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You may have noticed that my I do not post articles on my blog as often as usual lately. Some readers even send me emails and ask if I am sick or emotionally down. In fact, nothing negative happens (or maybe I oversee them)

So, the purpose of his post is to wash away the doubts. ;)

Firstly, I doubled my business in the second quarter of this year (zero marketing – just the word of mouth – and some visualization – and some meditation – and some clarification of intention – and some consistency – and some beliefs – and some others). Yeah!

Since I am working in my business and not on my business, it means that I have to spend more time to cater for my customers need. (Yes, I trade time for dollars but I quietly build my passive income streams too … shh!)

I’m very grateful that I love to do what I do. I do not see the increment of my customers as a burden but rather an opportunity to serve more people and get more satisfaction out of it.

I’m thinking of hiring a personal assistant (I really want one now). So, if everything goes on smoothly, I’ll get one next week.

Secondly, I am in a great mood of learning. I purchased a lot of books about speed reading, stock market analysis, forex, option trading, marketing and mind power. I’m so excited that I read 3 different types of book simultaneously and I end up confused myself. :)

At the same time, I immersed myself in the world of quantum physics asterix and the vikings divx download . I believe that the knowledge can help me to dig more secrets of the Law of Attraction. (They are connected to each other)

I can’t believe that 3 days just past like that and I had totally forgotten about this blog and my business. I freaked out when I found out that I have not prepared the things that I should prepare for my business and have not answered the urgent emails in my inbox.

I was really carried away. Learning always plays a very important role in my life and I believe that most of you feel the same too.

It’s either we grow or we die.

“If you are not growing, you are dying” – T Harv Eker download venom movie

** Do not feel worry if you don’t see me post article here as often as usual. I’m all right. It’s just that I set another goal to finish all the books that I have bought this week by 31st of December 2008. death tunnel divx movie online

I’ll try to share what I have learned about quantum physics in the coming article, okay? I’m really excited about the Law of Attraction

. Talk soon.hunchback the divx

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    • Hai Liang

      Hi Raymond,

      Its great that your business has doubled! I fully understand the need to balance learning and doing business. I’m also behind in my readings while doing my IM.

      Question…if deadline is bad then by setting yourself 31 Dec 2008 deadline is not good for your right?

    • Dining Room Table

      Congratulations. May your passive income grow rapidly!
      Do me a favor please. If you find a really good book on speed reading, please let us know.

      You must, if you already have not read it, read the Tao of Physics by Fritjof Capra.

    • Dining Room Table

      Talking about getting yourself an assistant, I think that you will find this link very interesting:

    • raymond

      Hi Hai Liang,

      Good question. I am expecting that. :)

      Deadline is good if you have the control over the result. That means, the goal is achievable and “plannable”.

      If I discipline myself to read a book in a week, I can make it. I don’t have to rely on any external factor to make achieve it.

      Here’s a short excerpt from the previous post (just in case you miss it)

      “Deadline is good for things like project management where you have control over the performance of yourself and you can predict how long they can realistically take.”

      I hope I have your question answered. Let me know if you still have the confusion.

    • raymond

      Hi Dining Room Tables,

      Thanks for the wishes and recommendation. I have always want to read the 4HWW but … phew, there are abundance of great books in this world and I really hope that I can read them ASAP.

      I’ll let you know if I have come across to any speed reading book. ;)

    • Eva White

      Congrats on your success. May all the knowledge that you are gathering harness more business for you.

    • raymond

      Hi Eva,

      Thanks for the wishes. I really appreciate that. :)

    • Hai Liang

      Hi Raymond,

      Thanks for clarifying about the deadline. In some of my goals for this year I have steps and plans to achieve it. So I’ll continue to work towards achieving my goals this year with my plans!

      Thanks for your guidance.

      Hai Liang

    • raymond

      Hi Hai Liang,

      If you have the steps. Then take the deadline as a source of momentum for you. :)

    • Genesis Bible

      i love the book you are reading ! haha. i am happy for you and your new sucess.

    • raymond

      Hi Genesis,

      Thank you so much. :)

    • Top Rated

      Sounds like you’ve got a real recipe for success figured out. Persistence is the key to success . . . but you already knew that ;)

    • raymond

      Hi Top Rated,

      I have just being interviewed by a friend and we are talking about the same thing which is persistence. :)

    • http://www.wallmirrorstogo.com décor mirrors

      Congratulations to your success! You are a great writer. Thanks for sharing it with us!

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