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Where Do I Begin

October 26, 2008 | 30 Comments

This is the question that I was asked this week. Look, there are so much personal development stuff over the internet, books, audio tapes, seminars … (you name it)

You learned about the Law of Attraction, ho’oponopono, visualization, lucid dreaming, meditation, eliminate stress techniques, how to attract wealth, love, health and happiness, affirmation, faith, EFT … and the list goes on.

So, now that you have learned all these stuffs. Then, the big question arises. Where should I start? If you try visualization today, EFT, tomorrow, meditation the day after and so on, you’ll never see the result you desire.

Why? Because you keep on switching from one method to the other. To be successful in one field, you need to be consistent and persistent in whatever you do. Rolling stone gather no moss, remember?

The key is to focus. I have shared quite a great deal of information on this blog but I didn’t practice them all at the same time. There are some methods that I don’t use at all.

I choose to focus in what I’m doing and stick with it until it becomes a habit and a part of my routine. Then, I’ll go to another.

If you want to practice to think positively, then stick on it. It may not happen overnight but if you do it persistently, you may be able to develop your awareness to the negative thoughts when the surface from your mind, nip the bud and change it with a new positive thoughts.

It’s the persistency that creates the awareness. If you are not persistent enough, you won’t be able to develop the awareness and you’ll fail in the process of creating a permanent positive mind.

This rule applies in every area of your life and not just the personal development field. If you want to be a chef, pick one thing and master it first before you go to the next. Let’s say you want to master the cutting skills, then learn to cut different types of vegetables, meat and fruits before you learn to cook.

Take one step at a time. The biggest trap in our life is to be greedy and try everything at once. I learned it the hard way. I found that the more I try to obtain, the less (actually much less) I got.

The same goes to the Law of Attraction. Attract only one thing at a time unless you find that you can attract things to you quite easily. But if you are still a beginner, focus only on one thing. It helps a lot.

Bear in mind. One thing at a time. There’s no syllabus or sequence of chapters when it comes to learning new things. Just pick one and GO!

Oh, just for your information. I’ll be going to the Enlightened Warrior Training Camp

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I’ll make sure that I use the power of the Law of Attraction to enhance my experience in the camp. :)

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    • LarryC

      I know what you mean by focusing, but I also think we can use many methods at once. As long as we see it as all serving the same purpose. Many methods, like EFT, affirmations and visualization don’t take long to learn or practice, and they don’t contradict each other. I just think some of us have a tendency to be eclectic –what Barbara Sher calls being a “scanner.”

    • raymond

      Hi Larry,

      I agree that we can use multiple methods at once but for beginners who find it hard to follow all the new methods that come their way everyday, I would suggest them to start with one method first to avoid confusion and distraction.

    • Vincent

      Hi Raymond,

      I agree with your idea of focusing. In this world of internet, I believe the amount of information we receive is overwhelming and with so much information on hand, there is a great possibility that we are doing a little of everything. By doing a little of everything, what we can be good at will be a “jack of all trade.” Can we eat, sing, dance and paint at the same time? I doubt so. So I believe focusing and taking baby steps is the way to go.

      Personal Development Blogger

    • Mercola

      Very good points. Attracting one thing is hard enough, 2 at a time would be pretty hard. Take small steps and once you get your footing then try aiming higher.

    • Dining Room Tables

      For the present however, I think that you are doing the right thing by attracting all that the course has to offer to you. Have a productive time.

    • Nicole Price

      I think that it is possible to take elements from different disciplines and combine them in a way that suits each person best. I for one am unable to channel myself fully into one single path. I find something interesting and worthwhile in everything.

    • James Andrew

      Maybe at first focus is really important. it’s difficult to combine all the ways especially if you are just a beginner.

    • Colon Cleansing

      I think we must save our time, and when we use many methods at once, we just waste it, if only all methods serving the same purpose, we can gain our aims. But I think the best way will be if we focus on one thing and then go to the next.

    • Love

      The biggest trap in our life is to be greedy and try everything at once.
      this is very much in my life , thank for your advice, i will try to control myself and build my things one by one

    • kellyu

      Control things rather than doing so many things together mess the life, you have written good article , thanks

    • Sukosari

      sometime we cannot focus for one case, especially if we are being persued goals :)

    • Charlemagne Solanor

      I especially agree that beginners should focus on just one method. In most cases, though, it’s not how many methods or techniques we know; it’s what we immediately do with what we already know. So, if a beginner comes across a compelling personal development method, it’s best for him to apply it right away and feel its magic unfold with consistent application.

    • miepekan

      Yes, i strongly believe that the FOCUS is the key to success in any endeavour. I love your articles.

    • raymond

      @ Vincent – Taking a single focused step is much better than taking multiple unfocused step.

      @ Mercola – a couple of baby steps add up together can form a giant step.

      @ Dining Room Tables – You bet. :)

      @ Nicole – Thank you for sharing your perspective. It’s interesting to note that.

      @ James – I agree with you.

      @ Colon Cleansing, Love & Kellyu – You’re right. Less is more.

      @ Sukosari – It depends on what kind of goal you are focusing on. If your attention is on the END result, you’ll have only 1 goal.

      @ Charlemagne – Success is about doing one thing 1000 times not the other way round.

      @ miepekan – Thank you. :)

    • Nicole Price

      Just wanted to say Ray, that I really like that you try and respond to all the comments on your posts. I try to do the same and I think it feels quite gratifying to the visitors who have bothered to drop comments.

    • raymond

      Hi Nicole,

      Thanks for the compliment. It takes some effort and I really want to be connected to everyone of you here. ;)

    • Dining Room Tables

      I was just wondering when we can see you blogging back again. I bet that you are getting the mother of all posts based on your seminar!

    • raymond

      Well, I hope I can publish an article this week (Hint: I got something to give away)

      I just got back from the camp yesterday and found out that I have over 800 emails to read and reply (not including the junk mails)

      As soon as I have all in place, I’ll keep on blogging as usual. :)

      I miss this blog and you guys so much and I feel so happy to be back and see you folks again.

    • Dining Room Tables


    • The Tax Masters

      I’ve personally found that if you watch a movie like the “The Secret” about 50-100 times (yes, that many times) that a lot of what you do becomes automatic and you CAN eventually be using many different tactics at once to accomplish and attract what it is you’re looking for. It’s amazing how quickly you can advance when you just get started with one thing and then before you know it you are doing quite a bit of things simultaneously…

    • raymond

      Hi The Tax Masters,

      Personally, I think it depends on individual’s concentration power. Thank you for sharing your thought anyway. :)

    • iPod Touch

      You have to put things in order of importance. This is the only way you can concentrate on more than one task at the same time. I agree you must include different aspects of different techniques to make the most of the time you have.

    • cat

      All the methods are good and need to be used, but for beginners, it?s better to chose one and the most easy

    • raymond

      Hi John,

      I’m glad that it works for you. I may want to try that too. :)

    • raymond

      Hi Cat,

      You’re right. Just choose one and go!

    • Oak Harbor Real Estate

      Yes It is true. I am also a beginner so I might use the easy one.

    • Armen Shirvanian

      The part about not being greedy, and trying to do everything at once, sure does keep individuals from getting closer to their planned result. It can be appealing to do very little of many different parts of a procedure, but it is more motivating to do much of one part, and then to use that success to do a large amount of another part.

    • raymond

      Hi Oak Harbor Real Estate,

      I wish you best of luck. :)

    • raymond

      Hi Armen,

      That’s the way I like it. Always focus on one method first. :)

    • décor mirrors

      I’m also a beginner, but i’m trying to use the easy one.

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