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Are you living in the live you desire? Or are you living in the life you wish to get out of?

No matter what your answer is, like it or not, you are the one who create the life you live in today.

You are the director behind the movie of your life. If you think it’s a good movie, you get all the credit for it. But … if you think that it’s a horrible movie, put up your index finger and point it to yourself. Yes! It’s you that created the horrible movie.

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is always working. If you attract something great, it will be manifested to you and vice versa.

If you have created an excellent movie, great and congratulation!

However if you have created an awful movie, there are 2 things you can do.

The first thing is to point your fingers to others, blame them for your own mistakes and be a good victim.

Or, you can choose to put out a new thoughts, intention and desire to attract new things that you really want in your life. If you can not re-create it, you can always improve it.

Make sense?

A director (which is you) who blame others for their own fault is like a taxi driver who blame his passengers when he turns into the wrong road.

Talking about taking control, here’s an interesting video that I’d like to share with you.

I hope you enjoy the video.

I’m really impressed by the video. Can you see how amazing he is?

Think Law of Attraction!

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    • Dining Room Tables

      Amazing is not the word. This is simply too good to be true! He is out of the world!
      Incidentally, when you point a finger at others, the forefinger points at the other but three lower fingers in the palm point towards yourself!

    • raymond

      Hi Dining Room Tables,

      The way he controls the kites blew be away.

      I agree with you on the finger pointing. :)

    • Tabs

      It is all about taking responsibility for your life and actions, if we admit it or not we are all directing out lives. Nice video, thanks

    • raymond

      Hi Tabs,

      Thank you for the comment. :)

    • Tom Volkar / Delightful Work

      Loved the video, thank you. I also like the metaphor as director of our own lives. We are not only the director, but the writer and star as well. Who else could it be?

    • raymond

      Hi Tom,

      Your comment reminds me of one of “Life’s a Brief Candle” by Shakespeare.

      We are the creator of our own destiny.

    • Beach Parties

      I completely agree with that. Some people say I don’t want to behave in this way, but conditions make me behave like this. I don’t believe in these people. It is their choice to live good or bad.

    • raymond

      Hi Beach Parties,

      I’m on your side. :)

    • Peggy Wilson

      Love the video. Great post.

    • raymond

      Hi Peggy,

      Thank you. :)

    • Patrick

      Your post is excellent. This the best way to put out a new thoughts, intention and desire to attract new things that we really want in our life.

    • raymond

      Thank you Patrick.

      I hope you love the video too. :)

    • syarif

      hai..nice totally impressred with the video too!

    • raymond

      Hi Syarif,

      My jaw almost dropped when I watched this. :)

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