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This is one of the questions I received from a reader lately. Let’s dive deeper into it.

The first thing you need to know is, the laws of nature works anytime and they are non-bias. It works for everybody regardless on whether the person is good or bad.

One of the laws that’s easy to understand for everyone is the Law of Gravity. So I’ll use this law as an example to explain it.

If a good person is pushed from a high building by a bad person, who do you think is going to suffer? The good person or the bad person? The answer is very obvious.

Look. The Law of Gravity doesn’t care if the person is good or bad. It just acts on every object on earth. The law has no judgment. If it is the bad person that’s falling down from the high rise building, the result will be the same too. No better or worse.

The same laws of physics applied in both case.

After all, have you seen a person floating in the air just because he or she is a good person?

Back to the question above. There are a lot of reasons if you ask me why good things happen to bad people. Since I don’t know what’s really going on, I’ll just share one of the reasons according to what I know.

One of the reasons why it happens is, the power of focus.

When we dislike somebody, we tend to focus on the bad things in them. As a result, we channel our energy and focus to them.

2 things will happen. First, according to the law of attraction, we are actually attracting some bad things back to us by focusing on bad things. Secondly, luck is a form of energy. When we give somebody our energy in the sense of hate/dislike, we not only drain our energy but also creating more luck to that person.

That’s one of the ways how good things happen to bad people.

If you dislike somebody, my advice for you is, stop hating and start loving. Focus your attention to more positive things such as gratitude, affirmation, think of all the good things that happen in your life.

What do you think? Share your thought with me.

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    • vijay

      It was a bit difficult for me to grasp your way of expressing the whole thing but the core concept was understood by me after i read in a book a very simple line.
      From that i would say is that if i feel hatred for someone, i invite hatred to myself.
      As far as not hating or getting angry with someone, Oh God…its so difficult but it starts getting easier as we keep putting up with it. Maybe once the hatred and anger for someone goes Love would automatically fill in.
      To everyone’s happiness.

      • raymond

        Hi Vijay,

        True. We attract what we feel. And practice makes perfect. :)

    • Bratwurst Recipes

      Hey Raymond, this is really a Great Post!

      Yes I agree with you 100% when you said “we should stop hating and start loving.” If we are really good people we should be happy that good things happen even with bad people, and be thankful all the times of all good things that happen to us and focus in positive things.
      God want us to love one another:
      Here are some Bible verses on loving our enemies:
      A new command I give you: Love one another. As I have loved you, so you must love one another (John 13:34).

      “Bless those who persecute you; bless and do not curse (Romans 12:14).”

      “But I tell you who hear me: Love your enemies, do good to those who hate you, bless those who curse you, pray for those who mistreat you (Luke 6:27-28).”

      “We work hard with our own hands. When we are cursed, we bless; when we are persecuted, we endure it (1 Corinthians 4:12).”

      • raymond

        Hi Bratwurst,

        Thanks for sharing the excerpt from the bible. They’re great!

    • PSP Go

      I think that there are very few people in the world that you could class categorically as “bad”. Sure many people do bad things, but they are often a victim of circumstances that have made them that way. There are lots of thieves, criminals etc, but most people are not bad to their very core, but are reacting to external stimuli in a certain, albeit harmful and negative way.

      • raymond

        You’re right on the spot.

    • Tim

      Hi Raymond, I like your blog cause with your advices you help me to unerstand and correct my life mistakes and problems. Thank you so so much!!!

      • raymond

        Hi Tim,

        You’re very welcome. :)

    • Liposuction

      Your second advice very good by hating such people not a solution but our love may makes difference, Good Thought. But here i have another question and looking forward your next for that is “why-bad-things-happen-to-good-people” such situation also we seen often. expecting your thoughts….

      • raymond


        Thanks for your question. I’ll share that in my coming post. :-)

    • raymond

      Hi Jeremy,

      I agree with you on this and this is related to what I wrote in my article above.

    • Lauri Niskasaari

      First, awesome post!
      Well, Isn`t it me and you who judges if person is good or bad?

      If I say someone is bad, it only tells I`m willing to it`s basically my problem.

      Take care,

      • raymond

        Thanks for your point of view, Lauri

    • Briefcases

      In a perfect world, good things would only happen to good people. Unfortunately, things don’t work that way. A lot of bad people become very successful and a lot of good people face extreme hardship. It’s just the random way the world works.

      • raymond

        Hi Jeremy,

        I disagree about the randomness. I strongly believe that the world is governed by its own laws.

        Anyway, I appreciate your sharing.

    • Used Tires

      I liked your analysis and the fact that you applied the law of physics into your explanations =D Great advice at the end too!

      Till then,


      • raymond

        Thanks, Jean. :)

    • Acupuncture Tampa

      You are right, but how to stop hating and start loving this person who hurt us. I like this sentence You can only control what you do. Thanks.

      • raymond

        You’re welcome

    • Wedding Photographer Manchester

      Interesting, From now on I will channel my energy on me lol. Great article I like you application of logic and science.

      • raymond

        Hi Wedding,

        Thank you so much.

    • Hypnosis Florida

      Interesting. It’s really fact thing. I follow your advise. And stop hating and start loving to dislike person.

      • raymond

        Hi Hypnosis (please use your name next time),

        That’s a very smart move.

    • Lumineers Cost

      A lot of people have this false misconception that if they play according to the rules and play nicely with everyone they wont\’ have problems. That is until someone comes and tramples all over you. You need to find a balance.

    • Drops

      Very well said. yes, things happen to people whether they are good or bad, it just happen.
      It is because in life, natural things happen as a result of everything that surrounds it. One comes after the other, no question to whom it will happen.

    • Online Muzik Dinle

      Thanks for sharing the excerpt from the bible. They’re great..

    • Sözlük

      human nature can be experienced in things.

    • Ben

      You hit it bullseye. It’s not really how good or bad we are. It’s what we do. I think we should always look on the positive side of life instead of thinking negatively and let’s spread love rather than hatred.

      • raymond

        Thanks for sharing, Ben

    • used bulldozers

      Do you really believe that there are bad and good people? Not only good and bad behavior? Because someone could think only the worse things and not doing them because he is too much of a coward. On the other hand there could be someone that could not temper his behavior and is easy to get angry – and kills someone. One of them did something, but other would like to do a lot of worse things… And I can’t say which one of them is better.

      • raymond

        Hi Alicia,

        Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

    • oyunlar

      Thank you for preparing this article. I learned a lot thanks to you ;)

      • raymond

        You’re very welcome. It’s my pleasure to share this knowledge with you. :)

    • hall tables

      Many thanks, well written. I particularly like that end section ‘stop hating and start loving’ are you a firm beliver of karma?

    • Colocation

      You couldn’t be more right about that. Just because you are a good person that doesn’t mean you are invincible. Karma goes both ways but can’t protect you from yourself.

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