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I guess that you have known what I’m going to talk about in today’s post. The title tells it all.

I watched this movie just a couple of days before Christmas with an old friend of mine, who used to be my classmate since I was 10.

It’s a very funny movie (from my perspective) with lots of golden truths in it.

In my opinion, it is basically about how to turn your life around from bad to good by using the Law of Attraction.

It starts with a man who declines and rejects almost anything in his life and that includes invitation from friends, salesman and clients.

His favorite words and phrases are “no,” “no thanks,” “sorry, I can’t,” etc. Plus, he lies hard to his friends just to turn them away.

As a result, he lived in a lonely life. He just dared not to face his life.

One day, one of his friends came and recommended a seminar, called “Yes Man” to him and as always, he turned his friend down by saying, “no.”

To make the long story short, finally he attended the seminar and he began to change his words from “no” to “yes.” And guess what? His life started to change for the better each day.

He acquired more and more friends and if that’s not enough, he even found his life partner and saved a life. His quiet and lonely life dissolved. All these happened and continue to happen just because he’s willing to change his words, thoughts and emotions.

Here’s the trailer:

It’s not easy to change at first, but when the habit forms, it sticks and it lasts.

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    • Dining Room Table

      I have seen the movie and I agree with you that the change that a simple change to one’s attitude can bring about miraculous results. It is a pity though that the film was not a very big success commercially. Perhaps due to wrong timing of launch.

    • raymond

      Hi Dining Room Table,

      I agree with you.

      Such inspiring movie should be spread out to the world.

    • Nicole Price

      I tried to see the trailer but it said “Embedding disabled by request”?

    • raymond

      Hi Nicole,

      Try this one:

      Hopefully it works. :)

    • Tony White

      It is amazing how one’s attitude can affect one’s life. That to me is what this movie is about. It is too bad it was not more popular in the mainstream. I think perhaps though as more people hear about it the phenomenon will “catch on.” I think how a person sees them selves and/or the world is important.

    • raymond

      Hi Tony,

      The way we see ourselves is extremely important because it creates our self images which can determine our destiny. :)

    • Jage

      Mm, just so simple ? change the word no to yes ?

    • raymond

      Hi Jage,

      Change the thoughts, actions and emotions too. :)

    • used tires

      First of all I did see the movie, but I have to disagree by one of the earlier commentators “Dinning Room Tables”, I believe that the film was a success, after all I am pretty sure it made over 100 million, and it was at the top of the box offices, and it even beat out the Will Smith Movie!

      As far as the movie goes, it was great, and I loved the way he changed, and it made me realize too that I need to say yes more often :)

    • raymond

      Hi Used Tires,

      From my point of view, it depends on our individual definition of the word “Success”

      To me, it’s a comparison. It depends on what we are comparing it with.

      Oh, and say “Yes” only if you really want to. L.O.L ;)

    • Candida

      I have not seen the “Yes Man” movie yet. However, I have seen the previews and I agree that it does pertain quite a bit to the Law of Attraction. It definitely is true how a person’s attitude can influence one’s life and how much success that person has.

    • raymond

      Hi Candida,

      That’s so true. Our cation determines our destiny. :)

    • Gamefly

      Interesting story and learning also.

    • Carl

      To be YES man is hard work but you can get a lot of chances.

      • raymond

        Hi Carl,
        You’re right. There’s always a price to pay.

    • how to start a blog

      I loved the movie! This is one of the better Jim Carrey movies. I love the scene where the seminar guy came running down the stage in front of face.

      But you know, in real life, it’s much easier to Yes, than to say No – don’t you think?

      • raymond

        Hi Steve,

        I love that part too. It’s kinda weird to me. LOL

        As for your question, my answer will be, “it depends on the question that’s being asked”.

    • flagstaff lawyers

      I ve seen the movie …it was greatand fun to watch… jim played a very great role… but i wonder .. was it an attraction or an infatuation…cos the leader of man there in that movies was insane

    • Mark

      Read the book its based on. Its a true story of the same name by Danny Wallace. Fantastic!

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