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End of the World
Image by jhecking via Flickr

Lately, I was being asked the same question over and over again. Not once, not twice but many many times. (I actually lost count on that)

Thanks to the upcoming movie that stirs the fear in many souls.

My answer is, (drum roll please)


How many times have you heard of the end of the world? I’m pretty sure that this is not the first time you hear it. And how many times it happens? Never!

Is the prediction wrong? I don’t know.

But one thing is know is that human consciousness is increasing over time and the prediction is based on the consciousness in the past.

The prediction assumes that human consciousness is not changing or constant over time.

Look at our world now. Human begin to understand and aware of global warming and the need to protect our environment. More and more people begin to learn about the Law of Attraction and other laws of the universe.

With the power of the internet, information spreads around the world in a heartbeat.

The increase of our consciousness enables us to skip the disaster.

So, together we become better people; increase our consciousness each and every day and build a better world.

What about you? What do you think of it? Share your thought with me.

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    • vijay

      I enjoyed this article because there is someone who said “NO” very strongly. So strongly that i could actual feel the relief and started believing that “yes, Nothing is gonna happen”.
      And when i go a bit deeper into all this, i realize it is this positive feel and the believe associated with it that makes all the difference.
      It is sad that our mind clings to negative thoughts very fast and we do not realize that it is our feels and their manifestation that add to the disaster.
      What ever is gonna happen , will happen.Our job is to relax,feel good and believe that everything is OK.The manifestations of such thoughts will change the world around.
      May all beings be happy.

      • raymond

        Hi Vijay,

        That’s right. Increase our consciousness. :)

    • las vegas deals

      I read many of these type of post! I am Sure there are no end of the word till the sun is live. all these news are fake.let this think out of mind!

    • used tires

      Personally I try not to think about it too much, and I just try to live my life. Even if the world were to end during my lifetime.. I’d rather not know about it.

      Till then,


      • raymond

        Hi Jean,

        Thanks for sharing your thought. :-)

    • Briefcases

      I am not worried about the world ending in 2012. People had similar worries about 2000. I had a friend from South America actually tell me that the 2012 predictions did not use the calendar correctly. The Mayans actually predicted sometime in 2011. They didn’t even predict the end of the world though. They just predicted a major change.

      • raymond

        Hi Jeremy,

        I agree with the major change. It’s already happening now and perhaps it will peak at 2012.

    • Bratwurst Recipes

      I already heard many people asking me about this question.
      Well, I always think that we have to live our lives well; and not be afraid with any of these questions or try not thinking about it.

      I do not like to talk much about this.
      Unfortunately I have to agree that the world situation is not good.

      I agree that “major changes are already happening in the earth “and will definitely increase…if humans don’t treat our planet with more respect

    • Bratwurst Recipes

      In fact nobody knows what day the world will end but, I know one thing: the world is ending slowly.

      • raymond

        “the world is ending slowly”

        I strongly agree with that.

    • Liposuction

      Now a days everywhere same discussion running but i don’t believe 2012 will be the end of the world, yes if we not taken care of our environment than sure we will lost our future.

    • Hypnosis Florida

      I don’t believe 2012 will be the end of the world. Yes, actually nobody knows what day the world will end. Don’t worry about it. Enjoy life..

    • Jayvie

      i also said “NO!”. nobody can tell the exact date of the end of the world. even the angels of heaven dont know the date.

      • raymond

        Hi Jayvie,

        Thanks for sharing your opinion.

    • Lumineers Cost

      There is little point worrying about 2012, as it will probably come and go and you would have impressed all that undue stress on yourself.

      • raymond

        That’s so true. :)

    • Flowers

      I don’t think so! A lot of scientists have different opinions! But where is the truth, that is a question!

    • marjorie

      let’s not forget the source where this information is coming from, these people sacrificed their fellow man and mutilated themselves to please the gods. your world comes to an end the day you die, so stop worrying and start living

      • raymond

        Well said Majorie and Flowers. :)

    • PSP Go

      I intensely dislike those kind of movies. I seriously hope it doesn’t end in 2012, but instead of spending our money on a ticket to this movie, perhaps we should take the time to recycle and do our bit to stop killing the planet.

      • raymond

        I agree. Take some meaningful actions is much better than fill yourself with fear.

    • Rocky | R O C K O N O V A.COM

      what up Raymond!

      I definitely think some big change will occur in global consciousness.

      But on the other hand stuff like that happens everyday, so maybe it\’ll be nothing special.

      Whatever happens, definitely excited for it!

      • raymond

        Yeah Rocky,

        I agree that some BIG changes are happening right now.

    • Laptop Briefcases

      This isn’t much different than the big scare at the millenium. Everybody thought society would collapse. The same thing will happen this time around. Some people may worry, but things will go on as normal around the world.

      • raymond

        Hi Jeremy,

        Life goes on. :)

    • Jami

      I just think people like conspiracy theories. Those end of the world documentaries get a lot of coverage on the internet. People like watching them – i think they are made because they make money, that’s it.

      • raymond

        Hi Jami,

        Negative stuffs attract more attention. :)

        Just look at gossip. :)

    • Haitham

      there is an end of this world but I hope its not 2012… I just start making money :)
      by the way, that movie “2012″ I didn’t like it. it talks about all kinds of disasters in 2012 but the filming is great

      • raymond

        Hey Haitham,

        Thanks for sharing your view. :)

    • Web Hosting

      Now a days everywhere same discussion running but i don’t believe 2012 will be the end of the world, yes if we not taken care of our environment than sure we will lost our future.

    • fullydown

      this is a nonsense (:

    • Lumineers Cost


      It’s funny you mentioned the portrayal of 2012 in recent movies. They all paint this doom and gloom picture. Just go about your lives and if something happens, so be it. We are all in the same boat, if it makes you feel any better.

    • harley rental miami

      I remember my first end of the world in 1984 (Orwell’s year). Since then there was so many endings: 1990, 1996 (3 world war compared to Nostradamus poems), 1998, 2000 (of course), 2001, 2006, and now 2012. Not many of us know that the whole mankind history is filled with predicted ends of the world. The real big deal happened just before year 1000 AD. That was something.

    • used bulldozers

      I think it is much easier for anyone (including me) to say that the end of the world will not come in 2012. And we can fight for this conclusion with all our strengths, because if we are wrong there are only 2 possible scenarios:
      1. No one will ever know we were wrong because the end will be so sudden.
      2. Even if someone will know – or many people will know that – they will have no time or chances to do something about it.

    • executive training

      I think that it is possible that we will see end of the world in 2012. Why? Because we don’t know when it will come, but we can be assured that it will. We can’t assume that it will come in this or that year. It can come tomorrow, it can come in a thousand years from now.

      • raymond

        Hi James,

        Thank you for sharing.

    • notebook tamir

      Thanks for the sharing !

    • sell used textbooks

      I want to say thank you. I believe it was a warning of what could happen. I am hoping we have come far enough now that even world peace is possible.

    • short grass seed

      My sis is handicapped and 8. She was using my phone and she saw I searched 2012 end of world and I think she believes it. I\’m worried and I want to tell her its fake without her getting scared. I dont believe it, none of my family does.

    • dublin stag weekends

      A category of humanism, especially Renaissance humanism, stressed that the ancient world – such as Rome and Greece – were the pinnacle of achievement and knowledge. Most works of art and literature from that era are lost but it is still considered a developed time in history.

    • Raymond CHua

       Thanks for sharing your point of view.

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