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Yesterday, I talked about the importance of building your castle in the air.

Too many times, when we build our castles in the air, people around us disapprove us, the reject us, they give you a negative look on their faces.

Sometimes, you may even get scolded or get punished for building your own dreams.

All these experiences has suppressed our ability to dream and dream BIG!

Like what Anthony Robbins download beverly hills cop iii dvdrip said, human have the tendency to move towards pleasure and away from pain.

So, since young, we have been associated dreaming with pain. That explains why there are so many people who dare not to dream at all. They be what people want them to be instead of be themselves.

Therefore, I thought it is appropriate for me to post this video to lift up your passion to dream, ignore and filter the negative voices around you.

Are you inspired?

What’s important to you is not what people say to you but rather how do you use the Law of Attraction download honeydripper

whisper divx

download are we done yet dvdrip

to attract your dreams to you and live in it! Let me know what you think!

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    • Property Investors

      I believe in this failure. Nicely presented in the video attached here.

    • Jane

      I still do believe that the
      failures you speak of make the better of everyone of us. It shapes us and makes
      us realize the real from what is not. It helps us be wiser.


      • Raymond CHua

         Hi Jane, I can’t agree more.

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