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When Things Go Wrong

October 3, 2007 | 3 Comments

Hi folks,

Let"s picture this. You went to a seminar. The environment is fantastic. The energy level is high. You are very excited and you learn so many things from the seminar.

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From the knowledge you have gained from the seminar, you decide to do something that could change your life forever. It might be leading a healthy life, an idea that could change your career entirely or a whole new brilliant way to do your business.

You feel really really excited. You decide to apply it after the seminar. Everything seems perfect and nothing can stop you from doing it.


When you try to implement the strategy, method or the idea, things doesn"t happen as expected. Some obstacles begin to rise and you feel motivation goes down.

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You lost your momentum and the “brilliant” idea doesn"t seem to be a good idea anymore. Finally, you drop the idea and everything goes back to the square. torn curtain free

Does this sound familiar to you?

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Many times, when you hear or read something meaningful, you decide to change and you think that this is the right time for you to change, be it your financial status, career, attitude, habit or character.

But all those thoughts don"t seem to last long and you find it hard to change. You wonder why you can"t make it.

Fortunately, there"re solutions which I"ll share some with you tomorrow. Meanwhile, I would like to hear your comments. Perhaps you have something to share with us here. :)

Stay tune!

Speak soon.

Raymond Chua signature

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    • Rose

      Hi Raymond,
      This is the subject matter that I’m still dealing with, to me it is all about attitude, interest, loves, passion, determination, perserverance and many more. Secondly the emotion don’t you know there are talk about Physic Emotion for this may be I’ll interact through mail only if you want to know. I’m worry it might be too heavy for readers to digest may be you can simplify it. Thirdly it’s about change nobody like change when come to new things. But it can be implemented as long you don’t give up hope. I used not to understand LOA nor do I know it is related. I only used to know subconcious mind and how to deal with it. As time goes by I begin to understand it and how it affect daily life and still learning. For your info it was quite confusing in the begining. But I’ve managed though still struggling to overtake the emotion. May be I should read more about Physic Emotion anyway it’s our cells body curious to know how it affect us. Lastly it got to do with thought if we got wrong thought in our head then it going to take sometime in reprograming it depending how much hetero suggestion or auto suggestion that have been influencing us. In implementing whatever we learned from seminar we need extract research, many plannning, strategies, programming and not forgetting interest, loves and passsion among the most successful ingredient.
      Okay, that enough at the moment. I’ll wait patiently for the solution tomorrow. Thanks agains for this post. At the moment I’m still busy preparing for my final battle for year end project. But will be still seeing you from time to time. If you see that I’m not responding for comments it doesn’t means I’m gone or dissappeared it just that I’m occupied doing things that need focus but will still make time sharing while I can as I love expanding knowledges. Take care.

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    • raymond

      Hey Rose,

      I believe that majority of the readers here need more time to digest what you have just shared.

      This is really cool. Thanks for sharing. :)

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