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Are you a risk taker or are you just a person who is afraid of making mistake?

Every successful or super successful person that I have ever met does not afraid to make any mistake in order to reach their goals and materialize their dreams.

Here’s why?

The more mistakes you make and the earlier you make it, the more trouble it is going to save you.

An Example

Let’s take walking as an example. We all know that we have to make a lot of mistakes and experience a lot of pain in order to learn how to walk.

We have to try to balance our body, arranging the steps, how to land our feet properly and so on. During the learning process, we made a lot of mistakes and fail many times.

Far to my knowledge, there isn’t any person on this earth who can walk without making any mistakes in the learning process. Sometimes we fall and feel the pain, but we never give up.

So, here’s the point. The earlier we learn and know how to walk, the easier our lives will become. We can travel to wherever we want much easier. We can then learn to run and jump.

Imagine a 30 year old man who has not learned how to walk. I am not talking about any physical disabilities. I’m talking about a person who is perfect physically but do not want to learn to walk.

A Total Failure

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A person who has a dream, want to achieve the dream but do not have the guts to take the first step because of not being in the perfect environment or still waiting for everything to be perfect or keep on procrastinating is a total failure.

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If you are the one I am talking about, then I’m sorry to be blunt to you. I hate to be the first one to tell you this but I just can’t let you be in this way forever. I want to see you as a successful person.

It is not the end yet. It is still isn’t too late for you to change and turn your life around to be better.

Take control of your life TODAY!

Not tomorrow, not next week, not next year but TODAY! lost boys the movie download

No but …

No what if …

No … nothing.

You are in charge of your life. You are the commander, not the soldier.

Be a successful person today!

One of the most overlook elements in the Law of Attraction is to take Massive Action!

I’ll share another example with you tomorrow.

Meanwhile, you know what to do, right? Yes, chat back with me. Share with me your thoughts, opinion and comments. I’m all eyes.

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    • Olivier -7 laws of attraction

      Yep, indeed, putting thing off to tomorrow tends to put them off forever.
      But I think you need to know for yourself where you are going first. Then you can take successful action.


    • Motivational Posters

      I believe that I was a risk-taker most of my life. There are certainly aspects of this that I can become better.

    • raymond

      Hi Olivier,

      Clarity is power. :)

      Thanks for sharing your thought.

    • raymond

      Hi Motivational Posters,

      Same here. I find it interesting and satisfying.

    • Phil the Plumbing Course Expert

      Thanks, very inspirational! If you want to become successful, you don’t have to be afraid in taking risks.

    • Dining Room Tables

      If you can differentiate between a stepping stone and a road block, you will learn to treat all mistakes and failures as the former and get on with life.

    • Maria – How to Cross the Gap From Knowing to Doing

      Very inspiring, Raymond. We get conditioned from such a young age to “not mess up” that it’s hard to change that mindset. The good news is, most mistakes aren’t fatal :)

    • Tom Stine

      That was good, Raymond. I like what Lester Levenson said: if you act, at least you can then correct your mistakes. If you do nothing, you simply sit and spin.

    • raymond

      Hi Phil,

      You’re welcome

    • raymond

      Hi Dining Room Tables,

      I like that one. I prefer to see it as a stepping stone or how can I turn it into a stepping stone.

    • raymond

      Hi Tom,

      Thanks for sharing the quote. That’s very meaningful.

      Act is always better than doing nothing.

    • raymond

      Hi Maria,

      Most of the advice that we received are poisons.

      So, we have to be extremely careful to the advice that we take. :)

    • large wall mirrors

      Congratulations for the job well done. You should take a risk in order to be successful.

    • the no contact rule

      I totally agree with you. Just because you made a mistake or things dont go your way does not mean its over,it just means your learning.

      If your not failing while your trying to succeed then your not trying hard enough. The best thing i heard from a friend the other day was that its not about perfection, its about progression!

      its the small goals that make the big goal. It has nothing to do about being perfect but it has everything to do with your progression.

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