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I had a reader who requested me to elaborate more about the subject of hypnosis and how we can tap onto the power of hypnosis in the process of manifestation.

So, this morning, I was thinking if I should just summarize everything in one article or create a series of articles to give you a clearer picture on the subject of hypnosis.

Finally, I decided to create a series of articles about this subject because I think it is important for you to know and understand it inside out. It also certainly helps you to apply the Law of Attraction in your life.

Let’s move on to the most basic question. What is hypnosis?

Hypnosis is a state wherein a person is in a trance, relaxation and high imagination state.

Hypnosis is not a state where you fall asleep. It is a condition where you are still conscious and are open to suggestions.

A hypnotized person is “lost” in the moment. It is like his mind has entered into the imaginary world. It’s just like daydreaming where you are still conscious, with intense imaginary power but less aware of your surroundings.

Are you aware that you are hypnotizing yourself daily and you do it several times a day?

When? You may ask.

When you are watching exciting movies, when you are playing computer games, when you are too immersed into the story you read in a book, you are hypnotized.

When you are too into something, such as watching television, you seem to have entered the other world in the story (hypnotized). In this moment, you feel the sensation, the fear, the excitement, the anxiety, the happiness, the inspiration, the misery, the pain and the joy of the actors and actresses.

Unknowingly, you have been hypnotized.

Hypnotization can make or destroy you depends on how you use it (I’ll elaborate more on this in the coming articles).

A hypnotist can hypnotize you, give you a suggestion and command you. In a hypnotized state, your mind is very open to any suggestion and you have a tendency to follow it and make the idea a reality.

For example, if you have already been hypnotized and the hypnotist tells you that you have a terrible toothache, you’ll suddenly feel the intense pain just like you actually have a toothache.

You’ll feel the suffering and pain even though it’s not real.

Another example is, if the hypnotist tells you that you are drinking a can of soda, you can feel the taste and how it quenches your thirst. Yes! You feel exactly as if you are drinking a can of soda.

It is that powerful.

If you are worrying that someone may hypnotize you and force you to do something against your will, worry not because you are still awake and if the suggestion is against your will, such as asking you to say or write your bank account password, you still have the ability to reject the request.

Now, you probably agree with me that hypnosis is one of the most powerful tools one can use to his/her mind.

It is like a programming language that helps program your mind to think, believe and behave the way you want it (Yes! You can control your mind that way).

When it comes to applying the Law of Attraction, hypnosis plays a very important role in the manifestation of your dreams. If you are aware, visualization is a process of self-hypnotization, too.

If you are keen to learn more about hypnosis, check this out:

Underground hypnosis

Conversational Hypnosis

Now that you have known what is hypnosis. In the next article, I’ll explain hypnosis from the perspective of sub-conscious mind.

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    • Jonathan Lockwood

      Enjoyed your treatment of this topic. It’s been entering my mind for several weeks how the “meditation” I’m engaged in daily seems very much like the “hypnosis” I’ve heard about all my life.

      Dr. Joe Dispenza describes the sort of meditation that opens the gate between conscious and sub-conscious as “your body being asleep but your mind awake.

      The potential is (to me) extraordinary.

    • raymond

      Hi Jonathan,

      Thanks for sharing the quote from Dr. Joe Dispenza. I like that. :)

    • Khaled

      Is anyone susceptible to hypnosis or can it only be used for certain people. I’ve been to see Darren Brown live a number of times ad usually he will select a number of people from the audience of which he will pick one or 2 after asking a series of questions or getting them to perform some tasks.

    • raymond

      Hi Khaled,

      Not everybody is susceptible to hypnosis. It doesn’t work for those with high resistance to it.

    • aquabot

      I am agree with raymond, It is good to see this.

    • Gry Dla Dzieci

      The problem with hypnosis is that it usualy won’t work on people who don’t want it to work. That’s why there’s so many people saying “I tried it and it doesn’t work” – of course idiots, if you want it not to work, it won’t.

    • raymond

      Yes Gry,

      It’s you who give it the permission. :)

    • Hypnosis Florida

      Good article about hypnosis. Hypnosis is also helpful for quit smoking and weight loss. Thanks for good information.

    • raymond

      Hi Hypnosis Florida,

      Yes. It is a very powerful method. Thanks for your comment. :)

    • raghuveerr2

      Really its a good article about Hypnosis.Thanks for sharing the quote from Dr. Joe Dispenza.Thanks for the post you shared with us.

      • raymond

        You’re most welcome, raghuveerr2.

    • veergativeergati

      The problem with hypnosis is that it usually won’t work on people who don’t want it to work.I like this post because the layout of your post is very good and the way you described about Hypnosis is easy to understand.Thanks for sharing with us.

      • raymond

        Hey veergativeergati,

        Thanks for the kind words. I’m glad to hear that the article makes hypnosis easy to understand for you. :)

    • used tires

      I loved reading about this topic as I have a little bit of knowledge about the topic of hypnosis. I know that those who are able to be hypnotized are those that have a greater imagination (children are very susceptible) and I know that there are susceptibility tests that many hypnotists do before they actually call someone out to hypnotize them. Some people argue that hypnosis is not real, saying that the hypnosis is very reliant on the persons susceptibility to it. It’s a very interesting topic though that is for sure!

      • raymond

        Hi Used tires,

        It is, a very hot argument topic among believers and skeptics.

    • sainatha124

      Really its a good article about Hypnosis.Thanks for sharing the quote from Dr. Joe Dispenza.Thanks for the post you shared with us.

    • Matts

      Thank you for explaining this topic in a layman’s term, this time I’ve understand it fully.

      • raymond

        Hi Matt,

        I’m glad that it makes you understand better. :)

    • Setai

      Hypnosis is such a fascinating topic! I’ve never been hypnotized, at least in the traditional way. I did hypnotize myself using subliminal messages to work on my exams :D How ? There’s this small program available somewhere that inserts whatever phrase or pic you enter into what you see on the screen.
      And it worked!

      • raymond

        Hi Setai,

        That’s a great use of the method. :)

    • healthtreasures_usana

      Really its a good article about Hypnosis.Thanks for sharing the quote from Dr. Joe Dispenza.I totally agree with Setai’s word.Thanks for the post you shared with us.

    • healthandendurance_12

      Really a great post.The layout is really cool. I like it.The way you replied to all the commentator is very attractive.Thanks for sharing all these things with us.

      • raymond

        Thanks, healthandendurence. :)

    • phxcorporate

      Really its a good article about Hypnosis.The way you described all these things is fantastic.Thanks for the post you shared with us.

      • raymond

        Thanks, phxcorporate.

        I’m flattered. :)

    • blogusana

      Hi, Raymond I am a big fan of your blog.I like your writing style very much.I really enjoy reading your blog.The keyword sniping links are awesome.Keep it up.Thanks for sharing with us.

    • raymond

      Hi blogusana,

      Thank you very much :)

    • Alan

      Everything you say is correct but an important point you fail to mention is that in order to start inducing a hypnotic trance in someone, you first have to establish rapport.

      You do this by spotting one of that persons subconscious patterns. (HINT: the easiest one to spot and match is their breathing)

      If you want to know more about this and what the full steps are, please click on my name and you can all download a free pdf I have written.

      Great blog

      • raymond

        Hi Alex,

        Thanks for sharing such an important information. I appreciate it.

    • Glyconutrients

      The most vital thing to remember about hypnosis is that you can never do something you don’t want to do, your insensible will basically override to protect you.

      • raymond

        Hi Glyconutrients,

        That’s true.

    • skincare.23

      Thanks for sharing such good and informative post with us.I like very much your way of presentation.. I got more useful information on this blog.. Thanks to sharing the useful information….

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