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They laugh at me

July 31, 2007 | 7 Comments

… continue from the last post

Yesterday, we talk about how the mass media spit negative information into our mind. Today, we"ll talk about more horror things.

Do you know what besides the newspaper, radios, TVs, magazines and advertisements, there are 2 more powerful channels which can inject you with mass of negative thoughts day in and day out.

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They are your friends and family (or even your spouse). Their influence is awesome! Whatever you want to do or you wish to do? They can tell you more than a hundred reasons why you shouldn"t do it, why you can"t do it, why it is wrong, why it will never work out … etc.

Don"t get me wrong. I do not mean that that you shouldn"t listen to them at all. What I am trying to say here is, you need to know and aware what is positive and negative to you. Awareness is like a sieve or filter. You filter out what you do not want or harmful to you and keep what you want or thoughts that can help you to grow to be a better person.

Come on, you have the grey matters between your ears, don"t you? Use it! Don"t just keep it! If you find it hard to create the awareness, train your brain!

Awareness is a learnable skill

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divx jade . It"s just like walking. We don"t have the skill on the day we were borne but we learn it because we need it. We need to aware each and every thoughts and information that come into our mind because if we don"t, we will be in big trouble.

Why I am telling you all these? How can this help you? Of course it does help a lot. How can you solve a problem without knowing what the problem is? That"s why I am here to point out the problem to you.

So, from today onwards, focus on your personal growth. Listen to motivational talk. Mix around with highly positive people. Stay away from friends who always nail the negative input into your mind.

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With that, I hope you will take massive actions today and change your life forever!

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    • rene

      Yes, i totally agree. Put emotions into positive thoughts and take action. That’s the law of attraction in motion.

    • raymond

      Hi Rene,

      Thanks for coming.

      Yes, you are right. The “motion” is very important.

    • Aldian Prakoso

      Friends and family… I know what you mean Raymond… That’s why I like to go to seminars and coachings because I find friends with similar mind there. Friends who want to be motivated and motivate some others to be successful.


      Aldian Prakoso
      Law of Attraction Coach

    • raymond

      Right, Aldian.

      That’s how we met. :P

    • Aldian Prakoso

      Lol. Indeed we did!

    • Chris

      I’m trying to convince my doubting friends and family by taking action today and starting The 30 Day Challenge

    • raymond

      That’s a good start, Chris. :P

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