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In today’s post, want to share with you a great way (at least for me) to reduce, relief and eliminate your stress in your life and also to enhance your life with a little and simple effort

Now, watch this and tell me what you think.

Do you know that stress weakens the power of the Law of Attraction and is also the root of most chronic diseases?

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    • fwostib45

      Thank’s for your video.

    • raymond

      You’re welcome. :)

    • Olivia

      Yes, stress negatively affects our whole body. We’ll help yourself if you look at the situation with the optimistic attitude.

    • raymond

      Hi Olivia,

      That’s right. Most people underestimate the destructive power of stress.

    • khaled

      Great video, not too sure how much of a stress relief it would be having a hug from a complete stranger, but the idea is a good one. What are the signatures for at the end of the video it doesn’t mention?

    • raymond

      Hi Khaled,

      I tried that before (without the sign board and not at the street) and it releases so much stress and it’s fun too.

      I assume that you are referring to my signature at the end of the blog post. That’s to let my readers know that the blog post is posted by me. :)

    • Roofing Contractor FL

      Interesting video. I like it. I bookmark this video.

    • raymond


    • Carpet Tampa

      Stress badly hit our mind and body health, tremendous video you got here, stumbled..

    • raymond

      Thanks for the thumb up, Carpet Tampa. :)

    • Used Tires

      Very cool video, I thought there were some funny moments, and then there were also some close to teary eyed moments for sure!

      Till then,


    • raymond

      Hi Jean,

      I’m thinking of doing that too. I need a camera man. :D

    • Kris – Backlinks

      Its a cute video but with today’s concern about Swine Flu this just doesn’t have the same effect.

    • raymond

      Hi Kris,

      Maybe you’re right. :)

    • xhamster

      Interesting video. I like it. I bookmark this video.

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