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Hi folks,

This is the video I promised few days ago. This is another success of using my mind power.

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At the first 1:30 minute, the fish were quite away from me. So, I use the Subjective Communication Techniques

thought by the Real Mind Power Secrets, I was able to communicate with the fish using my brainwave and by sending the positive aura.

I remembered that the author of the book use the same technique to attract dolphins in Hawaii when there"s no dolphin in sight.

Within a few seconds, the fish in the whole pool began to swim to me. I can"t believe it myself either. Think that it"s hard to believe? Watch it for yourself.

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Please comment, bookmark and rate this video for me. Thank nightmare on elm street part 2 freddy s revenge a divx

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    • Marta

      Hi Raymond,

      How are you? Thank you for the video, I will watch it once I am back from UYMG. I am online now inside the room in UYMG. It’s great…met Stephen, Alicia, Kerri, and the rest of Alpha Leaders…:)

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    • raymond

      Hi Marta,

      It’s always feel good to be with successful people.

      Enjoy your alpha leadership and UYNG. :)


      Pretty weird, how in the hell did you do that?!

    • Rose

      Hi Raymond,
      Thank you for sharing the video I have been watching it again and again. Trying to figure out what make the fish swim to you I’m not so very sure of the SCT only know a bit that you probably visualize but I ever read somewhere that animals can sense your thought hey, I hope I’m right. So don’t run when you see a dog or other wild animals be calm correct me if I’m wrong. Beside SCT your communication with the fish is through touching, coz that cause vibration and those splash of water cause them to come to you. This is just a comments from a not so expert me just for sharing.
      By the way good choice The Sweet Escape as background am I right. Thanks for sharing a good production.

    • raymond

      Hi Guesslotto,

      I’m sorry that I’m not sure which one you mean. Do you mean attract the fish or making the video? :)

    • raymond

      Hi Rose,

      I’m not so sure about the touching those fish. You could be right.

      All I know is, I’m sure that I was emitting a positive aura at that particular moment. :)

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