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Welcome back. After watching the video in the last post, some of you might still wonder, Who Is Stephen Pierce?

Well, Stephen Pierce is one of my mentors in internet marketing as mentioned in the previous post. He start out from a poor humble family, deeply in debt in his young age, bankrupt twice, has been homeless at one point of time in his life and has been shot at his leg. These are just the summary. It seems like his life was worse than everyone of us.

What makes him different from us is that he never give up on himself. He turned his life around. He began to apply the Law of Attraction in his life. Instead of focusing on what he did not want, he focus on what he did want.

Stephen visualize his goals everyday. He visualize his dream house, he visualize exactly how much he wants to make in a period of time. Instead of visualize that he will reach his goals in the future, he feels that he already possesses them. He has ‘wealth conscious‘ in his mind. It’s his wealth conscious that brings all the money to him. In another words, he attracts them. His money, his car, his wife, his mansion … etc. He is living in abundance.


Raymond dine with Stephen at Clarke Quay in Singapore

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Stephen (sitting on the right) dine with fellow internet marketers in Clarke Quay in Singapore. I’m at the far left.

Stephen shared with us the importance of visualization and the feeling of possessing what we want. Creating a vision board is one of the many activities in Stephen’s lessons. This little action (creating the vision board) may seems useless and looks much like a children’s assignment in their art class to certain people but there is actually a great hidden power behind the simple vision board.

After 2 weeks, in the program’s review, one of our members shared his magical experience with the vision board he had created during on of Stephen’s session. He said that the vision board acts like a ‘reminder’ to him.

Whenever he does something that is off track to his goals, the vision board will put him back on track.

In the next post, I’ll share with you how Stephen materialize his mansion from his thought. I’ll include some of the pictures taken from his dream house.

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