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Welcome back, folks. watch barbie mariposa and her butterfly fairy friends in divx

Yesterday, we talked about mind power and how I was being hypnotized while I was sleeping. download santa clause 3 the escape clause the dvd

If you missed yesterday"s post, click here to read it first.

As promised, I"ll let you see the connection on what it has to do with the Law of Attraction

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When you are asleep, your mind doesn"t rest. Our mind is working 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and 365.25 days a year for each and every year.

You find it hard to attract your goals or dreams because you are attracting it in the wrong brainwave.

Metaphorically speaking, it is like trying to control your television with your sound system remote control. You won"t get the result you want unless you are using the right remote control.

The same thing goes to our mind. When you are trying to attract something with the Law of Attraction and you are using the wrong brainwave (remote control), chances are, you"ll be disappointed.

Since disappointment is a negative feeling, it will lead you to more of the negative situations and circumstances, which are something you don"t want.

So, What"s the Correct Brainwave download day of the locust the dvd

Basically, there are 4 types of brainwave, beta, alpha, theta and delta. Sounds like the name of radioactive radiations? Well, they are not. :) download gundam wing endless waltz dvdrip

When you are in the fully conscious state, you are emitting beta brainwave (14-30 Hz) and that state is very unlikely to help you to attract what you want.

In order to fully use the power of the Law of Attraction, you need to be in alpha state (7-14 Hz). It"s like a semi-conscious state. One of the examples of being in alpha state is when you are daydreaming.

This is the state where you get inspiration, hunches, ideas, sixth sense and creative ideas just to name a few. When you send out this alpha wave asking for what you want, it will attract ideas, inspiration or situation to answer what you asked for.

Let"s say, if you want to make more money, and you send out the intention at alpha state, the alpha brainwave will attract ideas, inspiration and everything that you need to make more money.

Most people use the Law of Attraction in the wrong way because they are using the beta wave instead of the alpha wave. They are using the wrong remote control!

That is why the process of visualization is so important because deep visualization puts you into alpha state.

Far to my knowledge, the attraction accelerator audio is a great tool to put you in alpha state. If you visualize your goals without going into alpha state, you are like shooting in the dark.

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See you in the next post ;)

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    • Rose

      Hi Raymond,
      Thanks so much for this post it made my understanding much much better. Before LOA I only knew the brainwaves. As you knowI’m more to biology yours more to Quantum Physic here some sharing as everything is connected that science all about.
      Right this very moment, as you think and read these sentences, your brain is sending out eletrical impulses through its network of neurons and synapses. These electrical impulses can be measured by a device called an electroencephalograph(EEG), and seen on a monitor as brain wave patterns. For this I got a chance to see how it done on children with all the wire on their head it just one of my CD project.
      The speed of the eletrical impulses moving through your brain cells is called frequency, and is measured in hertz or cycles per second.
      The important thing to note is that the frequency of your brain waves determines your state of mind and how you react to the situation around you.
      No wondered it didn’t work I’ve attracted the wrong brain waves as to make it works for LOA.
      Amazing just being in the Alpha state we can acomplish many new ideas. Just like the one I’ve noticed while strolling your page blog. I thought it was a comeback from one of your readers but turned out to be me creative indeed. My right brain smiling seeing Rose in blue now.
      I agree the important process of vizualization in slowing down the brain pattern no wondered I’ve seen some people are always so calm and collected even when the situation around them is upside-down and chaotic? Okay, Raymond it’s getting too long it’s just never come to an end when talk about subcon mind. My favourite subject indeed which concern the LOA, brain waves, critical factor and many more that yet to master. Thanks again for today post.

    • raymond

      Hi Rose,

      What a great length of sharing. Thank you so much.

      Talking about synapse, it makes the flow of the impulse so much faster. Imagine how the electrical impulses jump from one end of the neurons to the other through the small space called synapse.

      I was thinking how slow would our response be without the synapse.

      EEG is indeed an essential tool to study the pattern of the brainwave. I am thankful to the invention of this tool as we can’t see the brainwave through our naked eyes.

      Even if we can see it, that will be too fast for us to count the frequency. :)

      I’m happy that you learn something from this post. ;)

      Thank you for coming and sharing.

      See you in the next post.

    • Rose

      Hi Raymond,
      Now, it makes me realised that you do know so much seldom see you interact about cell. I know but not much.
      Hey, what do you mean “I was thinking how slow would our response be without the synapse”. How can it be without synapse? These synapses are the message transmission centers of the neurons’ business-the way cells talk to each other. Sorry to trouble you with this question just curious has yet to know more and explore. Thanks again.

    • raymond

      Hi Rose,

      I seldom talk about cell because it’s less related to the LOA.

      I can talked about chemical too if it’s related. ;)

      To answer your question:

      The postsynaptic potential in electrical synapses is not caused by the opening of ion channels by chemical transmitters, but by direct electrical coupling between both neurons. Electrical synapses are therefore faster and more reliable than chemical synapses. Electrical synapses are found throughout the nervous system, yet are less common than chemical synapses.

      I know that this explanation is not enough as it may take 10 pages of writing and a few diagram to explain the whole concept.

      Since you are more to biology, I believe that this short explanation can help to answer your question.

      Thanks again for the question. :)

    • Rose

      Hi Raymond,
      Thank you so much for the answer I’ve discovered more on chemical synapses than electrical synapses that need water and fuel as supplements.
      I’ve read your post time to time you mentioned nutrition eating good healthy food. My mind just thinking how these influence thought and behaviour on the acivity of neurotransmitter systems.(only 50 have been identified though there are actually 100 of them)
      Okay then won’t go further, thank you so much for responding to my question. Thanks.

    • raymond

      Hi Rose,

      Sure it has to do with food as neurotransmitters are made of protein, mainly amino acids.

      All right, I won’t go further too. Else this will become a biology forum. ;)

      Thank you for sharing your thoughts and knowledge.

    • Rose

      Hello Raymond,
      I would like to thank you from your answer given make me refer chapter concerning the Electrical synapses I didn’t go in details before just finished reading now understood why it is so part of it got to do with water, oxygen, nutrition, sodium, potassium, nervous system,+ and – ions, spinal cord and many more which I have neglected in knowing their differences. Thank you so much from your given answer I managed to dig more.
      Okay, finally we closed this chapter of biology.
      Will comments on other post soon regard contract expired it got to do with my computer ugrading. Will try other channel in corresponding to all your comment. Just hope my laptop not troubling me again. Will be seeing you much later as I will be away. Thanks for replying to all my comments.

    • raymond

      Hi Rose,

      You are very welcome. ;)

    • http://LawofAttractionRSSFeed Desmond Jones

      Everyday I learn something new about using my mind and thoughts in ways that I’ve never imagined. I’m new to this and I must say it feels great to receive help in the areas that create dramatic life changes. Thank you. Please send me the ebook Mind Surge. I would love more materials to help. Thanks

    • raymond

      Hi Desmond,

      It’s great to see you here. :)

      I send out the book to my list within this month. I’ll try to finish it as soon as possible.

      Thank you for your patience. ;)

    • Anthony

      There is so much more going on in the realm of the invisible than there is in the visible realm. There are more “things” in the antimatter world than in this physical world of matter than we can perceive. God has given us the ability to operate in this realm or kingdom.

      There are things in God and in this world that we know not of. There are limitations set by humanity that must be unveiled in order to progress in all aspects of your life. Everything that is created in this physical kingdom was first existing or made in the spiritual realm.

      The Matrix. Have you seen it? Your life and the world you live in is much more like the matrix than you imagine (no pun intended!) What if this earth, the people on it, the events that we perceive to be real, and even our feelings were nothing more than an immense hologram? If everything that is, was, and is to be; and if God knew you before the foundations of time itself, could that indicate that you were created before you were here?\

      Words are energy and energy effects matter. Your words you speak every day is shaping and forming and effecting the matter around you. By the end of this book, you will affect the matter around you just as intense as a microwave effects water; energy affecting matter.

      Did you know that there is a way that you can position yourself to prosper in every area of your life? How would you like to create your own future? What if I told you that you can turn to a new blank page of your life, and write the story as you desire it to happen?

      Your future is not something you sit around and wait for, it"s something you MAKE HAPPEN.

      It is time for you to UNLEASH YOUR VISION!

      The information contained in the book UNLEASH YOUR VISION by Anthony Reinglas is the Masters key to unleash the vision and destiny within you. You cannot change the past, but there is power in knowing that you can create the future, the way you desire it to be.

      You can! In this book, UNLEASH YOUR VISION by Anthony Reinglas, I will take you through, step-by-step from the desire to the manifestation of your expected results. And it is easier than you think.

      For more information, check out the website at:

    • raymond

      Hi Anthony,

      Your comment interest me.

      Our universe is really huge and full of resources. Take for example, the amount of energy released during the annihilation process of positron and electron or between proton and antiproton.

      I do agree with you especially when it comes to the mind and matter.

      We can create literally anything out of our powerful mind.

      Thank you for coming and sharing. :)

    • Dik Mal

      Such a good article. Well Raymond as usual I love your writing :) I wish I could have Mind Surge free ebook.. can i :D

    • raymond

      Hi Dik Mal,

      I’m happy to hear that you love my writing.

      I’m working on the download page.

      Once it is done, I’ll blast it to my list.

      So, if you are one of my subscribers, you will get it soon.

      Subscribe now if you have not. :)

    • Neelima

      Please email me the download link to access to a great ebook called Mind Surge – The Consciousness Revolution within this month.
      Thank you Raymond.

    • Neelima

      Hi Raymond,

      Thank you, I am learning a lot from your posted information.
      I have a question. I understand that using alpha brainwave (visulaization) is better than beta brainwave to get better results. What happens when we are asleep? Should we see the dreams that match to what we visualized? I don’t see the same dreams that I have been visualizing. Please explain why?
      Also what are delta and theta waves and how do we utilize those?
      I would really appreciate your response in this matter.


    • raymond

      Hi Neelima,

      When we are asleep, what we will dream is very likely the last thing that’s in our mind right before we sleep.

      You need certain technique to program your dream.

      You can learn more about the dream programming in “Lucid Dream”. That’s the term where you can have the control of what you want to dream and most important of all, remember it.

      I will reveal this in the coming Subjective Communication book which I’ll give it for free to all my subscribers.

      So, stay tune and watch your emails from ME. :)

      Delta and theta waves are the much lower frequency wave compare to alpha.

      You can reach delta when you fall asleep.

      Theta is usually reached from deep meditation.

      You can reach delta or theta and stay conscious at the same time. But that will need a lot of practice and meditation. ;)

      Thank you for your question. I hope I have answered all your questions.

      Thank you for your comment too. :)

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