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Since I published the post titled “Why Good Things Happen To Bad People”, I got a lot of feedbacks. My inbox was (and still is) literally full of questions which agree and disagree with my statement and explanation.

Well, I’ll try my best to answer all of the questions in different articles. The first question that I’m going to answer is, Why Bad Things Happen to Good People.

If you observe the Law of Attraction carefully, it all boils down to the same thing. The Law of attraction is not bias. It doesn’t care who you are. All that matters is how you apply it (consciously or unconsciously).

In another words, it’s not the matter of who you are but rather what you do.

I stated that very clearly in the previous article.

Here’s another example (just in case you need more)

Imagine 2 persons are standing in a kitchen. One of them is a good person while the other is a bad person (let’s put the definition of good and bad person aside first at this moment)

The good person touches the hot stove in the kitchen while the bad person is touching the wall of the kitchen at room temperature.

Here’s a question for you. Guess who’s going to get burned?

The answer is very obvious.

Now, why do you think that the bad thing (get burned) happens to the good person? I’m sure you understand now that it’s not the matter of who you are but rather what you do. Again, the laws of nature are not bias.

The heat from the hot stove transferred to the good person’s hand because of the thermal equilibrium and the Law of the conservation of energy applies.

Back to the real life

In my life, I have seen many good people with bad mindsets. There are many good people living in victim lives. They blame, complain or justify most of the things in their lives.

There was once a factory worker who was very hardworking and kind but at the end of the year, she’ll say to her friends that she’ll never get any bonus or pay raise (even before her employer announce anything yet) and guess what, she’s right! She never gets anything.

The Law of Attraction doesn’t care who you are and it just responds to the thought you put out.

I have some students who are very kind and care much about me but their lives sucks. Why?

That’s because they have crappy minds. They are good people as far as I know but cruel to themselves. Some of the phrases that they often use are:

“I’ll never get it”

“Forget it. It’s just not mine”

“They’ll leave me”

“I feel like want to commit suicide”

Just look at the words they use and you can tell how their lives are.

What I do was, I change their mindsets. I begin to teach them about the Law of Attraction and within 2 months, everything changes. They come and thank me for what I have done for them, their friends thank me and everybody is happy.

Notice that I didn’t change them from good to bad people or the other way round. What I actually did was, I changed their mindsets and their lives changed automatically.

It’s like turning a leaking bottle upside down and the leak stops automatically. I don’t perform magic but I understand gravity. That’s it.

Good things may happen to bad people because they believe that they can get what they want. They are positive inside out. They have great mindsets. They understand the law and what happens is, the universe just manifest it to them regardless of who they are.

To wrap up this article, good things can happen to both good and bad people. So do the bad things. You don’t have to change to be a bad person for good things to happen to you.

It is not who you are but what you do and how you apply the Law of Attraction. Now, I’d appreciate it if you can leave a comment to tell me what your thought to this article is.

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    • künefe

      Bad things happen in life as the whole cosmic system is governed by inscrutable laws of Karma… as we sow so shall we reap… nothing less or more! If they were only happiness in life… all would become monotonous… meaningless! Only when we suffer… we understood true value of happiness… never otherwise

      • raymond

        Hi Kunefe,

        Thank you for sharing. The balance of yin and yang is indeed very important because it creates contrast and enable us to compare one thing with another.

    • Stein Travel

      yeah this is good news, thank a lot for sharing with us.

    • philippine literature

      great blog post

    • medyum

      very nice site. Thanks to the contributors.

    • ginsengli bobo

      yeah this is good news, thank a lot for sharing with us.

    • seo

      yeah this is good news, thank a lot for sharing with us.

    • hugh

      very true, i really like this article. it goes down to the way we think. people in different status of their lives differ only on the way they think. people with positve mindset and courageous is contageous, while people with negative mindset and critical is infectious. its up to us what do we want between these two.

    • xnetwork

      I began to notice everything that was wrong around me. I’ve been realizing I really need to brush myself off and start overcoming my bad feelings and sickness with positive attitude.

    • zojirushi

      true. some people blaming other people about their status in life. like in my country, poor people always say that they are just poor or the rich well become richer and the poor become poorer. well the difference is the way people think. negative thoughts alway hinders success but people with positive mindset, will always find success.

    • Beat Schindler

      Most people just laugh when they hear the the controlling force that directs their lives is their self-image. Then again, most people are nowehere near as successful as they wish they were.
      - Beat

      • raymond

        Something for me to ponder.

        Thanks, Beat.

    • Corinne Edwards

      Dear Raymond -

      What you focus on expands.

      And it is not aways conscious.

      I knew a woman who had never traveled.

      Someone she knew was moving and offered her some pictures of famous sites in different countries.

      She hung in a room she spent a lot of time in.

      A few years later, she realized she had traveled to each of those countries.

      Never thought about traveling before that.

      • raymond

        Hi Corrine,

        That’s an interesting example.

        Thanks for sharing that.

        Maybe I should do something similar. Something to do with health, wealth and happiness which I have never experienced before.

    • Michelle Vandepas

      I like the hot stove analogy.. it makes sense that it is based upon what you do.. I’ve also studied the law of attraction and other positive thinking mindsets and sometimes I think bad things happen and we just don’t understand why – or need to know. If we spend a lot of time trying to figure it all out we are loosing the point of being in the moment and living. Thanks Raymond. Good post and got me thinking.

      • raymond

        You’re welcome, Michelle.

        Thanks for reminding me of “being in the moment”. I really need to be in the moment, sometimes. :)

    • Debbie @ Happy Maker

      This is very true. If we think something bad is going to happen it always does. We do attract what we think. Great post and I like the example about the stove.
      thanks again Raymond and blessing always

      • raymond

        Thanks for the kind words, Debbie

        I’m glad that you like the example. :)

    • Bruce

      I have worked in medicine many years. Mostly in ER’s and Urgent Cares. I have seen children get meningitis and die – now preventable with an immunization. I have seen people killed or badly hurt in auto accidents even though they were doing all that was right at the time. I agree that there is a self fulfilling prophecy that happens when you tell yourself over and over that you can’t, aren’t worthy etc… BUT, there is an element of uncertainty. Chaos! S*** happens. No amount of caution, thinking, speaking stops it. You can’t get paralyzed by it. Your attitude can help you get through it. Sometimes it is overwhelming for the person and that is when friends and neighbors have to step up and give of their time and talents to help. That is why we have to protect the weak and provide for the poor. Everybody does not have to be financially equal, they do deserve the chance to be clean, dry, safe and well fed. Chaos happens and no amount of attitude prevents it, no amount of action avoids it.

    • David Rogers

      I fundamentally disagree with the ideas of the law of attraction, and I don’t think your arguments here help – you still seem to have this underlying belief that our thinking can affect events.

      • raymond

        Hi David,

        I really do.

        While belief of thinking can affect events, it doesn’t mean that there’s no other factor that can affect the events.

    • Colocation

      you are right just because you are a good person doesn’t mean that you wont make mistakes or like you said burn your hand. thinking that is just naive.

    • Colocation

      What I forgot to mention before is that you can not have good without bad, its along the same lines of the the yin and the yang you can’t have one without the other.

      • raymond

        I get what you mean, Collocation.

        You can see one without the other.

    • cheese of the month

      Great points. And i get what Colocation is saying as well, you can not have the good without the bad, the yin and the yang.

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