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Few days ago, I shared a great post (How To Bake Your Success Cake) with you. I said that the ingredients of success are Mindset and Action. I also shared with you the proportion needed for each ingredient.

Shueqry shared his thought in the comment column. He pointed out the time factor which is persistency. How could I left out such an important factor. Thanks Shueqry for the information.

After writing that article, I was thinking how to give you more. No doubt, I unlocked my secret tool and begin to attract more information to me.

Within a day, I received an awesome email from my mentor, Stephen Pierce. He shared with me a very powerful technique to tune-up my brain. I believe that this information will be useful to all of us and I also believe that the world is filled with abundance.

Stephen and Raymond

Stephen and I

So, I decide not to hide it but to share it with all of you, my loyal readers. Here"s the email:


For millennia we Humans have searched for ways
to improve our lives.

Throughout time this impetus toward growth,
expansion and improvement has been evident
across different and varied cultures.

In fact, our Human curiosity and desire for
expansion may well be the most important and
defining aspect of our species. And… without
this illusive Human drive for “betterment” we’d
all still be sitting on an earthen floor, huddled
around a fire inside a damp cave, shivering from
the cold.

However, given our expansive growth across this
planet it’s evident that we Humans have always
been endowed with a “What if” gene by our Creator?

And yet, despite this overwhelming evidence many
still believe that it’s only some of us – the
inventors, the creators and the “special” among
us – who were given this “what if?”, or success

Not so!

There are far to many stories of people who have
completely turned their lives around, who have
relocated from their own “damp cave”, to go live
up-market in the tree house for this to all to
be coincidental.

You see, even when the light of desire had dimmed
in these “champions”, somehow they were still able
to hold on to their personal dreams, and then (more
so) able to bring back their own fierce burning
flame of desire once again, and (more importantly)
maintain it until they succeeded.

But, here’s the question that needs to be answered.
How did they do that?

How did they succeed, where others gave up?

Well, success always leaves clues.

It was about their “mindset”.

You see, our success is always related to our
“mindset”. It’s always about the way we think, our
beliefs… and how we “frame” our own reality. It’s
all very fair really, “we get what we believe we

And, the way we think is all to do with our beliefs
and our brains.

It’s now quite apparent – for those of us who have
belief – that this “success gene” has been embedded
in us by our Creator. However, we’ve also realised that
it’s our responsibility to maintain the ‘engine’ with
a regular tune up.

And now there’s scientific evidence for the effects
of brain “tune-ups”.

Over the past 50 years, brain researchers have been
studying the effect of brain waves on behaviour.

There are 4 brain wave states: beta, alpha, theta, and
delta. In beta – you are awake and alert. In alpha -
more relaxed and creative. Theta – a deep meditative
state. In delta, you are asleep.

Researchers have pinpointed the mid Beta brainwave
frequencies as the zone to create a super focus mental
state, intellectual endurance, and for creative

Professionals in the areas of psychology, neurology,
medical health and self-help have begun utilizing a new
technique called brainwave entrainment in their work
with patients.

They have discovered altering brainwaves naturally can
allow people to easily enter states of increased
intelligence, creativity, relaxation, pure energy and

You probably realize the brainwaves of a sleeping
person are much different than the brainwaves of an
individual who is wide-awake.

Years of brain research have shown that brainwaves not
only provide insight into an individual’s mind and body,
but they can be induced to actually change that person’s
current state.

By allowing you to select your brain wave state you
can increase or decrease specific types of brainwave
frequencies, it is possible to bring about a large
variety of mental states and emotional reactions.

This process is known as brain wave entrainment.

Okay, so what does this science MEAN to us as individuals?

How can this knowledge of brain states benefit us,
personally? Or, an even better question is, “how can we
tune our brains to induce better, more productive and
life affirming states”?

How can we create that burning fire of desire and focus
until we reach our goals?

Well, it used to be a complicated process (involving
affirmations, visualization, meditation and a raft of
other brain state altering methods). No more, all you
need is a brain “tune-up” technology like the Attraction

Don’t think again without it.

God Bless YOU and YOURS,
Stephen Pierce

—The End— east of eden online

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I know you are already tired of reading. So, I"ll share more with you in the next post, which is tomorrow. Don"t miss out the meat. :)

Meantime, please share with us what you think. It’s simple, just click on the comment link and share.

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    • iza

      hi….just found ur time tahula mana nak cari opinions n suggestions…

    • shueqry

      Hi Raymond, how r u? Shueqry here..

      good tips from you :)

      I’ve read the post more than 2 times to understand more. Mind is the gate to the soul, when we control our mind, we can control our soul (mental state) and our body (physical state). It is a connection between mind-body-soul.

      To create external change, we must first create it internally. What Stephen Pierce says is true ..

      thanks Raymond, i’m happy reading this !

      - shueqry -

    • raymond

      Hi Iza, I’m glad that I have finally “attract” you to my blog. I hope this blog will provide you with endless resources of suggestion and opinions. :)

    • raymond

      Hey Shueqry,

      Glad to see you on time. You are so eager to learn young man :) I can’t believe you read it twice just to get the most out of it.

      Come back tomorrow for much much more…

      You are right, Stephen Pierce is known as an OptiMINDzation’s wizard. Look inside his multi-billion dollar head and you’ll know. :)

    • zaki blogjer

      this post is kinda hard to be digested for technical person like me. Read it once, I do agree with shuqery, need times to understand it. Continue tomorrow

    • Kulwinder

      Nice posts, Raymond!


    • raymond

      :P Zaki, take your time. This may be one of the most important knowledge you have ever learnt.

      Perhaps break it into few sections may help.

      That’s why I don’t like to blog for long post. As you can see, I usually break by post into a few parts.

      I don’t like to read long blogs too :P

      But this one I have no choice. I don’t want to break the email :)

      Attract it and you’ll understand it. :P

    • raymond

      Hi Kulwinder,

      Haven’t see you for a while since our last meeting with Stephen. How are you?

      Are you going to Texas this August?

      Have a nice day! :P

    • shueqry

      hehe .. short post?

      i’m cosidering it too, to make readers read easily, understand easily..

      let the ‘flow’ runs down freely.

      - Shueqry -

    • raymond


      You have a great blog. Even though some of your blog posts are long, but they are still easy to read and understand.

      What a great skill you have. :P

    • linncomel


      I just remember this morning, Yesterday you told me about this secret.
      Anyway thanks, for this sharing info. Huhu, thinking to buy, Really attract me to get it

    • raymond


      Thank you for coming. Yes! I attract you. Because I have the Attraction Accelerator to magnetize my blog. :P

      After you have get your copy of Attraction Accelerator, remember to send me emails to share your success stories with me.

      I love success stories because it draws in plenty of positive energy.

      This post will relate to the next 2 posts. So stay tune. Stephen wants to talk to you this Saturday evening.

      So remember to come here again. If you subscribe to my list, you will get a reminder from me.

      I already have a few success stories in hand. :P

      I’m so happy that I have helped them to achieve their goals as well as mine. :P

      Perhaps you are the next one. :)

    • Palm Coast

      Hey, thanks for sharing that, definitely something to think about. Quite motivational too. I’ll check back for your follow-up post.

    • raymond

      Hey Palm Coast,

      Thank you for dropping by. I’m glad that you take the initiative to come back.

      I would like you to meet Stephen here on this coming Saturday. :)

      I’m sure you’ll like him. He is like a power station. You’ll get a lot of energy from him. :P

      See ya.

    • zaki blogjer

      reading 2nd time during my time off.

    • raymond

      Great Zaki,

      You can read it as many times as you want :P

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    • Liara Covert

      Tis is an uplifting post. It reminds us we all have incredible untapped potential. A positive attitude and mindset, as well as self-directed learning will get each of us moving ahead in our own ways.

    • raymond

      Hi Liara,

      Indeed we have massive untapped potential. Perhaps more than the amount scientists can ever imagine.

      Who knows?

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    • Kulwinder

      Hey Raymond,
      Yeah, we had good fun didn’t we? Nope, no going Texas, maybe next time.


    • raymond

      Hi Kulwinder,

      We did have a great time especially the warm dinner with some of the Protege members.

      Not to forget the discussion we had in the MRT too. :P

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