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Previously I have laid out the method on how to visualize from your sense of sight. Besides, I also pointed out the most common mistake in the process of visualization.

If you haven"t read them, here"re the links:

Sight Visualization

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The most common mistake

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Ok folks, as promised, today we are going to use the same example which is to visualize your dream home.

One of the readers here actually emailed me and asked why I use dream house as an example and not dream cars or others.

The reason is, a home is basic need of every one of us while car or other material possessions are not.

How about other needs such as food, water and air?

Well, by saying that home is a basic need of human beings, I did not mean that it is the only thing that we need to survive. I can"t give all the examples, you see.

Let"s get back to the topic for today which is visualizing anger management divx movie online your dream house through your sense of hearing.

When you visualize your dream house, listen to the sounds around your house with your mind"s ear.

Perhaps you can listen to the chirping sound of the birds on the tree in front of your house. Feel the relaxation. How about adding some sound made by flowing water in the small pond beside your house? Perfect!

Visualizing is just like cooking. You can always be creative to add more suitable ingredients to make it tastier.

Do you like the sound of children playing happily download outsiders the free , the laughter, the beautiful sound made by the wind across the trees, the harmony conversation between you and your neighbor too? If you like it, just add them in your picture.

Add in whatever sound you want and block those you don"t want. If you are a classical music lover, you may see yourself resting in an armchair listening to Beethoven"s Moonlight Sonata or Mozart"s plays.

Remember, you create your own life. You are the designer. You are the creator of your own future.

If you do this exercise (And the previous exercise), you should have a clear picture and sound in your mind. I another words, you should have a video clip in your mind by now.

When you visualize, you materialize it by applying the Law of Attraction.

Try it and let me know your results by putting some comments here.

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Speak soon

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    • Rose

      Hi Raymond,
      Another good post about visualising I like it. I agree about dream house once there are argumentative issues about this, it being said that home is the first investment beside car or others as it won’t last much unless you maintain the property well.
      Visualizing is just like cooking I never thought of that adding all the spices can I say that, wow! classical music lover with Beethoven"s Moonlight Sonata or Mozart"s plays how sweet.
      I once have so many dreams but it didn’t materialize coz lack of proper planning my fault you can say that.
      I agree with you just like a director directing movies play what to have had for film cinema. Correct me if I’m wrong. Next is to take action, planning, strategies etc the biggest challenge ones need to work on it. Okay, thanks for this good post.

    • raymond

      Hi Rose,

      This is a good chance for us to learn how to be a good director. Who knows, one day you can be better than Steven Spielberg ;)

    • Rose

      Hi Raymond,
      Wow! of all directors Steven Spielberg that’s beyond imagination but who knows. I like his production creative indeed is he. Perhaps you too can be better than him, why not.

    • raymond

      Hey Rose,

      Why not? If I focus consistent enough ;)

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