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Well, I hope you have read the question I shared yesterday and have posted your answer there. If you are still wondering what the question is or miss it, you can click here to read it.

All right, here"s my answer to the question.

If you think positively on the result of something while others think the other way round, chances are both stands a chance to win or to dominate the other.

Our thoughts are waves and both positive thought and negative thought are equally powerful. It"s just that they are in the opposite polarity, just like North and South.

I will begin with some basic scientific explanation before I explain it in the plain English.

To understand the wave interaction, I would first look into Quantum Physics. Then I"ll dive into the Schrödinger Wave Equation (SWE)

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Schrödinger Wave Equation is very useful to explain the characteristics of a wave in any given time (depends on which version of the equation do you use). It can be used to calculate the end result of two or more waves that meet or collide together but of course you need to know the parameters first such as the angles form by those waves, the frequency, phase and amplitude of each wave … just to name a few.

Worry not because I am not going to teach you Mathematics and Quantum Physics here. My purpose is just to let you know that the Law of Attraction is base on Science and it is predictable and can be calculated if you can collect all the necessary data from your brainwave.

It can be calculated (if you want) but it would not be as simple as 1+1 = 2. We have to consider the combination of all waves that may affect the frequency and other behavior of the brainwave that we have sent out to the universe.

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It may be.

Let me give you an example of these positive and negative thoughts in plain English.

I know that most people find it hard to understand because we can"t see waves. Therefore I"m going to give you a quite similar example of something which we can see.

Imagine this:

A lorry carrying the force of 100,000N coming from the right collide with a bicycle carrying the force of 100N coming from the left. Assume that this is a close system and this is a non elastic collision, what is the result of the collision?

Obviously, in the end, the lorry will still move to the left with the force of 99,900N.

The collision has almost no effect to the lorry but it crashed the bicycle.

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So, you want to be a lorry in this case, not a bicycle, right.

**Of course, the calculation of the wave equation is not that simple as it"s not a linear motion. Instead, it involves a lot of cos,  sin, imaginary numbers, operators … etc. **

Both positive and negative thought can be the lorry. So, if you sense some negative thoughts around you, treat them like a bicycle and you"ll be the lorry by having more faith than they do. Take more action than them.

The bottom line is, you need to have strong positive thoughts to beat the negative thoughts so that the negative thoughts can almost be neglected or no effect in the calculation.

It doesn"t take a strong muscular person to generate the strong wave, it only needs a person with a strong believe and faith.

A child may have a stronger faith than an adult. The strong faith has no co-relation with age, sex, races, number of people or whatever it is.

Mahatma Gandhi can have such a strong faith that beats out the negativities of millions of people in the world and he is not a very muscular man or financially rich. His faith is like a huge truck running through millions of rain drops in a rainy day.

The rain drops have almost no effect to the truck and its speed. That"s the faith and the strength that we want. big wednesday dvd download

Does that make sense?

I would love to hear what you think. Thank you for taking your time to read this.

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    • Rose

      Hi Raymond,
      Here my continuation comments please correct me, my understanding is that we can always ignore the negative thought of others when we strongly believe what is right for us. The only trouble is that we are always open to suggestions meaning we are easily influence by others due to lack of knowledge and experienced in dealing in whatever situation. Here where strong faith play a part in decision making. Hope I saying the right things. Thanks again.

    • raymond

      Hey Rose,

      You are my top commentator. I appreciate your presence on my blog and take the actions to share your thought with others.

      Life is short. So, don’t live our life under peoples shadow. We must believe and have faith in ourselves.

      Hypnosis is a great way to build a strong faith and believe.

      I personally use that to hypnotize myself. I’ll share more on that in my coming post. :)

    • Heather Masson

      Hey Raymond –

      I just tagged you as part of my Birthday Celebration meme. I hope you will play along :)

      Expect the Best,

    • Matthew Anton

      What a great post…I think everyone has to battle inner daemons; I know I have my share and this is a great reminder to think positive and utilize the positive powers of your thoughts to get what you want. So much for doom and gloom ;) happy to have read this

    • Rose

      Hi Raymond,
      When I read your blog I thought top commentator belong to blogger as all are mostly blue in color. Then one day I noticed Rose appeared among the thorn. Then I ask is that me it can’t be so I keep on giving comments then the numbers keep on increasing Oh my Lord it’s really me though I’m aware that there is another Rose but that’s in blue. It’s my pleasure giving comments especially those that I have experienced in life. Hope that it can protect innocent people from making mistake that they are not aware of. At time we might think that they are familiar with thing that we have succeeded doing in life. But the Lord said no I know more than you do keep on giving and sharing regardless whatever is their life might be at the moment. May be someday I will share about study for exam. Hey, I talking to a teacher who know better, hope you don’t mind just sharing info. Life is short share while I can.
      Raymond so it’s true about hypnosis among other it can help where you learn to deprogram your mind to eliminate old programs and limiting beliefs and patterns. Will wait for your coming post.
      Sorry again about Quantum Physic, I was reading Molecules of Psychology study of human behaviour when I read your post and it does got to do with Quantum Healing Medicine where I brought the subject placebo effect. Your many posts does help me esp subject matter concern the pain and pleasure of learning. Why does it happened another little research another finding, thank you so much for all those wonderful articles written.

    • raymond

      Hi Heather,

      I’m glad to see you again (here).

      I’ve reply to you on your blog :)

      Thank you for the invitation. I appreciate it. ;)

    • raymond

      Hi Matthew,

      Welcome here.

      I’m glad that it acts as a reminder for you.

      At the same time, it reminds me too :)

      See you again. ;)

    • raymond

      Hello Rose,

      The blue names are for those with links to their website if they have one (at least).

      That’s why, when you give comments, there’s a field which ask for your website. If you put in your website, you’ll get to see your name in blue.

      Yeah, Rose. Perhaps you can share something about students exam here.

      Perhaps you can comment on my Law of Attraction for students’ posts. :)

      Thank you for sharing again ;)

    • Rose

      Hello Raymond,
      Once I have a website that was sometime ago then due to my tight and heavy schedule I have to let go may be will implement it again in future.
      Okay, I will share about students exam here but which categories there are two is it on LOA or Children sorry for asking this as both look similar.
      You are welcome.

    • raymond

      Hi Rose,

      LOA is too general. You may want to look for Children’s category. :)

      Thanks for sharing. :)

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