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The T Method

July 6, 2007 | 9 Comments

I met Jack yesterday. Jack was one of my course mates in my university days. As usual, I ask him, “How do you apply the Law of Attraction

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into your life?” (I ask almost everyone I meet with this same question)

“What Attraction?” he seemed lost in the conversation.

“Haven"t you watched The Secret” I asked

“I don"t even hear about that. What is it about?”

I spend the next half an hour explaining to him about the concept of the Law of attraction and how well it works for me. Thoughts, emotions, believe, visualization, ask, gratitude and the Law of Attraction are some of the words I frequently use in the conversation.

He takes a few minutes to absorb the information into his mind. Suddenly, he broke the silence with a very challenging question.

“I don"t even know what I really want. Sometimes I want this. Sometimes I want that. I just can"t be sure of myself. Is there a way to help me or a formula or something like that?”

He continued, “The law of Attraction that you have just told me is interesting but when you ask me to think of what I want, I am totally lost. I never think of this question before.”

Frankly, I was speechless. I don"t know how to help him because what he wants in his life is different from what I want in my life. I just can"t decide for him. All I can do is to attract the solution.

Out of the blue, an idea popped out from my mind, which is what I call as the T-method.

I ask him for a piece of paper. I draw a “T” across the paper. Now the paper is divided into 2 sections the left column and the right column.

the T method

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I ask him to write out specifically on what he doesn"t want on the left column. Surprisingly, he can do it in no time. There are so many things that he doesn"t want in his life that he needs another sheet of paper to fill it up all.

Then, I ask him to write out the opposite on the right column. That means, if he wrote “I don"t want to be poor” on the left column, turn it into “I want to be rich in the right column”. If he wrote “I don"t want to be sick” on the left column, reverse it into “I want to be healthy” and so on. In another words, I just reverse engineer his thought.

Within half an hour, he already has a full list of what he really WANTS in his life. He was amazed by the result. After that, I fold the paper into half (left to right) and ask him to focus on what he want. I ask him to read and affirm it everyday with intense emotion and feel it as if they are already in the reality.

So, my friends, If you are facing the same problem as what Jack was facing, try this method and you will find your gold!

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      The law of attraction is so great. I love when other talk more and more about it. I found a tool that allows you to do kind of the same thing, except you put the things you want into a movie. Check it out at

    • Liara Covert

      This view of the process of elimination is a fantastic tool to help you identify what you don’t want. It would bring anyone who feels lost much closer to uncovering their dreams. The simpler your approach to life, the more meaningful could be your revelations.

    • Raymond

      Right Liara,

      We don’t have to make things complicated. Complicated doesn’t mean it’s good.

      Simplicity is still the best.

    • linn

      This is what we call clarity through contrast. Good Info

    • Raymond

      Hi Linn,

      Thanks for dropping by.

    • Rose

      Hi Raymond,
      How come I didn’t notice this before this is one of the many good posts I ever read. Thank you so much for sharing. It really help to those who are so uncertain what lies ahead. Thanks again.

    • raymond

      Hi Rose,

      It stuns me for a while when I first learned this. ;)

      Amazing! Isn’t it?

    • Rose

      Hi Raymond,
      Yes, it’s really amazing, it really help with my planning of how to talk to students and parents regarding what do you really want or like to do with your life. I was at lost and hope I will find something here, again the LOA works when I really focus and it shown me. Thank God for giving me chance meeting Raymond’s blog. How can I ever thank you, your blog really help. Especially when I’m doing self study and research on child development it’s not an easy task when facing demanding questions from curious participants.
      By the way you’ll be seeing more roses in this blog’s garden of yours. I hope you don’t mind on seeing the same roses who never stop commenting hope you’re not bored. Thnxusomuch again.
      ~Roses are Red~

    • raymond

      Oh Rose,

      Have you ever heard of a gardener complains of too much roses in his garden?


      LOA works every time and never fails just like the law of gravity. :)

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