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Greenwich Stairs
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There was once a couple who lived in a 80th story apartment. One day, they went for a jungle trekking. When they reached home, they found out that the lift is not working due to some technical problems.

With a huge bag on each of their back and sweating all over, they wanted to get home and take a shower. The wife told her husband, “Looks like we got to take the staircase rather than just wait here.”

Her husband agreed and they both take the staircase.

At the 20th floor, the husband said, “It’s quite tiring carrying the heavy bag with us. Why not we leave it here and retrieve it back later when the lift is working. We have no valuable stuffs here, anyway.”

“That’s a very smart idea, honey”, said the wife and they both left their bags at a corner of the staircase. They felt much better and continue to move on. They even chat and joke around along the way.

At the 40th floor, they began to feel exhausted and that’s only halfway to where their house is. The couple started to complain and blaming each other, things like, “Why don’t you aware of the blackout notice?”

They scolded and quarreled with each other until they reached the 60th floor. They were extremely exhausted and tired by now. They don’t even have the energy to quarrel now. Then the husband said, “let us stop quarreling and finish the last 20 floors quietly.”

And they did. After all the hard work, they finally reached home, right in front of the door.

“Quickly open the door, honey”, said the wife.

“But … but, I thought the keys are with you”, replied the husband.

The fact is, they left their keys in their bag at the 20th floor.


Some people say, this story reflects our lives. Since we were born till we’re in our 20s, we’re living in the care, control and protection of our parents and teachers, just like the bags.

After that, let go that ‘bag’ and live out next 20 years happily without much worries.

Then, we begin to complain about our lives, job, company and government.

When we’re in our 60s, we find out that we don’t have much time left. So we stop complaining and blaming and decide to live in a peaceful and meaningful life.

At the age of 80, when we look back, we realize that our dreams and the life that we desire still stopped at the 20th floor.

I would not be like this couple. I’ll make all my dreams come true and live life to the fullest. What about you?

Everybody knows how to dream but only few understand the formula to make it come true. It’s a specific formula and if you follow the formula to the letter, your dreams will definitely come true.

Here’s where you can learn to claim your happiness and materialize your dream before it’s too late.

All the best to you.

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    • michael

      Time never wait for anyone, now I decide to be enjoy our life. Her I get great information, thanks a lot.

    • shirley of hollywood

      What a great story! I’m now 30.. guess I need to check where I left my bag, and make sure there is nothing precious in it I have forgotten!

    • Men’s suits and shirts

      Funny but true. Me, I just realized that I really should be working now to reach my dreams – that is to become a fashion designer

    • Chicago and Suburb

      This is the story that should really be read by many. It is the reality of life. I guess many can relate to this. Would it be fine if I share this online?

      • raymond

        Feel free to share the link of this webpage with others. Help me to spread the knowledge. Thanks.

    • canvas printing

      well done for realising and livibng your dream i hpoe to one day be as lucky as you

    • sryWindows 7 Activation Key

      This is the story that should really be read by many. It is the reality of life.

    • kis bahçesi

      It is the reality of life. im impressed raymond, thanks

    • Markus

      Cool stuff, thats is a great story. thank a lot.

    • Cancun Mexico

      This is a fantastic story and how it relates to life is great!  It is so true, I am only in my thirty’s I can see how true to life it is.  

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