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Now, we have come to the last sign of victim which is “Blame”. There are some of the previous important related articles in order. (Just in case you missed them)

Are Playing The Role of A Victim?

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3 Deadly Signs That Shows You Are A Victim anna karenina free

The First Sign of Victim – Justifying

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The Second Sign of Victim – Complaining bad company download

Most victims like to blame. They blame their government, parents, friends, neighbors, colleagues, spouse, children, employers, employees, banker, company, stranger and the list goes on.

They blame everybody else except themselves and there is always something else to blame.

Do you fall into this group?

Blaming may give you temporary pleasure but it is hazardous in the long term.

Let’s take yesterday’s story as an example (I assume that you have read it. If you have not, you can read it here

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Mr. A was blaming his kid for spoiling his brand new car. Let’s think again. Why is the hammer within a child’s reach?

Who is to blame?

Too many times we always see the fault on others but we do not realize that it is our own fault.

Blaming others will not solve the problem at all. It will only make things worse. A better way out is to learn from the incident and learn from it or even better, try to avoid it at all.

Have you identified which one are you? Blamer? Justifier? Complainer? Or what combination do you have? Share it!

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    • http://onlinecompetitions stubsy

      Thats very true but sometimes taking responsiblity for things can make you much more of a victim than blaming others will.

    • raymond

      Hi Stubsy,

      It depends on which angle you look at it and how you take the responsibility.

      If you take it in the wrong way, it may cause more harm than good.

    • Phil the Plumbing Expert

      It depends on the situation and how do things happen. But that’s true and it happen always, sometimes if bad things happen to us, we put the blame on others and we didn’t see that it happen because of our being irresponsible. Before we blame others, let us examine first ourselves if we what we did why it happen.

    • raymond

      Hi Phil,

      That’s always a good practice :)

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    • AJ

      Why dont any of these Victim posts talk about what to replace the victim mentality with?? all it ever talks about is the symptoms of being a victim, which is focusing on it more and hence manifesting more of it in the lives of the people who are reading this!!!!!

      The pay off to being a victim is that you get peoples attention!!
      I know the opposite of being a victim is having an attitude of gratitude. So i made a list 250 things im grateful for, and I still dont feel grateful, cause theres no payoff that can compete with the attention I get from being a victim!!!

      I need to get out of this victim mentallity!!! seee, my whole post here is complaining!!!

    • raymond

      Hi Aj,

      I have answered you in the other post.

    • Property Investors

      That’s true, some of the victims are blaming over their authority, their seniors, there would be some reason behind this!

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