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Today is the third day we talked about Stephen Pierce and his Powerful Visualization tool. Just in case you have not read the first download windcroft and the second part, I would suggest you to read it NOW!

Look, I don"t want you to miss a thing because even the tiniest thing in these posts may change your life. You"ll never know.

If you have gone to Stephen’s web page

prize the divx

yesterday, you should know by now that he was not from a rich family or from a good family background. Right! He was not born with a silver spoon.

In fact, he was once kicked out from his high school, filed bankruptcy twice, evicted from his apartment, homeless and got shoot at his leg (and the bullet is still there till today) … etc.

I"m not here to talk or laugh at his failure. My point is, “What makes him so successful today?” If you go to his website, you"ll know why I say he is successful. The proves are there. This is not the ordinary successes you read from your daily newspaper and that is just a portion of it. I have watched him made USD$500,000 in 30 minutes in front of my own eyes!

Yes! That is half a million dollar in half an hour! It"s a jaw-dropping experience. I was blown away.

He is known as a business optimizer or an optimization wizard (but I never see him flying on a broom). He shares stages with world class speakers like Anthony Robbins and T.Harv Eker, doing an interview with Bob Proctor (a very well-known philosopher), he is one of the top internet marketers and etc.

He must have known something we don"t. I was curious about the secret behind his successes. How can he turn his life around from negative infinity to positive infinity? Don"t you want to know it too?

I"ll let Stephen Pierce himself to speak about the secret behind his success. Let"s welcome STEPHEN PIERCE …… (Applause! Applause!)

As I"ve said yesterday, success is not hard. It"s following the correct way that is hard for most people. Most people prefer to use their own unproven way instead of following the proven to be successful method. There is no need to re-invent the wheel.

I have chosen to follow the road to success (that was after I saw him making half a million in half an hour in a right healthy legal way) and I hope you have made your right choice too. In case you miss the link, here it is again:

passengers free download secret garden the movie

To those who have grabbed your Attraction Accelerator, Congratulation! And please feel free to write to me. I would love to hear your success stories. If you permit, I would like to blog about it too.

Till we meet again tomorrow. Thank you guys.


P.S. Important link from the video above: what just happened dvd download

Stephen"s new house in Whitney, Texas:

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