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I overheard a conversation yesterday while I was shopping in a shopping center nearby my parent’s house.

A kid said to his parents that he wants to be a hero when he grows up. His parents shot his dream down immediately. They laughed at him and told him that it is impossible and advice him to stop dreaming.

Personally, I do not agree with the respond. For me, everybody has their right to dream BIG!

I believe that even an ordinary kid has the ability to save the world. Here’s a video to show you what a 3-year-old kid can do and how much better the kid can do it than grown-ups.

This is not a video about a little hero who saves the world but it shows you that you are never too young to be great.

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    • Rose

      Hi Raymond,
      This is among the many reasons why they have limiting believe as there’re no positive words nor encouragement given when they’re small.
      Good video takes advantage of the creativity and imagination of the right brain its amazing.
      Thanks for sharing.

    • raymond

      Hi Rose,

      Thanks for your comment. Perhaps we should be the leader to give more encouragement to the people around us. :)

    • Dining Room Tables

      I agree entirely with Rose and your comments. When young, like the father in the video, if the child is encouraged, he will grow up with positive thoughts. Quite whether he becomes a hero is besides the point. I suppose that the parents thought that being a movie hero is not such a good idea. Heroes can be ordinary people who do heroic things. Given encouragement and support, all of us can become heroes.

      Having said that, let me quote a Chinese proverb, perhaps translated inadequately, but apt nevertheless.
      “He who rides the tiger of ambition is oftentimes afraid to dismount…”

      That was just to differentiate between ambition and aspiration.

    • Buck Joseph

      That is absolutely amazing! I used to have control over most of the right-side of my brain when I was around his age, up until my junior year in highschool… I am re-learning most of the stuff that I used to do to attract everything into my life, and someday I will be completely satisfied with my life again, like I was in the early 90s.

      Thanks for sharing this video, it is truly inspiring!

    • raymond

      Hi Dining Room Tables,

      I agree with you that a hero doesn’t necessary has to fight.

      I could be providing an idea to save the world from pollution. (Just an example) :)

      Thanks for sharing the proverb.

    • raymond

      Hi Buck,

      Looks like you have a great control over your brain. (which is a great news)

      I believe that you’ll get the best of the both world. :)

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