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I hope you have learned something from the post, yesterday.

If you have not, you"d better read the part 1 urban justice movie

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If you study closely the story that I have posted yesterday, you will see that Thomas A. Edison is applying the Law of Attraction to the max.

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He started with a dream which came from his visualization. He asked the universe for what he wanted.

He believed it with strong, unshakable faith. Like the question I asked yesterday. How many of the people in the world can take 10,000 of failures before they can see the success and yet still feel good and excited about it?

Not too many, I would say.

As he worked hard each and everyday, he can see and feel the success (even it was not there yet). He gave every experiment with a brand new hope.

His momentum to move towards his goal is as high as the momentum of a moon falling down from the sky. It is just unstoppable and those who try to stop him, laugh at him, discourage him should prepare to face the consequences.

In the end, after years of joy and excitement from his hard work, something began to glow in his lab in the darkness of the night. Unlike others which only glow for a few seconds or a few minutes, this experiment seems to be the real success.

He had found the secret. The success was finally attracted. By prevent the oxygen from contacting the high resistant wire; he managed to increase the lifespan of the bulb. Yes! It turned out to be a massive success.

He had invented a light bulb that can sweep the candles and the oil lamps away.

Stay tune for the part 3. I"ll show you something very special tomorrow.

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    • Rose

      Hi Raymond,
      It is interesting reading your posts day after day. In my understanding using LOA there certain things that needs to apply ie the laws the many many laws that we are not aware. The law of attraction states that if you focus your attention on something long enough you will get it. It all starts in the mind. You think of something and when you think of it, you manifest that in your life. What you are doing is you think of what you want, which is the cause, and the effect is the object or person you manifest from your thoughts. Please correct me if I’m wrong.
      Here you’ve mentioned, “He asked the universe for what he wanted”. This part that most if not all of us not aware that the universe too consists of certain laws before certain wish being granted. This is why, no matter your religious beliefs, you must know that God is the one who created the universe for our use and to get whatever we want from it. The Law consists Law of Gratitude, Law of Attraction Law of Love, Law of Allowing, Law of Vibration
      Law of Karma. This is just from few of my findings can’t elaborate as it will ended as a too long passage.
      Yes, I agreed keep to the momentum in whatever things you intend to do.
      Sorry for this too long comments it just flows I better stop now, can’t wait for something very special tomorrow. CU soon.

    • raymond

      Hi Rose,

      Thank you for the comment. I do agree with you that the Law of Attraction is not the only law in the universe.

      If gravity is pulling down everything to the center of the earth, then why aeroplanes still can fly in the air. Obviously other laws are in action at the same time. :)

    • Rose

      Hi Raymond,
      Thanks for responding. Yes, you’re right. There so much to learn. Cheers.

    • raymond

      It’s my pleasure to respond to every comment. :P

    • Rose

      You’re still on line wonder where you are, I only know after touring one blog to another everywhere there Raymond hope it is the same Raymond. Anyway thanks again. Cheers.

    • raymond

      Haha … that will depend on which blog you tour to. :P

    • Rose

      Well, I’m sure and I’m positive. It’s the same Raymond it’s really amazing keep up the good work. You always make people smile if not laugh, right readers we can always keep track on Raymond. Cheers.

    • Aldian Prakoso

      It’s not just Thomas Edison… Also Henry Ford, Andrew Carnegie.

      How about Akio Morita, the co-founder of Sony and also the inventor of Walkman.

      They all visualized.

      Reading Think and Grow Rich about all these people really inspires me!

    • raymond

      Like attracts like. Remember? :)

    • raymond

      Hi Aldian,

      Thanks for sharing. Indeed. Thomas Edison is just one of many examples.

    • Rose

      Yes, I know….., now still digging your past articles.

    • raymond

      The more you dig, the more gold you’ll get. :)

    • zaki blogjer

      Genius from the past is applying LOA to the max which produce magnificent discovery. Wondering if current billionaire such as Bill Gates applying the same way.

    • raymond

      You Bet, Zaki.

      There’s a cause for every effect. :)

      He must have visualized his success long ago.

    • James – Visualized.Feel.Abundance

      Hey Raymond,

      Those are great people that we can relate too. But not just them, all the successful people, businessmen that I know of visualize and dream at one level or another.

      One businessman that I know of was visualizing an chain of stores when he was operating only one. If he didn’t have that dream or vision. I think he’ll probably still be operating the same one store, years later. :)


    • raymond

      Hi James,

      You’re right about that. I just share a few out of many successful people.

      Thanks for sharing the story of the businessman. I do agree that great successes come from great visualization. :)

    • Aldian Prakoso

      And you know what the similarity that we have with all of those successful people?

      We were all born the same!

      They all learned the secret and practiced visualization during their life. We all can be successful like them.

      Napoleon Hill taught all this in great detail in his famous book, Think and Grow Rich.

    • raymond

      Hi Aldian,

      That is indeed a great book. :)

    • Leo Foster

      Hi, Raymond.

      GREAT post. You are really making people think. And you are doing a job job at it!

      What most people do not realize is that the Law of attraction is only a new name for the ancient Law of Belief that simply states that” Whatever you deeply BELIEVE, you will materialize in your physical reality”, “It is done unto you as you BELIEVE”, “what you BELIEVE is what you get”, “Man must manifest at all levels the beliefs held in your Subconscious mind”.

      We are talking about deeply held beliefs, many of which we are NOT even aware of. But they are MATERIALIZING according to their nature anyway because the Universe is like a GIANT MIRROR reflecting to each one of us what ewe deeply BELIEVE at the subconscious level.

      Also, most people do not understand what the ULTIMATE cause of the vibrations they are sending out REALLY is. And therefore, many FAIL in trying to make the Law of attraction work for them.

      Those vibrations are caused by what one THINKS ABOUT constantly and by what one PREDOMINANTLY FOCUS ON all day long.

      And …. here is the MISSING KEY….. what one THINKS ABOUT constantly and one PREDOMINANTLY FOCUS ON all day long is CAUSED exclusively by the BELIEFS, VALUES AND RULES we have deeply stored in our Subconscious minds.

      Those beliefs, values and rules also create their associated feelings/emotions, attitudes and behaviors.

      Those beliefs, values and rules are the ULTIMATE CAUSE of those vibrations we are sending out all the time.

      Therefore, to CHANGE vibrations we are sending out, we must CHANGE our deeply held beliefs, values and rules (which will cause our emotions/feelings, attitudes and behaviors to change to MATCH our new beliefs, values and rules).

      ANYTHING ELSE will FAIL because that GIANT
      universal MIRROR cannot reflect NEW results
      with the SAME OLD beliefs (and values/rules).
      This would be a VIOLATION of Law of Attraction (= Law of Belief).

      ONE of the main reasons most people fail with the Law of attraction is that they start visualizing the desired end-result with as much emotion and as vividly as possible — for about 15 minutes , maybe 2-3 times a day.
      Therefore for about 40-45 minutes they are sending out the RIGHT vibrations to attract to them what they desire.

      BUT… the rest of the time (23 hours and 15 minutes) they keep THINKING ABOUT and FOCUSING ON PREDOMINANTLY on the SAME OLD things because they still have the SAME OLD beliefs, values and rules. And therefore they keep sending out the SAME OLD vibrations caused by the SAME OLD beliefs, values and rules which these persons NEVER CHANGED.

      It is easy to do the math. The 45 minutes of desirable vibrations are being totally ELIMINATED by the 23 hours and 15 minutes of the SAME OLD, limiting, negative vibrations.

      The FIRST step in making the Law of Attraction work is to identify and eliminate the OLD, conflicting beliefs, values and rules. Then,
      imprint in your Subconscious NEW, empowering beliefs, values and rules that will be SUPPORTIVE of the NEW goal. And then, one can start visualizing, affirming, etc.,

      Not knowing that the FIRST thing to do is to identify/eliminate those OLD limiting, conflicting beliefs, values and rules and then
      IMPLANT new supportive beliefs, values and rules is ONE OF THE MAIN REASONS why the Law of Attraction keeps attracting to people the same old UNDESIRABLE RESULTS.

      As long as a person has the SAME OLD beliefs, values and rules, the Law of Attraction will keep attracting to him the SAME OLD undesirable results

      And, yes, Thomas Edison was using the Law of Attraction and had GREAT success because “somehow” he managed to ELIMINATE from his mind all limiting, conflicting, OPPOSING beliefs, values and rules. Unfortunately, he is not here to tell us the “how”, what exact method he used to clear his mind of all the OPPOSING garbage.that would have neutralized his goals.

      Raymond, thanks for allowing all of us an opportunity to have these very useful exchanges about the Law of Attraction and learn from each other’s experiences.

      Leo Foster.

    • raymond

      Hi Leo,

      First of all. I want to thank you for sharing your superb thoughts with us here.

      Well said. You’ve got it right! :)

      I’m looking forward to see you again and exchange thought with you here. :P

    • Danny

      What happens if you follow the LOA and then you have someone else in your life that works with you and doesnt follow it, and makes your life difficult. So the LOA which was working starts losing momentum, because your co/worker or even your spouse can’t understand this, and they start fighting for your attention… You can’t just ignore your spouse…

    • raymond

      Hi Danny,

      That’s a very good question.

      The answer is in the Mathematics. IF you study the Schrodinger Wave Equation (SWE) in Quantum Mechanics combines with the resonance principle, you’ll find the answer. :)

      If you are not interested in science, then, let me give you a simple example.

      A lorry carrying the force of 100,000N coming from the right collide with a bicycle carrying the force of 100N coming from the left. Assume that this is a close system and this is a non elastic collision, what is the result of the collision?

      Obviously, in the end, the lorry will still move to the left with the force of 99,900N.

      The collision has almost no effect to the lorry but it crashed the bicycle.

      So, you want to be a lorry in this case, not a bicycle, right.

      Of course, the calculation of the wave equation is not that simple as it’s not a linear motion. Instead, it involves a lot of cos and sin … etc.

      The bottom line is, you need to have a strong positive thoughts to beat the negative thoughts so that the negative thoughts can almost be neglected or no effect in the calculation.

      It doesn’t take a strong muscular person to generate the strong wave, it only needs a person with a strong believe and faith.

      A child may have a stronger faith than an adult. The strong faith has no corelation with age, sex, races or whatever it is. :)

      I hope my explanation answers your question. :)

    • raymond

      Hi Danny,

      I have another set of answer for you in this post:

      I hope it solves your problem. :)

    • Leo Foster

      Hello, Raymomd.

      It is always a pleasure to come to your web site and read all the posts of people who are doing their best to improve their lives and get BETTER and BETTER! It makes one feel uplifted and humble at the same time.

      And you do an excellent job supporting and motivating them. You are touching a great number of lives.

      May the Law of Attraction reflect back to you all the blessing you are bestowing on others!

      Leo Foster.

    • raymond

      Hi Leo,

      I’m so happy to see you back again.

      Thank you very much for your compliment.

      My coming post will touch on hypnosis and mind power. If you haven’t subscribe to my list, make sure you do so because I’m going to give out a special gift for all my subscribers, next week. :)

      May you attract all the good things in the universe. ;)

    • James Rawlins

      Has anyone Read the New Think Grow Rich by Ted Ciuba ? I was just wondering if it was as good as the origanal version .

    • raymond

      Hi James,

      I have heard of that but haven’t got my copy yet.

      By the way. I wonder if it has to do with Thomas Edison or with this post.

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