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Tribute to Jim Rohn

December 8, 2009 | 14 Comments

Jim Rohn, one of my mentors died last week. Many says that he was a National Treasure.

In this post, I’d like to share a video of him with you. I hope that you can gain lots of knowledge out of it. His teaching is simple yet powerful.

Please share your thought in the comment box below.

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    • hizlindir

      thank you very much for this article.

      • raymond

        Hi Hizlindir,

        You’re welcome

    • Liposuction Sarasota

      Sad your mentor was died. Downloaded video found some interesting. :-(

    • Sözlük

      Hi Hizliindir

      welcome, if we meet in a place? Thanks for this search expression

    • harley rental miami

      I see that this guy was great in speaking. He was cool, convinced and could really make his words sound interesting.

      • raymond

        That’s right Harley.

        And his words are all simple to understand and very casual too.

    • used bulldozers

      I see that this lost could be really unrepairable. The man was surely talented in speaking and expressing his thoughts. We need more that kind of men.

      • raymond

        Yeah, we really need more of them.

    • Laptop Briefcases

      To be honest, I have never heard of Jim Rohn. Thank you for sharing this video of him. I just read through his wikipedia page and he sounds like an inspiring man. I especially like this quote from him: Don’t wish it were easier, wish you were better.

      • raymond

        Hi Jeremy,

        He’s indeed a great and inspiring man. His teaching is really simple yet profound.

    • executive training

      It is nice to know that there were some people who were really worth to hear. And to hear them nevertheless they are not among us. It is great that we can record the most interesting parts of our lives and show them to other people.

    • lawyer flagstaff

      it was indeed a pleasure to hear about him… i thought he was a indeed a good and a powerful person

      • raymond

        I second that, lawyer.

    • Textbook Rental

      Awesome post!

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