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Where Have I Been?

August 18, 2008 | 12 Comments

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Where have I been? That’s the question that I was bombarded lately, probably because I didn’t update my blog for quite a while.

Well, last week was a week of celebration. Lots of good things happened here and as usual, I’ll go out and celebrate for my success. This is important because when you program your subconscious mind with the pleasure of success, you make it wants to create more for you.

Better still, my birthday fell into the same week and it added one more event to celebrate. Most of my celebrations has at least some association with food :) . So, as a result of consistent heavy food consumption, I fall sick now. LOL

I have lots of stuff to write about but my brain just don’t want to work together with me. I lost my focus and concentration. One brain ask me to write, the other ask me to rest.

In order to please both brains, I take a few days rest first and then set a goal to update my blog today! Within 2 hours! Fair and square.

So, here I am ranting about my success and sickness. :)

This is the thing that I learn from my sickness.


I have never taken good care of my body and health until I fall sick. When I feel all these discomfort and uneasiness, I begin to look back and appreciate how good it is to have a healthy body.

A body where I do not have a running nose, excessive heat in my body and all the headaches.

Then, a strong feeling of gratitude come in and I am now so grateful to the healthy body that I used to have and begin to visualize to have it back.

Here’s where the knowledge of the Law of Attraction become handy.

Before I learn about the Law of Attraction, I will go around and complain about how terrible I feel. It’s like trying to be a winner in a “complain competition”.

Not anymore!

From The Secret, I have learned that the more I complain about how bad it is, I will attract more of the how bad it is. (which is not the end result that I truly desire)

Since that I have changed my habit from complaining to “be grateful” for what I already have and what I truly want and the results is truly amazing. I no longer fall into the emotional hell.

I’m sorry if I bored you with my rant and I hope you can learn something from it.

We seldom appreciate the things that we have until we lost it. Take my rant as a reminder, look around, see all the things you are grateful for and express your gratitude to all of them. Till then and I’m looking forward for your sharing.

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    • Nicole Price

      Firstly wish you a happy belated birthday and secondly good to have you back. Take care of your health, it true we dont value what we have until we lose it!

    • raymond

      Hi Nicole,

      Thank you for the wishes. I’ll take good care of my health. :)

    • Dining Room Tables

      Congratulations and all the best for speedy recovery.

      More importantly, the moral of the story on what you have learned from the experience is worth reading again and again.

    • raymond

      Thanks pal. I hope so. :)

    • Mental Perception

      Hello, just dropping in to read your latest article…as usual it’s a great post…I’m very straight forward and if it wasn’t I would tell you. But this article is really imformative…Well, that’s all for now…I’ll be sure to drop in again.

    • raymond

      Hi Mental Perception,

      Thanks for dropping by and I’m hoping to see more of your participation. :)

    • Writer Dad

      It wasn’t boring, and it wasn’t a rant. Just speaking from the heart.

    • Nina Amir

      Learning not to complain is a huge step, isn’t it? I was once told to qualify my negative statement wtih “until recently,” so when I find myself complaining, “I’m so tired,” I add, “until recnetly.” Or, “I never have enough money…until recently.” So, when you find your self complaining, try to “cancel, cancel” with a qualifier at the end.

      And as for not blogging, mine at has been scarce this summer. My son was really sick and that made me feel really grateful for all sorts of things…that it wasn’t a more serious illness, that he didn’t have to have surgery, that he had great doctors, that my husband has a job with insurance, that I have great kids, etc. And I recently wrote a post about how living our lives fully sometimes means just living in the moment. That’s often the best we can do.

    • raymond

      Hi Writer Dad,

      Thanks for giving me a new perspective to look at this. :)

    • raymond

      Hi Nina,

      Thanks for sharing the “until recently” phrase.

      That is powerful and I know that I must share it with my students too.

      As for gratitude, I believe that it is a surest path to a joyful and happy living. :)

    • Eva White

      Belated Happy Birthday. This means you are a leo right?

    • raymond

      Thanks Eva. Yes, I’m a Leo.

      Where have you been? I miss you here. ;)

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