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Greenwich Stairs
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There was once a couple who lived in a 80th story apartment. One day, they went for a jungle trekking. When they reached home, they found out that the lift is not working due to some technical problems.

With a huge bag on each of their back and sweating all over, they wanted to get home and take a shower. The wife told her husband, “Looks like we got to take the staircase rather than just wait here.”

Her husband agreed and they both take the staircase.

At the 20th floor, the husband said, “It’s quite tiring carrying the heavy bag with us. Why not we leave it here and retrieve it back later when the lift is working. We have no valuable stuffs here, anyway.”

“That’s a very smart idea, honey”, said the wife and they both left their bags at a corner of the staircase. They felt much better and continue to move on. They even chat and joke around along the way.

At the 40th floor, they began to feel exhausted and that’s only halfway to where their house is. The couple started to complain and blaming each other, things like, “Why don’t you aware of the blackout notice?”

They scolded and quarreled with each other until they reached the 60th floor. They were extremely exhausted and tired by now. They don’t even have the energy to quarrel now. Then the husband said, “let us stop quarreling and finish the last 20 floors quietly.”

And they did. After all the hard work, they finally reached home, right in front of the door.

“Quickly open the door, honey”, said the wife.

“But … but, I thought the keys are with you”, replied the husband.

The fact is, they left their keys in their bag at the 20th floor.


Some people say, this story reflects our lives. Since we were born till we’re in our 20s, we’re living in the care, control and protection of our parents and teachers, just like the bags.

After that, let go that ‘bag’ and live out next 20 years happily without much worries.

Then, we begin to complain about our lives, job, company and government.

When we’re in our 60s, we find out that we don’t have much time left. So we stop complaining and blaming and decide to live in a peaceful and meaningful life.

At the age of 80, when we look back, we realize that our dreams and the life that we desire still stopped at the 20th floor.

I would not be like this couple. I’ll make all my dreams come true and live life to the fullest. What about you?

Everybody knows how to dream but only few understand the formula to make it come true. It’s a specific formula and if you follow the formula to the letter, your dreams will definitely come true.

Here’s where you can learn to claim your happiness and materialize your dream before it’s too late.

All the best to you.

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    • lance nelson

      Hi Raymond,

      So right and so concisely expressed. i can relate to this. I had to leave the 9-5 and start living. will never regret it. Now living the dream. Thank you for such a brilliant article.

      • raymond

        Hi Lance,

        What can be better than living in your dream? Congratulations to you!

    • Robb Sutton

      I really like that story. Reminds us to watch the details and decisions of today to have the correct plans laid out in the future.

      And 10 bucks says she makes the husband go get the keys…

      • raymond

        Hi Robb,

        That’s right. Our decision creates our destiny.

    • Beat Schindler

      Love the story, to the point of even clicking on the link. [no, didn't order, already have Bob Proctor's stuff]. Very well done blog – concise, focused, pleasant. Congrats!

      • raymond

        Hi Beat,
        Bob’s stuffs are great. I really love them all. :)

    • Michelle Vandepas

      Oh geez, I hope I’m not regretful in my 80′s. It is a cute story, but I hope that most people live life to the fullest and at the very least, aren’t regretful about leaving behind dreams. I’m in my 50′s going for new dreams all the time. Thanks Raymond

      • raymond

        Hi Michelle,

        My pleasure. Good to see that you enjoy the story as much as I do. Me too, want to live my life to the fullest.

    • Corinne Edwards

      Hi Raymond -

      Liked your story but there is an one thing that I, and many of my friends have discovered.

      Those kids at 20 (or maybe 22 graduated from college) take a lot of training to realize “the bank is now closed.”

      They somehow get a job and still expect the that the dentist bills and the credit cards are paid on time by their parents.

      They think the 20th floor will last forever.

      Obviously, you were able to transit the adjustment better than most American kids. Perhaps because you were brought up in a different culture.

      But the obvious point of your story is not to wait for anything – to make the best of what is now. Go for the golden ring on the merry go round. Every day of your life.

      My point is do not live on the 80th floor. But, then I am afraid of heights.

      • raymond

        Hi Corrine,

        Thanks for pointing that out.

        I agree with you that Asian and American Kids are brought up differently in different culture.

        I certainly hope that I’m on the right ring of the merry go round. :)

    • Eat Smart Age Smart

      Wow – what a story. This reflects quite well the story of many people’s lives.

      This is a good remember to not put/leave our dreams on the back burner.

      Thanks for the inspiration!


      • raymond

        Hi Krizia,

        You’re right. No one can turn back the time (as far as I know)

    • cheryl from thatgirlisfunny

      Hi Raymond,
      That is really how it works, isn’t it? We have to travel the path we’re given and learn our lessons along the way. Here’s to making our dreams come true. No giving up! Even if you have to retrace your steps sometimes.

      • raymond

        Hi Cheryl,

        My answer is yes.

        Mistakes and lessons are there to make us stronger, not weaker.

        Learn the lessons and move on with higher speed and momentum.

    • Debbie

      Hi Raymond,

      That has so much truth in it. Guess maybe that is why I have decided to have some fun and start my business of happiness.

      Great way of putting life and they way people really do think.


      • raymond

        Hi Debbie,

        What kind of business are you in?

        Business of happiness. It sounds very interesting to me.

    • David Rogers

      I’ve read your post a few times and its still left me wondering if this is how many lives pan out. Many don’t really have strong dreams in the first place, tending to drift into occupations and lifestyles. As we get older we start to think “is that it” and in some cases try to make more of what we have or do things randomly to try and find fulfilment.
      Finding our what we want, what we are good at, what we are here for ~ sometimes we never ask those questions, let alone answer them.

      • raymond

        Hi David,

        You make a very good point.

        Most people don’t have a dream.

        That’s sad, but true.

    • Keller Hawthorne

      Very nice analogy Raymond! I had never heard that story before.

      The closer I get to thirty, the more scared I get. I start to hassle myself about my goals and dreams – as if they can only be accomplished now.

      I hope I can remember this story as I grow older and realize it’s never too late to go after what you want!

      • raymond

        Hi Keller,

        You’re still young, my friend. It’s good to realize it sooner than later.

        I really hope that we all can remember this analogy as we climb the stairways of our lives.

    • Jan – queenofkaos

      Hi Raymond, thanks for that interesting story and analogy. What a depressing thought to think that our later years would be spent complaining and realizing that life has passed us by.

      I admit to some down time when I first realized that my younger days were gone and still do find myself thinking about them, mostly the days when my kids were young, and thinking about things that I should have or could have done differently but I am also finding these years to be very freeing as I go into my next stage.

      I think that being mindful and appreciative of the things and people in our lives are the keys to a happy life at any age.

      • raymond

        Hi Jan,

        I have those depressing thoughts too. I always complain that I don’t have a childhood I deserved as I spend it all studying like a nerd and seldom taste the joy and fun hanging out with friends.

        So, what I do to overcome this is to feel grateful and recreate the life I missed. I’m happy now. There’s a child in everyone of us and we just have to let it out. :)

    • Tyrone

      Hi Raymond,

      This story have reminded me of the sweet and challenging past to live and let go. Now that I’ve already let go of 20 years of age, I can still say that I’m about to start the real life wherein even much challenge is about to come and I’ll have to face it through what I’ve learned from that 20 years under my family’s nourishment.

      Well, it felt good that the more I mature, the more I can say I’ve learned a lot from life I’m living now.

      Thanks for the story. I’m more inspired to face the day today! :)

      • raymond

        Hi Tyrone,

        Thank you for sharing. I’m glad that you’re inspired.

    • Bruce “the Mid-Life Mentor”

      I agree with your interpretation of the story, most people get caught up in the journey and forget themselves. Too often we journey in the wrong direction; like the story of people in the jungle, making our way and doing well cutting our way through, then discover we are going in the wrong direction but since we are making such good progress we continue. We did not want to be where we end up, but we got very good and getting ourselves there.

      • raymond

        Hi Bruce,

        That’s a great analogy. I love that.
        Thank you.

    • Lisa

      Hi Raymond:

      Thanks for the excellent post! I am climbing the floors in the 40s now. :o) It’s always good to be reminded that life really is good, and we should enjoy and treasure each day. Once the day is gone — we can’t get it back, so we should never waste one!


      • raymond

        Hi Lisa,

        Time is unlike the path that we took by our car everyday. We can make a U-Turn when we drive in the wrong direction but we can’t turn back the time that has passed. Cherish every moment. That’s what I always say to myself.

    • Joel

      Hi Raymond,
      I commented yesterday but I wasn’t sure it sent the message, and I’m guessing it didn’t now so forgive me if this is a duplicate comment.
      It’s a good story and one that holds up well. I do know a few 60 year olds who are still in the complaining phase though. I plan on being a jolly old man and not a grumpy old man though there are days when I think I’ve aged prematurely to the grumpy stage!

      • raymond

        Hi Joel,

        I’m sorry that I don’t see your comment here. I appreciate your persistency.

        You’re now in the top 1% which separates you from the losers who only know how to complain. Congratulations!
        This is something worth celebrate. : )

    • andrew @ Blogging Guide

      A perfect story – could be used in many types of presentations.

      I did complain about my job and decided to do something about it – leave and work for myself!

      Now I do a lot less complaining.


      • raymond

        Hi Andrew,

        It’s good to work for yourself instead of for others.

        Less complain = better life.

    • Sherri–Being the Change I Wish to See

      Hi Raymond,

      It seems youth isn’t necessarily wasted on the young. You realize you need to live now. I’m up to the 49th floor and happy with my progress.

      I wouldn’t have left my bags. Some people will take anything left unwatched. Thus, I would have had my keys out of concern that my stuff might have been stolen.

      I’m not sure what that means. Is it sad to view humanity so suspiciously, or practical to keep all your stuff?

      • raymond

        Hi Sherri,

        Thank you for sharing your perspective. You made a good progress. :)

    • how to start a blog

      What a great analogy… I’ve always said to myself, and to others – you are never too old to do the right thing (reads: You are never too old to get an attitude adjustment)

      • raymond


        You’re right. Making adjustment is not related to age. There’s no wrong age for that.
        Thank you for sharing.

    • used tires

      Wow, that is very beautifully put and hard hitting at the same time. I’m in my 20s right now and keep wondering whether to start doing everything I always wanted to do or just continue on the path I’m on right now. Hard to decide if the result is worth the effort sometimes too.

      Till then,


      • raymond

        Hey Jean,

        Create a great destiny for yourself. You’re still in the early stage and this is an advantage for you. :)

    • Amy LeForge

      I don’t like the story. :) Is that bad to say? I don’t want to live my life following that pattern…so I think I won’t. Perhaps I’m just feeling rebellious today, I don’t know.

      I think the part that bugs me is the complaining. Griping about government is just fine – they’re all a bunch of crooks anyway. But I don’t think I should complain about my life. I am incredibly blessed: I have a home and family and my needs are met. I don’t have any right to complain, and I hope I don’t get stuck in that phase of life. Ever.

      Thanks for sharing the story!

      • raymond

        Hi Amy,

        I don’t think anybody wants to follow the pattern but most people still trapped in it unconsciously. :)

    • Teagan

      Good story. Life passes by all too quickly. It seems all of a sudden there are more years behind than there probably are ahead. We can’t change the past, but we can sure do something about the here and now, which will also hopefully impact the future. You said it well, “Live life to the fullest!”

      • raymond

        Hi Teagan,

        Thank you.

        The time that has passed can not be undone.

    • Jeff Kay

      My mother in law is on floor 64 or thereabouts, and has been bitching the whole way up. Just thought you should know…

      • raymond


        (sigh). I can picture that. What about you?

    • The Niche Think Tank

      I’m working on changing this in my life for myself and my family. I don’t want to wake up one day and realize my life is gone. It’s time to play now, not in 40 years when the life is all sucked out of me.

    • Cheap purses

      awesome Love the story…

      • raymond

        Thank you, Ricky

    • Manhattan

      As someone who lives in a New York City building with one elevator that always breaks, I can relate.

    • myCover

      one of my favorites,i have this book…And it gives me a lot of inspiration!

    • Jun B. Lumongsod

      well i would obviously spend my life to the very fullest and do all the things i want and make all my dreams and goals come to reality… the story is funny when i read it but when you elaborated the meaning or the lesson it had it made me stop and think that “yeah that is true”

    • daily poops

      Well, I really enjoyed the story and it really reflects on how human interprets life. Certainly that bag is really good example on how we manage to think our life is being controlled by a protective force, and when we let it go, we are on our own.

      That is a nice story mate!

      • raymond

        Thanks, daily poops. :)

    • halil

      nice sharing thank you

    • john

      As someone who lives in a New York City building with one elevator that always breaks, I can relate.

    • Fish

      Thank you, it was really intersting to read.

    • Hobo Bags

      Great post!!now i have decided to have some fun and start my business of happiness. your blog gives me a lot of inspiration! thanks

      • raymond

        You’re welcome, Hobo.

        Thanks for dropping by.

    • netbook reviews

      The story shows how humans react with the environment. Making adjustment is not related to age.

    • Damian Rojas

      it’s a very nice story to look at. a lot of things happen if you’ll let the negative vibration happen. well, i guess staying focus will help you think on which is which to be decided for.

      thanks for that great story it inspire me a lot… hope i could learn a lot from here. :)

    • Legitimate Work From Home Jobs

      I find it amazing how we can learn from what we have experienced. This story reminds me of my recent life changes, due to my husband’s illness. Stop and smell the roses has a whole new meaning to me.

    • richard | debt problems

      The problem is most people don’t even know they are going to the 80th floor, they just go where they are told! You need to stop and think about your journey otherwise you will never arrive at the right place.

    • American Bison

      Wow, I didn’t see that coming in the story that they would forget the key along with the bags, that’s pretty eye opening story for sure!

    • raymond

      Hi Jean,

      There’s always time to smell the roses no matter how busy we are. Good point. :)

    • Alyssa

      What a great story! I’m now 40.. guess I need to check where I left my bag, and make sure there is nothing precious in it I have forgotten!

      • raymond

        Nice one, Alyssa,

        Go check your bag.

    • Car Battery Starter

      I wonder how many of us in life will somehow relive this story, even though we are told it. It’s sad but sometimes its in inevitable to forget everything in the 20th floor no matter how many times we are reminded of it.

      Just saying..

      • raymond

        Thank you for sharing. :)

    • fence chargers

      This story reminds me of my recent life changes, due to my husband’s illness. Stop and smell the roses has a whole new meaning to me.

    • Jarrod@ Optimistic Journey

      I love this story! Sometimes it’s better to carry our weight all the way throughout the journey until we reach the top. The problem is we don’t speculate that it takes hard word to reach our dream so we bail out and try to take the short cut road. Taking short cuts may land us in our destination but we will find that we don’t have the tools (education, work ethic, discipline…etc) to get the maximum benefit of our goal.

      Great article thanks for sharing!!

      • raymond

        Thank you for your comment, Jarrod. :)

    • raymond

      Hi Jean,

      Yes, there is. :)

    • Bilgi

      woow excellent :)

      • raymond

        Thanks. :)

    • peter@cna training

      nice analogy there raymond. I agree how important it is to take time to be happy.

      • raymond

        Thank you, Peter.

        I hope you enjoy it. Feel free to share it with your love ones.

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