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One of the most important elements in practicing the Law of Attraction is the feeling of gratitude or appreciation.

Law of Attraction says, when we express the feeling of gratitude, we are actually attracting more of the situation that we are grateful about. Is that too easy for you?

Most of the time we don"t get what we want not because it is too hard for us to achieve it, but it is too easy for us that we often oversee it. download fluke movie

There are too many things for us to be grateful about in our lives but today we are going to focus on our limbs only. surveillance divx

Have you ever appreciated your limbs?

We are able to do a lot of things because we have limbs. With our limbs, we can walk, run, jump, swim, comb, type, move the mouse, turn switches on and off, bath, put on our clothes, open the doors, drive cars, ride bicycles, cook, wash, hold things and many others.

Can you imagine what will our lives be without those limbs?

Take a moment to think of that. How many things can we do without the limbs?

Let"s watch this video and see what this man can do. Awesome!

Well, can you feel how lucky you are now? Make sure you appreciate your limbs each and everyday for the universe may take away what you don"t feel grateful for.

I want to thank Sean, one of my 30 Day Challenge friends watch steel trap online for sharing this inspiring video with me in my facebook.

I"m sure you have a lot of things to say in your mind right now. Why not share it with us in the comment column?band s visit the online

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    • linn

      Cool.. I can imagine if it happen to me..

      All about desire..

    • raymond

      Hey Linn,
      I was amazed by the video too :P

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    • Michael Donlan


      Isn"t it incredible how the people who have the most to whine about, don"t whine at all? I hope I can remember this the next time I"m stuck in traffic.

    • raymond

      You’re right Michael,

      A lot of people complain that they don’t have new shoes but they don’t realize that there are certain people who don’t have legs.

    • Raj

      Fantastic Video! thanx for sharing. What I feel most grateful for at the moment is finding this video here at your blog because I was kind of feeling down anyway…

    • raymond

      Thanks Raj. I hope this video will lift your mood up. :)

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