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A couple of days ago, we have discussed about why like doesn’t attracts like

(at least not in all cases) and I believe that it has answered one of the frequently ask questions in most people’s mind.

(Whenever I try to “preach” people about the Law of Attraction xxx state of the union download free , most response I get back is, “but … magnet attracts the opposite”)

Today, there won’t be any article about the Law of Attraction because today is a magic day and I want to share with you a video about a “little” magic show/performance in a supermarket.

Here it is …

Amazing! I don’t know how he did that. Any magician here? Perhaps you can share the little secret with us on what’s going on from behind the scene. :)

Well, that’s the show for today and I hope that all of us can live in our magical lives with by using the Law of Attraction

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    • Attraction Guy

      I was very surprised about the magic. I just shared with my mom. She got shocked as well. I think the orange was prepared before the show. Most magic are like that.

    • Dining Room Tables

      This is called the sleight of hand. The magician will always wear a loose sleeved upper garment and the stuff that he wants to produce will be hidden above the elbow and brought out at need.

    • raymond

      Hi Attraction Guy,

      That could be one of the possibilities but I wonder how he prepared that?

      He let the boy examined the orange and everything seems fine.

    • raymond

      Hi Dining Room Tables,

      That’s very impressive as he can do it without us knowing it even we watch it at close distance.

      What a skill?

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