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Helping others will always make us feel good and happy especially when we have made positive changes in others’ lives. The habit of giving has built within our DNA.

Do you know that the attitude of giving can improve our health significantly? That means, the more you give, the healthier you become. Hmm… isn"t that interesting.

Research shows that people who are charitable have better physical, mental and emotional health. By helping others, we will feel grateful and thus reduce our stress and put us in relaxation state. download from within free

When you feel grateful, you will attract more things you are grateful for. By being kind, you will attract more kind people into your life. If you always feel good, you will always attract people that make you feel good. That is why great things always happen to great people!

By helping people to solve their problems, you will, for sure, eliminate your problems. I really believe in this because it happens to me again recently. My troubles gone in a snap of fingers since I began to help one of my friends to solve her difficulties.

Start giving today!

Are you ready?

Give your smiles to everyone you see. Strangers are not excluded.

Give your hugs to everyone (if your culture permits)

Give comments to my blog. divx dead zone the island the free

Give thumb up to my blog with stumble upon (smile)

Give your opinion. Tell me what you want to read from my blog. getting even with dad dvdrip download

Give compliments

Give ……

Give ……

quid pro quo dvd

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    • zaki

      what goes around comes around, if you did something good or bad to others, one day it will come back, maybe not on you, but maybe on your family

    • raymond

      You’ve got it Zaki

    • zool

      I dont know what to give so I give you some worthless comments..
      sorry.. But not all giving can get somethin’..

    • Chris

      Oh yes it can! If you think what you give is worthless then that’s what you’ll get back…

    • raymond

      Hi Zool,

      Thanks for dropping by.
      Looking forward to see you around in my blog.

    • raymond

      Chris is right,

      Don’t attract “worthless”. Instead attract “useful” and “resourceful”.

      Be positive, my friend.

    • Liara Covert

      The idea of inviting better things into your life requires you give of yourself. If you lose your job, you can still volunteer or find other ways to contribute your time and skills to enrich people’s lives. You can offer your opinion to a blog, write a letter, give a phone call, take out the trash, help a neighbour, the list is endless.

    • raymond

      That’s a good example of giving, Liara.

      That’s better than to sit at home doing nothing.

    • zaki

      behind something good or bad things that happen to you, there are a lot of thing that you need to think and learn from it.

    • raymond

      “… there are a lot of things that you need to think and learn from it.”

      Hi Zaki, would you mind to elaborate more on the phrase above?

      I’m interested to know more.

    • Cary Darling

      It all begins with gratitude. If you learn to be thankful for the things you have in this life, that attitude will permeate all that you do, which will in turn attract more of what it is you DO want and not of what you DON’T want.

    • raymond

      Hi Cary,

      Sad to say that too many people often focus on what they don’t want. In the end, they have no idea where all those negative events came from.

      I always express my gratitude whenever I wake up in the morning and sometimes in the evening. (Sometimes I am too tired and fall asleep before I express my gratitude) :P

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