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I have a very nice video to show you today and I’m expecting some participation today.

Watch this video, think and ponder, and tell me what you learn from the tennis game.

You can share your thought with me in the comment box.

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    • Dining Room Table

      Raymond, the link to the comment box takes one to a weird site! I am sure that there is some mistake somewhere.

    • Dining Room Table

      “The game of life is a game of boomerangs. Our thoughts, deeds and words return to us sooner or later, with astounding accuracy.”-
      Florence S. Shinn

    • raymond

      Hi Dining Room Tables,

      Which link are you referring to? I don’t get it.

      Thanks for sharing the quotes from Florence S. Shinn. That’s very interesting and I love it.

      A great metaphor.

    • Dining Room Table

      Below the link for the video where you say
      “You can share your thought with me in the comment box.” The comment box keeps coming as a link!

    • raymond

      Hi Dining Room Tables,

      That phrase doesn’t appear as a link to me.

      Do you experience the same in other pages or in other blogs too?

      I’m not sure if it’s the problem on your end or mine.

      I could be a hacker.

    • Dining Room Tables

      It appears on your home page only. I have checked again and it is still a link. On this page, above all the comments, it does not show as a link. No this is the only blog on which I have come across this problem. What I shall do now is to go there, go to the site,take their url and send it to you by email.

    • raymond

      Hi Dining Room Tables,

      Thanks for the email.

      At least I know what’s going on.

      It’s the problem of the plugin and I can’t see the link most probably because of we’re in different country. (I assume)

    • Dining Room Tables

      My pleasure. Glad that you have identified the problem.

    • raymond

      I’m grateful that you alert me of the problem on this blog. Otherwise, I wouldn’t have know it. :)

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