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Volunteer VS Victim

October 6, 2009 | 19 Comments

Last week was a great week. In fact, every week in my life is a great week. Last Tuesday, I went to Tony Robbins’ Unleash the Power within Graduation Night and had a great opportunity to know more attendees, do some networking and most importantly sharing and exchanging knowledge.

It is a very productive time spent and all I can say is, I had been attracting all these events some time ago and when it happens, it’s like déjà vu. It’s like magic.

The Law of Attraction works and always working. The law of nature is beautiful.

Most of the people I met are very successful people and I take this great opportunity to study those successful people and see what they have in common and that’s what I’m going to share with you in this article today!

I know anyone can read this from a book like Think and Grow Rich but reading about someone and meeting someone gives me 2 different experiences. Seeing is believing. By meeting those successful people in person, I have the opportunity to chat, share and dine with them.

From my observation, successful people do things voluntarily. They are what I call “Volunteers”. They do it because they want to, not because they have to. Isn’t that important to the happiness and the joy of your life?

They develop their career because they want to and they have lots of passion in it. They commit in their relationship and family because they want to. They come out to network with and make new friends because they want to not because they have to “entertain” them.

Successful people do things because they want to. Let me give you an example of a friend whom I met in the graduation night. He is already financially free and he is an environmentalist. He has the strong passion to protect the mother earth.

He does it not because of money. He does it not because somebody asks or forces him to do it. He does it because he wants to do it. He is a volunteer.

Victim, on the other hand, is directly opposite to the volunteer, A victim does things because they have to. Not because they want to.

Victim blames people when things go wrong. Victim complains about almost everything in his life. Victim does not have what it takes to be successful. I do not have any example of victim to show you. I have either avoided or kicked them off my life.

I only attract what I want with the Law of Attraction.

What about you?

Are you a volunteer too? Or are you a victim?

If you are a victim, do you want to take the next step to be a volunteer? Does this article help you to change your mind or life? Come on! Share your thought with me. :)

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    • Mind Movies

      Tony Robbins is so inspirational. I bet it was an amazing night.

    • Property Investors

      Volunteers are those people who helps us in the critical time and Victims are those who need help in their critical situation!

      • raymond

        Hi Andrew,

        Thank you for sharing.

    • Angel

      This time I did not include both, not a victim nor a volunteer. but one day I would have experienced. thanks for sharing.

    • Alex

      You write this article with a very good, capable of changing minds and my lives.Because become a volunteer task noble.Thank you for sharing your love.

      • raymond

        Hi Alex,

        Thank you.

    • Costa del sol wedding

      Being victimised is terrible and if you suffer it you know how bad it can be. However, having a victim mentality is also dangerous, it stops you from taking responsibility for your own life.

    • Edinburgh b&b

      These events are great places to network for sure, glad I’m not the only one who thinks that. Networking is a great way to help someone as well as be helped with a solution to a problem.

    • flowers

      Whom do you call victims? The victims are starving people in Zimbabwe, but not these people, if you think that you are victim try to think about other people, who feel much worse than you

      • raymond

        Hi Calibri,

        Looks like we both have different definition on victim.

    • Bratwurst Recipes

      This is really a great article, I really enjoyed! Thanks for sharing.
      I always want to go in one of Tony Robbins’ show. He is so inspirational.
      I totally agree with you that successful people do things because they want to. They do think positive and bring positive energy to their lives
      The victim people suffer a lot and they really need help. They do attract negative energy to their lives and, nothing seams to work for them

      • raymond

        You’ve got it! :)

    • las vegas deals

      “Last week was a great week. In fact, every week in my life is a great week.” I read this line first time in my life.You are a very great person buddy.

    • Lumineers Cost

      When you find a niche you are passionate about, you are bound to succeed. People who do things because they feel bound by some sort of obligation will never excel in the area in question. They will do lousy work. When you have an activity to look forward to, you will give it your best and will reap rewards.

    • PSP Go

      People who you term as vounteers are generally people that are very generous souls as well as hving a sense of personal responsibility. If you are a victim then you blame others for your misfortune and by not taking that responsibility you are saying that you are not in control of your own life. If you think like that then you are unlikely to make your own success in life.

    • Jami

      This reminds me of Steven Covey’s teaching about not being reactive (like a victim). I really like the metaphors you use.

      I always get a boost when i am around people that are more successful than me. I encourages me to work hard and play at their level

      • raymond

        Thank you Jami.

    • harley rental miami

      I agree that mostly successful people do voluntarism and I’m not surprised with that. People with stable financial situation can afford to spend some time helping others. But doing that when you are at risk of losing money, home etc – that is something worth mentioning.

      • raymond


        You can always come out with something that can give you both sides of the world. :-)

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