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As I was sitting here in this beautiful morning, I am thinking to myself, “What am I going to share on my blog, today?”

It is not that I have nothing to write but I have too much things in my head to share with you. The ideas clog my mind.

Then out of the sudden, I remembered that I haven"t finished with the tips to eliminate stress. I have only shared 3 tips with you so far.

I you missed those tips (quite long ago), you can access them here:

Stress the Silent Killer

A Simple Yet Powerful Tip To Reduce Your Stress

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And the bonus tip

Does Your Computer Stressed You Up – From the perspective of the Law of Attraction

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Today, we"ll go to tip #4 beethoven s big break dvdrip which is Regular Eating.

Regular eating is very important to your health and your life. It simply means that you take your meal on time. Never ever skip the meal because when you skip your meal, your intake of the nutrient will be “disturbed”.

This is one of the reasons that cause stress. When you do not eat regularly, your body will put you in bad mood and eventually caused stress.

When you feel stress, you are very likely to emit negative energies to your surrounding. Like attracts like. According to the Law of Attraction, when you give out the negative energies, you WILL attract negative results and circumstances.

It may cause damage in the relationship between, you and your friends, family or relatives and that will caused you more stress. This will continue like the chain reaction.

That"s how the Law of Attraction is all about. The more you attract, the more you get. So be very careful of your thought.

By taking a simple action such as eating regularly, you can make drastic changes in your life.

May you be in the great state of health.

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    • James – Creator Of The Ladder Of Dreams

      Hey Raymond,

      Very true! But it varies from one person to another. Karen will be stressed when she does not have food but my little Stella seems not to be affected by the lack of food. :)


    • raymond

      Hey James,

      It true that the effect of lacking of regular eating varies from one person to another.

      But those who stress are likely to have irregular eating habit. :)

      Thanks for your insights. I haven’t met Karen personally. Maybe, one day. ;)

    • James – Creator Of The Ladder Of Dreams

      Hey Raymond,

      That’s possibly true too (the lack of regular meals), though I do not have much experience with that. I eat on time, mostly :P

      You’ll definitely have a chance to meet her :D


    • raymond

      Hi James,

      I have my meals regularly too. :)

      Please send my “Hi” to Karen. :)

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