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I went to watch a movie again last Wednesday, after a long day of work. As you can guess from the title above, it’s Vantage Point.

I think it’s a very nice movie to watch and it taught me a great deal of lessons about life.

It captures an incident (assassination of the US president) at the same setting, same time but from 8 different perspectives. That means, the event repeats for 8 times but the scene was taken from different point of view. d a r y l dvdrip

This movie gives you the advantage of observing an incident from 8 different pairs of eyes at 8 different perspectives.

The more the incident repeats from different perspective, the clearer picture you’ll get and more mysteries, misunderstanding, curiosity and doubts will be dissolved.

Then it hit me on my head. That’s exactly what happens when people say that the Law of Attraction doesn’t work for them. That’s because they only see it from one point of view.

In another words, they only see a piece of the puzzled instead of the whole big picture.

Often times, people are looking at the Law of Attraction

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as a standalone law that they neglect or refuse to see its connection with other laws of nature.

The whole world would be in a mess, crazy and imbalance IF other laws of nature do not have any relation with the Law of Attraction. And I’m sure that you would not want that to happen.

Let me give you an example (Yeah, example again) melody divx movie online

Imagine that you are bathing in a bathroom in California

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and a friend of you is thinking of you intensely in a shopping complex in London and he/she wished that you would be there too.

Do you think that you would disappear from your bathroom and show up naked in the shopping complex?

Of course NOT!

That will disobey some laws of nature such as the Newton’s First Law of Motion which says that,

“An object that is at rest tends to stay at rest and the object which is moving will keep on moving at the constant velocity provided that there is no external force acts on the object.”

And so on.

So, by looking the Law of Attraction at different and wider perspective, you will get a bigger picture of it.

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When we understand it better, we will be able to tap into the potential and the power of the Law of Attraction. Easy

is not always the best solution.

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    • Nicole Price

      Sounds like an interesting movie. Will surely catch it.

    • titan

      yap. I also watch that movie. Its really good and interesting. The best part when the shooting start..

    • raymond

      Hi Nicole,

      I highly recommend it. :)

    • raymond

      Hi Titan,

      I love that part too. :)

      I keep thinking of the Law of Attraction when watching the movie.

    • KNizam

      seen the trailer. quite cool movie. need to watch it this weekend :)

    • raymond

      Enjoy your movie, KNizam. :)

    • pearl

      sounds very interesting. different perspectives. I’ve just lost my buyer to another agent after they viewed 30 flat units with me. I asked myself why the law of attraction not working? I even visualised how happy they were when they got their dream home through me. it’s quite abit to get over for a newcomer. on the other hand, I’ve to view it from another angle, perspective. I am grateful for them as I’ve learnt alot through these viewings.

    • raymond

      Hi Pearl,

      That’s a great attitude. Perhaps some buyers may come to you for higher price. :)

      Who knows? Only the God knows what’s the best for you. ;)

    • PreSchool Mama

      Am behind on my movie watching, so I’ll have to catch up on that one!
      I agree that other things are involved – it can’t be as simple as “wish for something and you’ll get it.” I think it’s tied to how hard we’re wiling to work to get something once we decide we want it. That’s how it has worked for me.

    • Robert @ reason4smile

      Hi Raymond, you tempted me to watch the movie =)
      agree with you, we’ll need to see the law of attraction from different sides as well to get better understanding of it, I guess my question to you earlier is one of the perspective…
      Looking forward to your post answering that =)


    • raymond

      Hi Preschool Mama,

      It’s just a piece of the entire set of the puzzles.

    • raymond

      Hi Robert,

      Your question will be answered soon. :)

      (Most probably the day after tomorrow)

    • Francisco (Houston Wedding DJ) Perez

      The movie sounds interesting. I’ve made plans to look for it and watch it…

    • raymond

      Hi Francisco,

      Looks like I should get my share of their profits. :)

    • Jenz Iggo

      Raymond, I had a change to sneak out to cinema last night, and yes, I enjoyed every intense moment of the movie. The actors are excellent. I love the storyline.

      To the reader who said that he lost a deal even after his visualizing success, dig deeper my fren. The vibration takes time to diffuse. Hammer on some beliefs first.

    • raymond

      Hi Jenz,

      I can tell that you have a great time watching the movie. :)

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