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Note: If you have not read following some of the previous posts, you may want to read them first before you proceed. Here are the previous posts:

The World Of Possibilities

Pay It Forward – A simple idea that change the world contract the free

If you have visited, read and watched the videos, then let"s proceed with our discussion for today.

If you think a little kid is too small to change the world, think again!

In the previous video, the teacher asked his class of students to think of an idea on how they can change the world. Initially, the students throw out all the negative words to label the assignment such as weird, hard, crazy … etc.

However, the teacher came out with the word “Possible” to change his students’ mindset.

When the time came, a little boy actually thought of a brilliant idea on how he can change the world.

He used the concept of leverage and he called his idea as “Pay It Forward”.

So, here"s his idea:

He is going to help 3 people and not ask for anything in return but to ask the 3 people to forward his kindness to another 3 people. Do the math and you"ll know that it will multiply exponentially.

If you studied nuclear physics, it is like a single neutron particle that bombards an Uranium-235 atom to release the energy that stores within the uranium-235 while producing another 3 neutrons at the same time to trigger another 3 uranium atoms and then 9, and then 27, 81 … and so on.

This is exactly like the chain reaction in the explosion of an atomic bomb. The idea of this boy is the beginning of the chain reaction of the kindness that"s going to spread to the whole world and thus make this world a much better place for human and other living thing to live in.

Moral of the story: Never underestimate your ability. You may not change the world alone but you can think of a great idea and leverage on other people"s resources to make it happen.

You are not too young or too old to change the world. It doesn"t take huge muscles to be great.

Think of Thomas A. Edison

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. He invented the bulb but not produce all the bulbs in the world himself. Think of Henry Ford. He did mass produce all the cars in the world.

“Whether you think you can or you can"t, you are right.”

- Henry Ford

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Now, I have help to spread the word to you and if you think that the information of this blog has helped you, do not help me back. Forward the knowledge or my blog URL to 3 friends and ask them to do the same.

Alternatively, you can use the knowledge you have learned here to help 3 other people and tell them to do the same.

Or, if you think that you learned nothing from this blog, then use your strength or existing knowledge to help others and ask them to forward the favor to another 3 people.

Can you do that? I can change the world and so can you.

Pay it forward!

Law of Attraction says that like attracts like. So, the more help you give, the more help you will receive. But, don"t expect it. Let it some to you naturally. Be sincere when you give your help.

Thank you for making this world a better place.

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    • Takeoffzone

      Very inspiring and interesting article you’ve posted. Helping 3 people so they can help 3 more is a very effective way to multiply your initial act of kindness, provided that those three who you first helped follow your step, and they follow their step, and so on… to the infinity.

    • raymond

      Hi Takeoffzone,

      This is indeed a brilliant idea.

      The concept is exactly like MLM but this one is not to use for making money. Instead it is used to help people and change the world. :)

      Thank you for commenting. ;)

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    • lulumae

      Hi Raymond,
      Just started reading your blog, and i must say its very insightful and helpeful.
      I thought of another way, perhaps, a small way to start helping your friends, a loved one, and hopefully, their friends, so on & so forth.
      I’m planning to get myself a notebook to get started on my own vision board (or rather vision book) and thought to myself, “Why not i get one for a friend?”
      Certainly , i wouldnt know their deepest wants
      ( nevertheless, i do know quite a bit, because is a best friend) and start putting in all this things that you’d think they will like. Example, like that friend,who has been wanting that particular guitar, i can certainly find a pic of that guitar, and put it up in his/her book, to get them started.
      Personally, as a Muslim as well, i think this is some sort of a du’a (prayer) that your friend, will get what he/she desires.And it is to my belief, the more i du’a for the best for other people, the more people will du’a for the best things/experience for me. This not only acts as a reminder for them to constantly focus on what they want, but also sparks the feeling the gratitude for having wonderful friends.
      What do yout think?

    • raymond

      Hi Lulumae,

      Thank you for your comment.

      I’m touched by your passion to help your friend.

      Du’a is very much like affirmation. It is indeed a very good practice to manifest your goals.

      But, make sure that you have the positive feelings with you when you berdu’a and of course, feel grateful too.

      If you stick on with the du’a in the correct way, I’m sure you can achieve all your goals.

      And yes, you can start by helping your friends and family first. That’s a good start. Make sure you tell them to pay it forward. Or else, it will stop there. :)

    • Living Rooms

      Hi Raymond, this is my first time on your blog. I found it unique. inspirational and lovely. This post of yours is a lovely story and is such a change from all those how-to-make-money blogs! I find blogs such as yours reassuring.

    • raymond

      Hi Living Rooms,

      I’m very happy to hear your comment.

      I wish you can come here frequently and share your valuable thoughts with us here. :)

      BTW, you have a nice site. I love to see those furniture. It triggers the visualization process of my dream home. ;)

    • Neo

      After reading about Thomas Alva Editon on your site, I became strong believer of him and his thoughts. It changed me and my perception.

    • raymond

      Hi Neo,

      That’s a good sign. :)

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