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I came across EFT around 2 years ago and I find it pretty amazing. One thing I am proud about myself is, I am not a skeptics and I often accepts things with an open mind. Since I watched The Secret

and learned about the Law of Attraction, I begin to see possibilities in everything.

The attitude has served me very well so far and I feel extremely good about it because I have broken the wall that used to separate me from my success. All right, back to EFT.

If you have not heard about EFT, it stands for Emotional Freedom Technique and basically it is a technique that combines the Chinese ancient meridian therapy with modern psychology.

If the first thing that comes to your mind is poking your skin with all those needles, then let me tell you that it’s NOT what it is.

Now, what do I mean by simple. It is actually done by tapping various parts of your body with your fingers in the correct sequence while thinking and saying a specific empowering phrase. (Depends on which area of your life you want to work on)

This technique is so simple to learn and yet so powerful. Not only that. You can literally learn it in a couple of minutes and you can do it literally everywhere.

That includes in your office, in the train, in a restaurant (And no, you don’t have to lie on the floor to do that) :)

EFT just takes a couple of minutes of your time per day and it is capable to cure your sickness, change your limiting believe, letting go the old painful memories that seems to stick with you for the rest of your life, eliminate your fear and many more.

Hard to believe? Watch this!

Click here to CLAIM your video

You don’t have to experience any pain when you use this EFT to dissolve all your trauma, painful experience, sickness … (you name it)

I have been searching for a video that can guide me step-by-step and deal with real life examples instead of a bunch of theories. You know, sometimes I’m not sure if I do it correctly because I just read it from a book and do it wrongly may give me the opposite results.

Thankfully that a fantastic video has being produced and this video explains the concept of EFT in a great detail on how it should be done and the common mistakes to avoid.

This documentary features the great teachers like Bob Proctor, Jack Canfield download cookie s fortune free , Joe Vitale, Bruce Lipton, Norm Sheally

messenger the story of joan of arc the download punch drunk love dvdrip

and many more.

What makes this video stands out is that it uses 10 real people with real emotional and physical problem and this documentary follow their journey as they put EFT into test and here’s their result 6 months later.

Actually that’s the last part of the entire video. And if you find it confusing, then you should watch the entire video to learn what problem each participant want to work on and how they do it.

Click here to purchase the video

I have received mine via mail early this month and it is absolutely fantastic. I plan to watch it again right after I finish up this article :)

P.S. Don’t worry, it won’t cost you hundreds of dollars. Much much less till you won’t believe it. I can guarantee that you can afford it unless you are deeply in debt and starving for a meal right now.

P.P.S. I hope they have not raised the price when you go there.

Click here to purchase the video toy love download

Oh! One more thing, there’s a whole section in the video about EFT with the Law of Attraction and you’ll sure love it!

Watch the video and tell me what you think or share your experience here.

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    • dr hapizi

      I came across EFT about 1 year ago, however never give it much attention until I read your article :) thanks buddy..

      I suppose it will give much benefit to myself..and my patients!

      check out this great site about EFT:

      and this great intro on EFT:

    • raymond

      Hi Dr Hapizi,

      That’s exactly the site that I have visited years ago (and download the manual too) :)

      I always thought of sharing it on this blog but new ideas keep on coming that I forgot about it until Jessica, the producer of the movie contact me and let me know about the good news.

    • Tom Troughton

      I’m enjoying the posts on your site. I have been seeing an EFT – Emotional Freedom Technique Practitioner for about six months or so. The results have been amazing!

      EFT has been excellent for me in the areas of fear, anxiety and nervousness. The more I use it, the more freedome I’m experiencing. (I suppose that is the Freedom part of EFT)

      On the subject of whether the results are permanent or not, I have found that it is not 100% permanent. Nothing I have found is 100% effective in therapy and clearing methods. I can say I have found it to be about 80% effective in my experience. Thank you for your wonderful website.

    • raymond

      Hi Tom,

      Thanks for sharing your experience. It must have served you well. :)

    • Katie

      Great post – I borrowed the DVD from a friend and it was one of those things that has you running around evangelizing for weeks later. I wish everyone that’s important to me could come to use and benefit from EFT.

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    • raymond

      Hi Katie,

      That’s a great move. You have just taken a huge step to enhance your life

      Everybody can harvest great benefit from EFT, but only if the person wants to accept and apply it. :)

    • Nicole Price

      I have actually never heard about EFT, but is sound like it could be effective and simple at the same time, so I think i will try it. Thanks

    • raymond

      Hi Nicole Price,

      Go and give it a try!

    • Dining Room Tables

      I too have never heard of this. Shall do some research and try it out as you suggest. I wonder though whether I really need it!! What do you think Raymond?

    • Maria | Never the Same River Twice

      Raymond, I’ve been using EFT or tapping for about a year. I admit that unlike you I was pretty skeptical at first, but I decided to try it anyway and have had great experiences with it.

      It’s so easy to learn that I recommend it to many people.

    • raymond

      Hi Dining Room Tables,

      In my opinion, everybody needs it regardless of who you are.

      I believe the conversation and the success stories in this comment section has convinced you to try it. :)

      So, just try it. You have nothing to lose. (except for the cost of purchasing the video ;) )

    • raymond

      Hi Maria,

      Thank you for sharing your EFT experience. Good to hear that you have great experience with it. :)

    • Britney

      EFT program is very good to humanity . I was very much impressed with your articles and videos
      Thanks for sharing such knowledgable information .
      your information is greater than wealth

    • raymond

      Hi Britney,

      Thank you. I’m flattered. :)

    • Try It On Everything

      Thanks for the mention! Glad to hear you enjoyed the DVD, and even happier to hear that EFT is helping you improve your life.

    • raymond

      Thanks for creating the DVD. It rocks! :)

    • Mikayla

      WOW…. What a post. Well written, to the point. informative and very interesting. I really enjoy reading every part of it. Thanks for sharing the video its really cool and helped me a lot.

    • raymond

      Hi Mikayla,

      Good to hear that you like it. Thank you for dropping by and I’m looking forward to interact more with you. :)

    • Colleen Lilly

      I learned about eft approx 1 year ago and have most of the DVD’s from Gary Craig. Love the simplicity of EFT and use it almost daily in the car at stop lights!!

    • raymond

      Hi Colleen,

      Practising the EFT in the car at the stop lights or during the traffic jam is fantastic.

      I have never thought of that. Brilliant!!

      (It can reduce the frustration of waiting too) :)

    • Donna | The Healthy Eating Site

      I came across EFT several months ago. It looked interesting and I signed up for a newsletter and got the free report, but I haven’t actually done any yet. I keep hearing about it though. Thanks for sharing the information you have, it’s reminded me again about EFT and I think it’s time I give it a try!

    • raymond

      Hi Donna,

      Just do it! And you’ll begin to see positive changes in you. :)

    • Raleigh Real Estate

      How interesting! I can’t believe I’ve never heard of EFT before.

    • D Jackson

      I’ve read about EFT a few times but never really followed it up. Thanks for the posts, I think I’ll start digging deeper into it.

    • raymond

      Hi Raleigh Real Estate and D Jackson,

      You should give it a try and observe the unbelievable result.

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