes you happy. :)

      I do appreciate your comment and would like to hear more from you.

      Have a great day. :)


    • Rose

      Hi Raymond,
      Thanks. Yes, you were right at time it’s just hard overcome the emotion.
      Yes, I’ve to run more mental movies see it in my mind’s eye of a good happy events.
      By the way have you received my mails hope it is not wrongly sent.
      Thanks for responding. Have yet to interact about New Physics which is also known as Quantum Mechanics are you interested it is challenging subject to me but not to you don’t mind sharing. Cheers.

    • raymond

      Hi Rose,

      I have received your email. and don’t worry, you sent it correctly. :)

      I just do not know how to put the Quantum Mechanics in English. In fact, I couldn’t manage to understand all the concepts.

      I have even forgotten the Hamiltonian equation!

      All right, the easiest way to describe Quantum Mechanics is, every wave consists of packets of energy. They are discreet and not continuous.

      The amount of energy in the packet can be calculated with this formula:

      E = hv

      E = Energy in Joule (J)
      h = Planck Constant
      v = the frequency of the wave (s^-1)

      It’s kinda long to explain everything. Perhaps an Elementary Quantum Mechanics’ book can help. :)

    • Rose

      Hi Raymond,
      Good to know you’ve received my mails.:)
      Sorry to bother about Quantum Mechanics I’ve just surf the website wow! so much to know.
      Thank you so much for the info above. My moment interest is about energy, how it’s related to LOA. Everything is energy and everything vibrate. Never mind I’ll do my research.
      Once again thank you so much for responding to all my questions all these while.

    • raymond

      Hi Rose,

      You’re very welcome. :)

      I hope you can find something interesting in your quest and share them with us here.

      Good luck!

    • Rose

      Hi Raymond,
      Sure I would love to but you know I’m no major Physic still struggling to understand terms stated and trying to simplify to make it understandable for others.
      I wish I’m smart enough like you and others. Just pray for me so as I don’t give up.
      See you in the many post of yours regardless past, present or future. Hope you’not bore seeing me now and then it just that I like dropping by saying hello and give comments while I can. Sayonara. Cheers.

    • raymond

      Hi Rose,

      I’ll not get bored. In fact, you bring the new fresh energy to my blog every single day. :) Looking at the comments in my inbox makes me feel good because it makes me think that somebody is reading my articles.

      Everybody is smart. It’s just that sometimes cleverness are in different areas.

      I am touched by your passion to help others. :)

    • asreen

      Hii Raymond
      Thanks for your great tips. Actually I always use this tips, and it really work.

    • raymond

      Hi Asreen,

      Great to hear that you apply this technique too. :)

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