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Last week, while I check and reply to the comments post by my dear fellow readers, I stumbled upon a very interesting comment which I believe that most of the people who have been introduced to the concept of the Law of Attraction may have the same question.

For that reason, I decide to share it here so that everybody can benefit from the answer.

Here"s the question:

“What happens if you follow the LOA and then you have someone else in your life that works with you and doesn"t follow it, and makes your life difficult?  So the LOA which was working starts losing momentum, because your co/worker or even your spouse can’t understand this, and they start fighting for your attention…  You can’t just ignore your spouse…”

First of all, I can see some self-limiting belief here. If you think that you will lose the momentum or faith

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house bunny the divx online in the Law of Attraction whenever somebody doesn"t follow it or believe in it, that"s what you are going to get.

“Thought become things”

So be very careful of your thought.

If you believe in god and you are living with someone who doesn"t, what should you do?

Ignore them. Your core belief comes from within you and has nothing to do with others’ opinion unless you allow it.

Well it is very normal when we come across to people who are skeptical and not believe in whatever we say. It becomes worse when that person is someone we meet daily and it"s almost impossible not to meet them especially when they are your co-workers or spouse or in-laws.

So, what we can do here is to use the Law of Attraction

to make them believe it. Of course, it may not happen overnight. But with a strong faith and a little more time, you will be able to interact with their brainwave and attract their brainwave to match yours.

How long will it take? That will very much depend on how well you resonate with them.

Another way out is to explain it to them from a different angle. Perhaps they don"t like the word or the phrase of the Law of Attraction. Maybe it sounds too technical or scientific to them. Try the phrase “positive thinking” or “stay motivated” or “mind power” instead of the “Law of Attraction”

Sometimes, a little change in the words we use can help to flip the switch of their mind. :)

If you are interested in using the real mind power to influence people, this is the resources I would like to recommend you. I"m learning this technique lately and I find it soooo powerful.

Real Mind Power Secrets download square peg the dvd

It shows me how I can amazingly use and tap into the power and potential of my mind.

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I hope that helps. :)

Leave me a comment to tell me how you think. ;)

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    • Andreas

      Interesting. However, please be aware that a thought comprises many different ingredients. The pictures, the sounds and the feelings. Only if all are in alignment will you be able to achieve your goals. If you feel ‘strange” while you visualise your goals, your feelings are not “there”.

      I just wrote something about the structure of thoughts, if you are interested:

    • raymond

      Hi Andrea,

      Thank you so much for sharing your thought. I agree with you that the correct emotions must present in the process of visualization. ;)

      Actually, I did discussed it here:


    • News Archive

      “Thought become things” totally agree

    • raymond

      Hi News Archive,

      That’s the fact. ;)

    • Rose

      Hi Raymond,
      Thanks for this post.
      Sometimes, a little change in the words we use can help to flip the switch of their mind. Yes, thanks for this phrase I notice that too some people I talk too find the word LOA too technical or difficult, thanks too for sharing the Real Mind Power Secrets will read through. Okay, will comments more on future post. Thanks.

    • raymond

      HI Rose,

      I’m sure you’ll like the Real Mind Power Secret Report. I read that in the bus while I was on my way to KL last month. :)

      It opens my mind and gives me a new perspective to the world of the mind power and the possibilities.

    • James – Creator Of The Ladder Of Dreams

      Hey Raymond,

      I am a strong believer that actions speaks louder then words.

      The best way to influence people is to respect them and their way first. Next show them your way by your actions. When they see the results (your actions and it’s results), they will be convinced that your way can be done. Whether they would follow your way or not is an entirely different issue.

      Who do you choose to follow. The person that keeps saying his method works? Or the person who chose show you that his method works?


    • raymond

      Hi James,

      That’s one of the best ways to make people follow us at their own will without having to force them.

      Again, it comes to pain and pleasure. :)

      Thank you for sharing this method ;)

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