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Hello everybody, I hope you enjoy the photo I posted 2 days ago.

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Now, let me tell you why this temple in the rural area at the top of the hill becomes a popular tourism spot.

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Dragon is one of the celestial creatures in Chinese tradition and it is believe to bring power, good luck and all the goodness in human’s life. It is the symbol of protection, power and “luck bringer”. That explained why you can often see this symbol in Chinese temple, in Chinese tycoon"s office, banks … etc.

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Well, that"s a little bit about the dragon and the role it plays. The fish in that temple is called “Dragon Fish” (direct translated from Chinese). So, it is believed that whoever that touches the fish will get plenty of good luck and abundance.

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Some even claimed that they strike lotteries after touching the dragon fish which makes the place even more financially attractive. Well, is that true? You"ll be the judge.

For me, it may be caused by their mind power. If you believe anything with strong unwavering faith, it will come true. So, the legend acts as a foundation or base for one to put their beliefs and faith. That"s only my point of view.

You may have different opinion. Why not share it with me in the comment box? ;)

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