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Welcome back. I"m pretty sure you folks have heard of Bob Doyle. For those who have not heard of him, Bob Doyle is one of the presenters in The Secret movie.

Bob Doyle is one of the world"s foremost authorities to speak on the Law of Attraction


His program, Wealth Beyond Reason has helped thousands of people reclaim their freedom, destiny and create lives of true abundance since 2002.

That is just some brief introduction. If you want to know more, click the link below to go to his official website.

Wealth Beyond Reason

All right. Back to the teaser question I gave you yesterday.

If like attracts like, then why magnet attracts to the opposite?

This is actually a question asked by my friend to me. I am able to understand this because I was a Physics student and I have the opportunity or the privilege to learn about the magnetic field, waves/vibration, quantum mechanics … etc.

However, I do understand that not everybody has the opportunity to learn this.

That"s one of the forces that drives me to post the video here.

Let"s watch what Bob Doyle scream 2 online has to say.

Here"s the link to his site (mentioned in the video)

Bob Doyle

had actually stated that out in The Secret movie.

He said, “… like attracts like. But we are talking at the level of your thought.”

That"s right! The Law of Attraction is only applicable at the level of our thought. Not for magnet.

Our thought (or wave) attracts based on the concept of resonance. It is just like how our television attracts the wave of the channel we desire. The same goes to the radio and cell phones.

On the other hand, magnets attract based on the force created by the arrangement of electrons in the magnet. That is one of the reasons why magnet does not obey the Law of Attraction.

The Law of Attraction has been proven with Science and we"re applying it in out daily lives, both through our mind and electronic devices.

If the Law of Attraction

square peg the download free is not true, then you wouldn"t be able to call the right person even if you are dialing the correct number.

Learn more at Bob Doyle’s official site. It’s free!

I told you this is a cool stuff. More to come tomorrow. Stay tune.

Speak soon.

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