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Last 2 months, I met T. Harv Eker in one of seminars in Singapore. He basically spoke about Money Blueprint. He said that our financial status is created by our financial self-image. Financial self-image is what we see ourselves financially. download body of lies dvd download repo the genetic opera

It is about how we visual our life financially. At the very basic level, there are 2 types of financial self-image which are RICH financial self-image and POOR financial self-image. Let"s take a look at them for a moment.

According to T. Harv Eker, rich people are rich because they have RICH financial self-image. They see them self as a rich person. Rich self-image has nothing to do with your current financial status. last house on the left the movie

You can feel rich even if you are not rich. People with rich financial self-believe always thinking of winning, possibilities and can. They can see themselves as rich people in both the present and the future.

Poor people are poor because they have POOR financial self-image. This kind of people always thinks of being poor and poverty. They have no intention to be rich. All they do is usually envy on rich people. They hate rich people because they feel that it is those rich people that make them poor.

They think that making money is hard and they will never be rich. They are the strong believer of “Money is the root of all evils.” In conclusion, they limit themselves.

People with POOR financial self image think of losing even before they begin to so something. They think of the impossibilities and perhaps “Can not” is one of their favorite phrases.

Speaking from the view point of the Law of Attraction, we get what we attracted.

If we think and believe that we are rich, we will achieve it if we have the strong emotions to support our thought. However, if you feel the other way round, that"s what you are going to get.hard boiled download free

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    • Aldian Prakoso

      Great post Raymond. And you met T. Harv Eker in person? Wow! When will he visit Jakarta?

    • shueqry

      Hi Raymond, how r you? Shueqry here..

      wow! you’ve meet him? I really admired him and i’ve read his book twice!

      Irfan Khairi said we should think rich even we are not rich. Feel the feeling of richness inside out of yourself, the car, the house and the money, even we are not rich now.

      It is one technique of mental programming. Napoleon Hill and W.Clement Stone have wrote about this in their books.

      I have to admit you wrote a good post!

      - shueqry -

    • raymond

      Hi Aldian,

      The answer to your question is YES! I met him in NAC. He is a great presenter. He’s fit too.

      But … I did not go for his package. I have too much in hand now. Need to finish digest them before I acquire new package. Else it’ll turn into dust by not being able to give my commitment to it.

      He will be in Stephen’s house in Texas in this August with Jay Abraham, Mike Filsame, Joe Vitale, Yanik Silver, Armand Morin and other famous speakers. Will you be there?

      He will visit Jakarta when you attract him with the wave from your mind. :)

    • raymond

      Hi Shueqry,

      You read his book too. Awesome!

      You are right, this is a feeling universe (as said by Bob Doyle in THE SECRET movie)

      It is what we are feeling and thinking that create the dreams, goals and even the universe we live in.

      You might want to leave comment in my post at 13th of July. I’m sure you’ll meet a lot of my friends there. :)

      (Hint: High traffic :) )

    • zaki blogjer

      I have been joining a couple of mental strength related seminar/course before, it was interesting and I always believe that I can practice it in our daily life. But.. the story is different when you’re out of the seminar. We have difficulties to adapt what we learn from there. The same thing apply here, how can we alway remind ourself to potrait our self as having rich financial-self image?

    • raymond

      Hi Zaki,

      It happens to me too. The energy level in the seminar room is totally different with the energy level outside the seminar room.

      Then I come across to a solution. What I do is form or join a group/community with like-minded people.

      How to get? Attract it. Unacceptable? That’s what I do. I just have to attract it and the way will be made.

      Alternatively, join online communities like reading and commenting on my blog post. Of course not only my blog but others too Such as Shueqry’s and Linn’s blog.

      Flock yourself together with like-minded people towards the same goal will keep your energy level high and positive.

      Hope that helps :P

    • zaki blogjer

      thanks dude. I’m working in quite stressful industry,yeah I need something that can help me reshape my focus. You said before, as long as we’re focus on the end result,we’re nearer to that, right? I’m trying working on that by sticking a notes on my notebook’s wallpaper which will keep remind me on that.

      I give a look at their blog and subscribe to their RSS, it is quite resourceful. I do have few books such as 7 highly effective people, but it kinda hard to be practiced

    • raymond

      Oh Zaki,

      Me too. I put all these reminders on my laptop wallpaper and my cell phone wallpaper as well. Just to keep me on track.

      Oops, don’t say it’s hard to practise. It will become harder for you because you attract that. say, “I have not master it YET! but I will”.

      Or even better, “I have already mastered all the 7 habits. I am the best of the best.”

      Trust me. It will perform wonders.

    • John Hunter

      Yes, self image can help you stick to making the right decisions but really it is taking the necessary steps that gets you where you want to go not your belief. If you spend more than you make you go into debt and are poor. No matter if you think you are rich. There are plenty of people in the USA that believe they are rich so take on huge credit card debts… to buy the latest toys. Eventually they have to pay for the toys they bought when they felt rich.

    • raymond

      Hi John,

      What I do is I feel rich but still aware that there is a need for me to save the money to pursue my next goal which is to buy a mansion.

      A lot of people spend their money and try to feel rich. But, when the credit card statement comes, the fear overcome the joy and the feeling of richness.

      When the wealth is on their way, they send out the feeling of fear and worries. Thus, they redirect themselves away from their actual goal which is to be wealthy.

    • x3r0bug

      Great points you made here. I will definitely work on my “rich self-image”. I don’t believe I have a “poor self-image” but I could definitely use some improvement on my current self-image.

      There was one thing you said about the people who believe that money is the root of all evils have a “poor” mentality. I believe everything the Bible says and thinking about it, one can actually believe that money is the root of all evils and not have a poor self-image because it is in fact what you choose to do with the money, and the means in which you achieve it that can make that statement true or false in your own life.

      But I do agree that when people take that saying the wrong way, it can lead to having a “poor” self image because they think that money is evil. It isn’t wrong to have money, but as with anything else, you can either make it right or wrong.

      Once again, great points and I will be putting into practice the “rich” self-image (of course, not making myself believe I have more money than I do, but make myself feel as though I do).

    • raymond

      Hi x3r0bug,

      Welcome to my blog.

      You’ve just point out a great point. Thanks for sharing and remember to come again to share more thoughts with this community. :)

    • Sharing Forums

      cause the work hard

    • raymond

      Hi Sharing forums,

      That’s absolutely an essential ingredient. :)

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