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An online friend of mine, CK Reyes put up a great post about how her 10-year-old daughter shaved her head just to help to raise fund for the Uganda Children.

That is a very thoughtful project by them and I am very impressed by their passion to help others.

Note also how CK’s words of encouragement changed her daughter’s thoughts and perception in a split of seconds.

Here’s her 10-year-old daughter. She’s beautiful, kind, brave and courageous.

Action Taken

The moment I finished reading the whole blog post and watched the video, I clicked on the Donate button immediately and do my part to contribute to the society. (I really hope you will do the same)

Back to the past

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If you ask me to donate to such thing a year ago, I wouldn’t do that. You may say I am stingy or whatever you like but I still wouldn’t even give it a second thought.

I would always choose to spend the money on myself.

What or who changed me?

T Harv Eker, in one of his infamous seminar, Millionaire Mind Intensive has changed my thinking forever.

I couldn’t believe how giving away my money can make me richer! It’s just insane when I first hear about it.

However, I can’t resist the strong reason and the powerful secret that lies behind the action of giving. I start giving since then and I can’t believe how it improves my financial life.

If you have attended his Millionaire Mind Intensive Seminar before, you should have familiar to the 6 jars system.

In this system, T Harv Eker taught us how to divide our income into the 6 jars to create an absolute balance in our financial life.

He is going to fly over to Malaysia

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in this May and if you are interested to find out more about his event and program, Click Here! download cabin boy

The little secret I share with you today don’t even enough to make up the tip of the iceberg. I believe you will learn much more from his seminar.

He is the guy who brilliantly combines money with the Law of Attraction in this teaching. If you have attended his program before, share your experience here. Otherwise, share your feedback on this article.

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    • Michelle Vandepas


      Thank you so much for promoting Aviana and her shaved head. I’ve watched her grow and blossom as a result of this act – I know when she sees this post she’ll be jumping up and down with excitment. Thank you again.

    • raymond

      Hi Michelle,

      You’re very welcome. I want to do my part too. :)

      If Aviana is really that excited, tell her not to be shy to leave her comment here.

      I’d be happy to reply her comment. She’s so cute!

      I’m looking forward to read what she has to say. ;)

    • Andrew Flusche, Virginia Lawyer

      This is a great post! Since I work for a non-profit group, it’s always interesting to see how other fund raising efforts strike people. This one certainly hit home with you (and many others). And we can all see that it’s very effective!

    • raymond

      Hi Andrew,

      This indeed hit home with me. :)

      Giving it back is a part of my spiritual health.

    • Attraction Guy

      That’s really courageous. It reminds me how beautiful when someone want to make a difference. It’s not easy but it’s beautiful and moving.

      About the 6 jar, my friend Jason Tan is still using until now. He shared that with me too.

    • Dining Room Tables

      There is another story doing the rounds in the net about the teacher who found that a child in her class was feeling embarrassed to come to class because of chemotherapy which made her hair fall off. To encourage the child, the teacher shaved her hair off and went to fetch her from home. Now that is something that stuck a cord in my emotions. What a great way to do something for a child here and now!

    • raymond

      Hi Attraction Guy,

      You know Jason Tan too?

      Great! Will he be there? It’s time for me to catch up with him. :)

      I use the 6 jars everyday until now and I have just managed them an hour ago. ;)

    • raymond

      Hi Dining Room Tables,

      Thanks for sharing the great story.

      I salute the teacher. This is the kind of person with amazingly beautiful soul.

    • Aviana

      Raymond, Thank You for helping! I am so excited. Everyone is helping! I collected $500 already! and that is the difference between life and death for someone. Thank you thank you thank you. My mom says that if anyone wants to send a check made out to Just Like My Child Foundation, they can send it to Black Cat Books 720 Manitou Avenue, Manitou Springs, CO 80829 Attn: me (I mean Aviana) The foundation will send a receipt. Everyone cares!

    • raymond

      Hi Aviana,

      I’m so glad to see you here.

      You are very brave!

      I’m sure that the information about check will help a lot. Thanks.

      See you around. I’m waiting to see you on the TV. ;)

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