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What Do You Focus On

September 9, 2007 | 5 Comments

Hi folks. Here"s an old question for you.

Do you have a dream?

If you do, what is your dream?

Don"t email me, just answer it to yourself and notice how long it takes for you to answer the simple yet powerful question.

The faster you can answer the question, the closer you are to the dream. The more important the dream mean to you. The clearer you can see the dream.

How often do you focus on your dreams or goals?

I have just done a survey today. I have interviewed some of my friends, neighbors, students and some workers in my friends’ company.

In the survey, I ask them about their goals and how often they focus on their goal.

Here are the results:

Only 30% of them have goals and

Less than 10% out of those who have goals are actually focusing on their goals.

The results do not surprise me at all.


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I used not to have a goal. Then, when I had my goals, I never really seemed to focus on them. So, the results of the survey are understandable.

Here is one of the main reasons.

They do not see and feel their goals everyday the same way as they did as they first want it.

Let"s take this for an example:

Have you ever seen a kid crying and screaming so loudly that everybody in the whole toy department can hear it just because they want the toy so badly and their parents did not want to buy it for them?

Perhaps you were the kid. I have to shamefully admit that I used to be like that when I was a kid.

So, what do you think the adults a.k.a. the parents will do?

For those who have a lot of patience, they may try to distract the kids away from the toy department by making certain promises or “bribe” them with something else such as buying an ice-cream for them or buying other cheaper stuffs for them instead.

Once they get the kid away from there, the problem solved (hopefully) because when they (the kids divx life of brian free last house on the left the movie download ) don"t see it, they don"t remember of it and they will totally forget about it.

In another words, they have lost the focus of their goals. Once that happens, the toy will be no longer in their “I Want” list.

Well, that"s for kids. How about for an adult?

Stay tune for my next post tomorrow.

Speak soon.

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    • James – Visualized.Feel.Abundance

      Hey Raymond,

      Nice way to describe the effects of focus. I agree that when you lose focus, chances are good that you will miss your goal :)


    • raymond

      HI James, you are right.

      It is like you are aiming the tip of your arrow at your target and then when you are about the let go the arrow to your target, somebody calls you, and you turn your head away meanwhile let go your arrow.

      Chances are you are going to shoot something else or worse, you shoot your best friend, your family members or bee hives.

      That’s the danger of losing our focus.

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