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I just got this video from a facebook friend and I know that I must share it with you.

As you can see. Vision plays a very important role in one’s success. Life without vision is like a ship wihout destination. That’s why visualization and vision board is so important.

The girl (in the video) never has her eyes off her vision and that’s a very crucial factor that leads her to her success. The good news is, you too, can achieve the same level of success if you can master the skill of visualization and become the kinf of manifestation.

Watch this video to find out how you can be the master of visualization holy man online

don t tell mom the babysitter s dead dvd

it s a very merry muppet christmas movie dvd

BTW, it’s a shampoo commercial and the whole video are focusing on the girls’ hair. :)

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    • Cash Back

      That is hilarious that this is a hair product commercial. The only part where hair seemed to play a part when she was playing her last song and her hair was flying everywhere. It was like she was in a Mariah Carey video. It is an interesting marketing strategy. They spend all this time and money making a 4 minute video that can really only be seen online.

      • raymond

        Hi Cash back,

        I believe that they put the ads on TV too. I enjoy it so much that I watch it over and over again. LOL

        It’s a great marketing strategy which creates the benefits and the pleasure of the product without hard selling. The entertainment value in it kicks off the viral effect.

    • Nancy

      You can market anything you understand and love, because you will care about it and that passion will come through.

    • Cancer Hospital

      You right to getting success in life we needed clear vision of success what we wanted to achieve. our visual should be clear for life. Quite inspiring….

      • raymond

        Thank you for your comments folks. Glad that you like it. :)

    • Brian

      Visualization is key for any dream to become true… I found hypnosis as a great way of projecting these vision in to your unconscious to make it as bright and clear as possible. It then can become your default strategy

      • raymond

        Hi Brian,

        You’re right to the point. :)

    • Healthcare Consulting Firm

      Sometime in life become hard to determine what exact we wanted to be or what we need in our life. money, love, Friendship, Family or Carrier. become difficult to determine our vision but your post quite push me to do it fast about my vision thx…

      • raymond

        Hi Healthcare Consulting Firm,

        You’re welcome. Just do it!

    • Komodo Dragon

      Wow this was certainly a nice video! Definitely inspirational. People can be so cruel, but its important that the girl proved them wrong. She broke out of her shell in the end and became a butterfly!


      • raymond

        Yeah. Our success is not dependent on what others think of us. We create our destiny.

    • Montana

      What a profound commercial, didn’t know they made such inspirational things nowadays

      • raymond

        Hi Montana,

        Now they are standing out from the crowd.

    • Sam Robson

      Do you know what the people in it are? Chinese? Japanese?

      • raymond

        Hi Sam,

        I’m not sure. One thing I know is they neither speak Chinese nor Japanese.

        Perhaps Thai.

    • Seo Hosting

      Totally, I lost my word after watching this video!
      What one can do if he/she has a strong believe in mind, he/she can do; this video shows that. It\’s really amazing! and inspirational too.
      Thanks a lot for sharing this.
      Have a nice time.

      • raymond

        Hey SEO hosting,

        You’re welcome.
        Thanks for dropping by. :)

    • Generic

      Yes indeed a very interesting marketing strategy. They spend all this time and money making a 4 minute video that can really only be seen online.

      • raymond

        Yes Generic. It gives people a very good reason to share it around. They may spend more money in the production of the film but they save a lot in marketing. :)

    • used rv for sale

      Since I’m only familiar with professional products I can’t give you an exact product and color but it you go to a beauty supply and get one of the better products they recommend it should be fine. It’s about the only type of color I recommend doing yourself.

    • PSP Go

      There is also a great dance between a Chinese couple on Youtube. He is missing one leg and she has no arms. Puts the rest of use with two left feet to shame.

    • Property Investors

      Great video and commercial. i enjoyed the video submitted here!

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