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Hey guys and gals,

Did you enjoy the amazing video I posted yesterday? I"m sure you do. If you don"t, let me know and we"ll have a conversation.

Just Kidding.

Well, today I want to share with you what I have learned from the video.

Lesson #1

Do not judge the book by its cover

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. Paul Potts doesn"t look like a singer or a person who can sing very well to the judges at first. Look at the expression of the audience. They didn"t put much hope on his audition. Everybody thought that it is going to be a disaster and a torture to their ears.

But when he started to sing, the amazement spread and filled the auditorium. The expression and the attitude of those judges changed almost immediately.

That"s right! Paul"s performance dropped their jaws. Okay, that"s just a metaphor. Their jaws still stick in their mouth. :)

So, in the future, never judge a person by their physical appearance. It has nothing to do with ones capability and talents. A guy wearing torn clothes walking by the roadside could be a CEO of a multimillion dollar company.

I am always aware of this because when I was young, I have been exposed to such situation very frequently as my father is a businessman himself.

One of the examples is a friend of my father. He was an old man and in his 70s. His “uniform” was a torn singlet, a baggy short pants and a pair of old slippers. He only lives in a simple double storey house and he didn"t know how to drive a car.

Later, I learned from my father that he was a multimillionaire and his son is also a self-made multimillionaire. His son began his career as an assistant who do anything anybody asked him to, and today he is a well-known developer in the state. I was really really amazed.

So, bear in mind not to judge a person by his/her external appearance.

Lesson #2

Be confident and believe in yourself! Paul is always confident of himself no matter how others look or think about him. It doesn"t shake his confident at all. He has the strong rare faith murder party movie download . Yes! In order to success, you have to believe in yourself. Still remember the 3 most important steps in manifesting the Law of Attraction? Correct! It"s Ask, Believe and Receive.

However a lot of people apply the following step:

Ask > Doubt > Do not receive the result they desire.

Or in the Law of Attraction language:

Ask > Believe in Failure > Receive the failure tideland free download download killer nurse .

Believe alone is not enough. We must also believe in the right thing. Paul ask for his success, believe in his success and that what he get in the end. Success!

Believe in something that seems to be impossible is a precious skill. If you get the right mentor, you"ll make it. Anthony Robbins can even make you believe that the burning coals are cold. Do you think he is the right coach you want to look for? You better believe he can do that.

He is going to hold an Unleash The Power Within Seminar in November, which is next month. It"s always good to enroll now before the ticket sold out!

See Tony Robbins LIVE In Atlanta! November 2-5, 2007 Enroll Now!

Good luck!

I"ll share lesson #3 with you tomorrow. Stay tune

Raymond Chua signature

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    • SK WONG

      Hi Raymond,

      The law of Attraction or rather The Secret missed out one thing “ACTION” Ask Believe ACT and Rreceive. If Paul did not appear on the show, no matter how much he believe, he won’t receive, positive or negative, either way. The law of attraction started to fall on me, I keep receiving opposing view on “The Secret” , not the ‘Law of Attraction” Read this post here and read the article link inside the post, interesting article.


      p/s: I enjoy reading your post on LOA, it keep remind me that I have to FOCUS!

    • Joel Robinson

      That’s something interesting, Don’t judge the book by it’s cover!

    • Marta

      Hi SK,

      I agree with you with the ACTION part in the law of attraction.

    • Pingback: Law of Attraction : Law of Attraction

    • raymond

      Hi SK Wong and Marta,

      Thank you for sharing the link. That is a very interesting controversy. :)

      Let’s get back to the Law of Attraction for a moment.

      When you believe in something with a very strong faith, the universe will rearrange itself to put everything in the perfect order to you, (i.e. Paul appear on the show, in this case)

      To make the Law of Attraction works, we need to focus on the end result only. With the strong faith, the universe will arrange the perfect journey for you.

      If you watch the secret carefully enough, they are actually talking about taking action. It is just that they didn’t stress that hard enough.

      Stop doubt about and it will help you to distract the opposing view. ;)

      Perhaps this video can help you to wash away the doubt ;)

      Thank you again for sharing it here. That’s what I want. :)

      This blog keeps me focus and stay motivated too. What you give is what you get. How true us that? :P

    • raymond

      Hi Joel,

      I’m glad that you like that. :)

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