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I received an interesting email from a reader yesterday. I don"t usually paste emails from my subscribers in my blog but this time is an exception. I really have the permission to do so from the sender. So, don"t worry if you want to send me any personal email(s). I would not make it public without your consent.

I would like to share this email with you so that we can share ideas and opinions. Here"s the email:

Hi Raymond,

I have just read your blog. Today"s post is very interesting to me because I lost my keys frequently (At the average of 5 to 6 times a week.) Your post really helps me a lot to understand why I can never find my keys whenever I really need it and it always shows up every time when I forget about it.

One thing that I don"t understand is, do I have to forget it (the lost of my keys) in order to find it back? Or is there a better way? bustin down the door online

I can not just forget about that when I really need it. For example, I could not find my car key when I want to go to fetch my children from school. How can I just forget about it? This is part of my routine and responsibility.

I always misplace my keys in places I could never think of or could never imagine such as in the fridge with those vegetables, in the kitchen between the plates, in the laundry basket and other funny funny places. free brideshead revisited movie download

I know that my life is in the mess. How can I use the Law of Attraction to overcome this problem?

Thanks. You write great blogs. I just love them. Keep them comin’


From your reader,

queen of spades the divx

Jenny (Nickname) download plainsman the dvdrip


Thank you for the email. I have two solutions for you after reading this email. However, I will post my solution to you tomorrow.

“Why tomorrow and not today?” you may wonder. fire down below movie

This is because I want other readers to speak their mindsssssss…

Perhaps they have much better ideas for you. Two heads are always better than one. But what if we have a few hundred heads here? Let"s see the wonders.

My dearest readers, if you have any ideas, opinion or comments for me or Jenny, please share it with us in the comment space. We value your comments. Thank you.

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    • Marilyn

      I put my keys in the same drawer as soon as I enter my house. Then I know where they are. I don’t need a law of attraction locate them :)

    • Marilyn

      I put my keys in the same drawer as soon as I enter my house. Then I know where they are. I don’t need a law of attraction to locate them :)

    • raymond

      Hey Marilyn,

      You’ve just revealed my secret. This non-LOA method will be posted in the next 2 post.

      But slightly different with your drawer method but the concept is still the same.

    • Hazel

      I noticed that Jenny’s statement, “I always misplace my keys…” Perhaps it is already a way of life for her until she wants to do something about it. A choice is still a choice.

    • raymond

      Hi Hazel,

      Glad to see you here.

      Never keep in touch with you since the last UYMG.

      I believe she (Jenny) had made her right choice. :P

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