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Energy flows where attention goes. I’m sure you have heard this many times but today I’m not going to rant about mind power download bedknobs and broomsticks

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and stuffs like that. What’s I’m going to show you today is the power of controlled energy in our body.

Chinese martial arts

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apply a lot of this concept to make their body as hard as steel and able to do a lot of unbelievable things.

Having the power over control to redirect the energy within our body gives us the great advantage to protect ourselves from harm and danger.

Here’s a short video to share with you in conjunction with the Chinese New Year celebration.

If human being can do such amazing things by redirecting the energy within our body properly, guess what we can achieve by applying the Law of Attraction correctly (redirecting the energy of our mind) in our lives.

Can you see the huge possibilities? Let’s share. liar liar dvd download

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    • Dining Room Tables

      Absolutely, Raymond. Man can achieve whatever he sets his mind to physically and spiritually. I entirely agree that he can attract a great deal with proper training and willingness to learn.

    • raymond

      Hi Dining Room Tables,

      The world is full of possibilities. The so-called magical things always happen. :)

    • Rose

      Hi Raymond,
      Thanks for sharing, watching it reminded me of the many Kung Fu movies I’ve seen, does this got to do with “chakras” means “vortex of energy”. Many martial arts traditions only work with one energy center, the hara. The frequency and quality of the energy flowing from each chakra is different. I believe we can command the mind not to feel pain. May be this is how we can apply the LOA it’s possible. I’ve seen a pose reminiscent of a rampant tiger and those high kicks. This got to do with Physic too am I right. Thanks again.

    • raymond

      Hi Rose,

      This definitely has to do with chakras, NLP, LOA and Physics.

      It’s a combination of all. :)

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